How To Submit Your Music to Blogs


Over the years, we've put together a few articles on how to get posted on music blogs, but this time we're getting specific about one of the most important parts of reaching that goal: the email submission. When you're sending music to a blogger, what should you put as the subject line? What information should you include? How many songs should you send? What should you do when you get ignored?

There's no way of guaranteeing blog support, but if you've got a solid email submission you'll be one step closer to making the internet pay attention.

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  • MrX

    i dont like this – i dont believe you operate like this AT ALL….

  • Negus

    Great read. Very helpful with the part of the music business I struggle with most. Question: If you get passed over by a blogger, what would be the best way to contact them just to get information on what you can do to improve your music?

  • Gandalf

    What do you mean ‘don’t like it’? Seems unlikely blogs would work alot different?

  • phillip m spencer


  • phillip m spencer

    fix your website!!!!

    it never lets me read these types of articles!!!!!

  • honestly

    There’s really two options. Either it got overlooked with all the submissions you guys get and wasn’t read, or the music wasn’t good enough.

  • Confusion

    What do you mean you don’t believe we operate like this at all?

  • Confusion

    What’s happening when you click the pics or “next”? Looking into it.


    You could ask in your original email.

  • Jonathan Casanova

    Should submissions be long and wordy? Should they be short and concise. Sometimes I feel like I either say too much, or not enough at the same time.


    That’s exactly how every blog I know operates. Though sometimes the blogger seeks the artist out, if they found them on their own.

    There is also of course PR firms who do email blasts. I can assure you that very few of those artists get posted simply because of the firm. Especially so for Pigeons and Planes.


    200 words or less for the portion that you want to be read the most. If you have more to say than that, make sure you separate that and format everything cleanly.

  • trying

    A few weeks ago, I sent about 35 individual email submissions for my video that pretty much followed this list. I think my music and video are unique and good, although of amateurish quality in some regards. But I got no responses at all. I’m working on more material, but do you have any advice?

  • Quinton Q S Hill

    How do you feel about people who post links in the comments

  • Dom

    P&P was on my daily read but lately the “organic feel” I use to get seems watered down now with the rest of these music sites i.e The Fader, Gorilla v Bear. Yet this is good you post articles like this to give artists a chance in this over saturated field of work. Good luck to all those artists that submit though hope you guys dreams come true in some way

  • Dom

    To Confusion: I think MrX is talking about the bias post you do due to the relationships yall have with certain people not just the music. Good music isn’t the only thing a artist needs in their corner nowadays thus 20%-25% of your content. But you have a job to do. Not hating just a outsider’s theory.


    once again, I don’t write for P&P, but I’ve been in the game for a long time. I’m not sure if I saw your video or not, but since you say it might be amateurish, that’s likely the main reason it was ignored.

    I don’t know what your release schedule is, but I’d say these days, without a big single, it’s good to have a small project (like an EP) out before you drop a video, unless you have a really unique concept for that video.

    I personally am apprehensive toward sharing songs by new artists before they’ve shown what they can do with a project. You’d really have to be doing something different for me to break out of that mindset.

  • K-Dawg

    When I click next nothing happens, though it does happen to me on some other sites as well

  • dittevonsonic

    great article. this would really be a huge relief on my inbox and my time.

  • trying

    Thanks for your advice. I have considered making a full tape, but I figured videos would be the fastest way for people to grasp your character. I will consider doing a project further.

  • Niklas J. Blixt

    Good tips and tricks in this article! Thanks!

  • Jetsfoo

    I think it’s either a broswer thing (I use the firefox beta Aurora, and for a good amount of time I couldn’t “go next” on the slideshows) or and add-on thing. I could see this happening with addons that get rid the social plugins or addons that block certain parts of the website from appearing for faster loading times. I’ve only had these problems with Firefox Aurora though. Chrome had a problem with Disqus awhile back, but never any problems with reading articles, and Maxthon is perfect

  • whateverthough

    don’t appreciate y’all tipping off these “artists” who couldn’t realize this shit for themselves.

  • BitCandy Music Filter

    All great tips. And can’t stress enough the importance on the subject line in emails. Artists need to write out key features and keep it short.

  • youngshozy

    Please i need a email to send my song to

  • justjerkinya

    ohh fancy pants with his beta Aurora

  • Max Randall
  • Mostafa Bagheri


    I’m new in producing and I really hope there is a website I can upload my musics and get advice from other people and DJs.


  • pretty flacko

    really? not everyone is an expert in the music business

  • Mark Ralph
  • connor

    yeah using a copy of a browser released solely so developers can plan out the ton of bugs it has is cool, i hate functionality, security and accessing information too

  • connor


  • connor


  • connor

    send it to me

  • connor

    look at this dude pretending he runs a successful blog ahahaha get hte heck outta here nerd

  • Mark Ralph


  • Paulgoree

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  • Paulgoree
  • Paulgoree

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  • Sand McDrawing

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  • datboi1nico

    So uhm, about that “next” button. . .

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  • Kyliental Slim
  • Smallest

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  • Nakh
  • Dretti

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  • KingMindLifeStyleEnt
  • BigLeisure

    Okay, good article… So how do i go about submitting my shitty music to you guys?

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  • Tim Wilson

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  • Your a clown

    There’s enough room for us all to eat in this business stop being salty cause you scared you don’t have what it takes if we all follow the same steps…

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  • Therapy of Twomorrow

    That actually really opened my eyes, my emails were always kind of boring and straight to the point, I didn’t think to add some background information or interesting facts that the bloggers could actually blog about.

    Thanks P&P

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