I Listened to Lil B For 24 Hours Straight, and This Is What Happened


By Joe Price

I've been thinking about doing something this ridiculous for a while. I mean, Lil B has a LOT of music. It varies wildly in quality, and a 24 hour marathon of his music seems like the ultimate challenge. I’ve overcome my fears and interviewed some of my favorite artists, but in my brief time as a music journalist I’ve never encountered something more intimidating than listening to 24 hours of Lil B. I’m doing this so you don’t have to.

Starting with 2009’s I'm Thraxx and ending with the 2014 mixtape Basedworld Paradise, I ordered the mixtapes chronologically, and cited a flow chart from 4chan’s /mu/ on which mixtapes to listen to. It was hard to cut it down to 24 hours from the 30GB of Based God I downloaded, so I excluded all of his #rare mixtapes and stuck to the widely known and easily available stuff for the most part. As well as taking notes on my experience, I decided to draw a picture every two hours to better reflect my mood and slowly deteriorating mind-state.

Yes, this is dumb (no it's not), but hopefully I can answer some pressing questions regarding Lil B along the way, and maybe even achieve a new level of #basedness.

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