“I’m going after Shakespeare, I’m going after Walt Disney”: Kanye West at Bonnaroo


Last night, Kanye West performed at Bonnaroo. It was a big deal, as this was the first time that he had been invited back for the music festival after that 2008 incident, when he was was booed off stage after being hours late to his set. It was, in essence, a chance for redemption this time around.

Performing all the highlights off his seven albums, from “Bound 2″ to “Heartless,” Kanye also found the time to talk to the crowd about that time in’08, when people had scrawled “fuck Kanye” on the port-a-potties, and how it was only six months after his mother had passed, as well as his creative and career aspirations. Watch some of the fan-filmed footage from last night above and below.

  • Bring Back Tool

    Look at everybody leaving in the first and third videos! That looks familiar…

    I was there in 2008. We didn’t boo him just because he was late… he pushed his set time back at half hour intervals, starting at 2 AM, stringing everybody along all night. He refused to go on stage until everybody else in the festival was done playing, cutting an amazing set by Pearl Jam short and forcing Phil Lesh off stage. He FINALLY started his “Glow in the Dark” show hours later… at daybreak. It does NOT translate. Honestly, without the lights, it was just him hopping around stage in a jumpsuit with a spaceship prop behind him. He blatantly signalled to cut the show short at about a half an hour, and that’s when everybody who was left turned on him. I understand that he’s done great shows since. But for me, that was without question the worst show that I’ve ever been to, and my perception of him has never really recovered.

  • hesshak23

    he’s actually the worst

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