I Listened to Lil B For 24 Hours Straight, and This Is What Happened


By Joe Price

I've been thinking about doing something this ridiculous for a while. I mean, Lil B has a LOT of music. It varies wildly in quality, and a 24 hour marathon of his music seems like the ultimate challenge. I’ve overcome my fears and interviewed some of my favorite artists, but in my brief time as a music journalist I’ve never encountered something more intimidating than listening to 24 hours of Lil B. I’m doing this so you don’t have to.

Starting with 2009’s I'm Thraxx and ending with the 2014 mixtape Basedworld Paradise, I ordered the mixtapes chronologically, and cited a flow chart from 4chan’s /mu/ on which mixtapes to listen to. It was hard to cut it down to 24 hours from the 30GB of Based God I downloaded, so I excluded all of his #rare mixtapes and stuck to the widely known and easily available stuff for the most part. As well as taking notes on my experience, I decided to draw a picture every two hours to better reflect my mood and slowly deteriorating mind-state.

Yes, this is dumb (no it's not), but hopefully I can answer some pressing questions regarding Lil B along the way, and maybe even achieve a new level of #basedness.

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  • maikel


  • http://twitter.com/liLBTHEBASEDGOD taskforcedavy


  • Jordan Schrock

    The best way to enjoy lil b is to just skim through each song and delete all the ones that are awful because he does have some great/hilarious tracks there just surrounded by a lot of crap lol

  • Samy Merabet


  • Ed Holiday
  • Tyler

    LIL B IS GOD FKD. dont say those evil things.

  • Guest



    Very Unbased article.

  • str8face

    I feel based just reading this. What is based?

  • Dinis

    ty joe for sacrificing yourself in the name of based god he appreciates you and loves you TYBG

  • kid_Flex

    Garbage….. I’ve heard children come up with better nursery rhymes than this guy… smh

  • Rahefee Ali Al-imir

    He on dope

  • Oh boogz


  • Randy Mo$$Berg

    Life is abut moderation. You don’t drink liquor for 24 hours straight, so why would you listen to Lil B for that long? I don’t listen to any artist for 24 hours straight. You have to switch it up. You didn’t even listen to “Pretty Boy Bitch” dawg. You got the game fucked up.

  • Randy Mo$$Berg

    And this is coming from a man who has met the Basedgod & Lil B at the same time as well.

  • Ace

    No red or blue flame wtf you fucked yourself for downloading all his composition albums.

  • SK

    I think I remember seeing someone on /r/hiphopheads that went like 72hrs straight of listening to only Lil B with his friend

  • http://twitter.com/nickrob Nick Robinson

    No Blue Flame and none of the Red Flames? You didn’t make a sincere effort.

  • Theodore Eugene Lidie II


    Wait did you literally just copy this whole sale from vice? this is like, plagarism dog.

  • Geoffrey Kenneth

    first thought i had. wackness.

  • zilla

    I couldn’t even get through the half the songs you put on here. You’re a brave soul.

  • bobshreder

    not sure if based or fake based. go to based purgatory

  • Joe Price

    Plagiarism would involve me copy and pasting the article, this really isn’t plagiarism. I wasn’t even aware that vice had done something like this, yet alone longer. Besides, to quote Drake: “It ain’t about who did it first it’s about who did it right.”

  • Alex Rose

    “18:17: I’ve noticed the gap between my biggest and second biggest toe is abnormally large; enough to make it look like I’m in need of an extra toe.”

  • Gary Rose

    my review of Rain in England .. I think you misunderstood http://kidhumdj.tumblr.com/post/78014566189/lil-b-rain-in-england-album-review

  • http://studioneversleeps.com/ Victor Ware

    My head is moving, by my soul layeth dormant. – wow

  • http://studioneversleeps.com/ Victor Ware

    I think Lil B’s music is a lot like a slot machine. You keep listening because you know there’s some real gems if you keep searching.

  • http://studioneversleeps.com/ Victor Ware

    this article is better though and felt more comprehensive.

  • Rikki Reptar

    How can anyone have a Lil B marathon without listening to Blue Flame, the different Red Flames. Hell even Glassface and P.Y.T! May I also add he says “Fake ass clique” not clit. Based seems to a be a term you’re not grasphing very well. Based isn’t about making good music. It’s about doing whatever the fuck you want without being judged. He’s putting out music that he wants to and not to just please people. Lil B is not bi-polar because of the music, he’s just goofing off a lot of the time but does have a huge heart. Like me, I have a huge heart and i’ve always respected women but I still make perverted jokes and shit. But if you get to know me, you find that out. With Lil B, it’s always going to be more than meets the eye. You have to not just dig into his music, you have to try to dig into his mind to understand his way of thinking. Then you will understand what the hell is really going on. I look up to Lil B because I finally found a guy who I can relate to on the matters of having a complex mind, being goofy, big hearted, and always judged wrongfully. People never look at the big picture. Just look at you on the surface. It’s kind of bullshit, really. And a shame. I have hope one day the world understands shit the way I and Lil B do. Thank you, Based God.

  • peat

    it makes me sad how many good mixtapes you missed out on.

  • ceriokarpins

    Yeah man, you need that Red and Blue Flame

  • Kroniq


  • James Tennant

    Terrible. This article is an anti-Based vortex that generations will have to avoid.

  • Mac

    18:03 was the realest from this

  • http://gogisadj.tumblr.com/ Luca Speterson

    Absolutely outstanding article.

  • Misvnderstood

    Clams Casino produces some of his beats. That’s why they sound so beautiful.

  • mgaynor22

    This is everything I’ve ever felt about Lil B in one post. A TON of absolute shit, the guy is fucking insane, 1 random track of awesome sauce, and back to him rapping about viagra and aids…Dude is a Weird guy, kudos for soldiering through.

  • mgaynor22

    So what your saying is that “Based” is essentially the rap version of “PLUR”?

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  • based4lyphe

    Wow man u didnt even listen to 05 fuckem you’re a clown

  • https://www.facebook.com/eko.lescarifie?fref=ts Eko Le Scarifié

    Awesome review. A lot of commitment there. I just discover that the piano melody in the song “I Love You” on “God’s Father” is from Final Fantasy 13. Cool. #TYBG

  • Mark Ralph
  • Mark Ralph
  • Mark Ralph
  • Pangea Blockhead

    dat jontron tho.

  • http://gogisadj.tumblr.com/ Luca Speterson

    The new video am i right? :)

  • http://gogisadj.tumblr.com/ Luca Speterson

    The experiment is literally about the lack of moderation. I’m pretty sure you don’t listen to an artist CASUALLY like this, but that what they’re doing here. So yeah, pointless comment

  • http://gogisadj.tumblr.com/ Luca Speterson

    that’s a lot of upvotes

  • Cardo Borjas

    Implying I don’t already listen to Lil B everyday all the time.

  • pretty flacko

    said the guy named kid flex, foh fake based bitch

  • rodt

    thank you for your accurate post

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