I’m Quitting Rap


Image via Kadeem Spencer on Facebook

Image via Kadeem Spencer on Facebook

By Kadeem Spencer

As of today, I’m quitting rap. Yes, I am quitting rap. The reason is that I don’t get enough blog coverage, and that’s the truth. A year ago, I thought that since I’ve supported a blog for five whole years, they would say, “Come right on in, Corduroy.” I thought they would post my shit whenever I wanted. I came to the realization that dreams are for dreamers, not people like myself.

I’m just a guy who is trying to build myself from the ground up and make it in this industry. I am just a 21-year-old black guy from New York City with aspirations. My parents taught me at a young age that you can’t get nothing in this world if you don’t work for it. Kanye West was my inspiration to start rapping. But unlike some rappers, I have a plan B. I want to eventually become an entrepreneur and move up in the corporate world by starting and running my own company. Sitting here waiting for a blog post isn’t going to help me meet my goals.

At the end of last year, I made a song that gained the attention of some pretty big blogs and some of my favorites. Once that happened, I thought the online support would continue. Yes, I’m fully aware that nobody has to post your fucking music, but it’s depressing when you’ve recorded a bunch of songs and only one got on a blog that you wanted to see your other seven on. That sucks.

I am tired of writing raps on my iPhone 5 in my mother’s living room, and I can’t even afford to get in the studio in order to make a quality project.

I am tired of writing raps on my iPhone 5 in my mother’s living room, and I can’t even afford to get in the studio in order to make a quality project. You’re probably going to say, “If you can’t afford it why don’t you get your own equipment and do it at home?” I used to record and mix on GarageBand on my MacBook air while I was in high school and that got me nowhere. I have Yeezus and Blueprint 3 and Watch The Throne on my phone, and hearing those just makes me strive for more. I want professional levels. I want quality over quantity.

Therefore if I can’t get into the studio with a quality engineer on a project, I would rather not record. I would just rather give up on my dream.

After “The Foxes” got all that press and the little bit of notoriety, I thought that my music was good enough to reach even more people with each release. Instead, I was repeatedly told, “Sorry your music does not fit our site.” I went into a depression. I couldn’t sleep for days at a time because of frustration and having the doors closed on me when I felt I had a foot in. I know that most people have shared this same pain with me. Artists in my age group are having the same problem: They live in areas where they can’t even get to a good quality studio because they can not afford it. They stay home and use their computers to record and get their raps out, and eventually have people check it out on SoundCloud.

It’s just mind-boggling how other rappers with no type of real effort in their songs are basically put on a pedestal because of connections.

Getting support from the right people and connections is a major deal to me and others like me. It’s just mind-boggling how other rappers with no type of real effort in their songs are basically put on a pedestal because of connections. I thought to myself one time that maybe I have to sell out for people to notice me. But I’d rather not sell out myself and my race to gain an advantage in my “come up.” Hip-hop has changed so much over the years. Now in the internet era, anyone can make garbage and get put on because the only people that are getting picked are those who aren’t making quality as far as lyrics. Just look at Soulja Boy. (No disrespect to him, but wouldn’t life be easier if I just made music with that little effort?)

I just dropped a song entitled “Hotel Mirages” that I spent over a year on (whether it sounds like it or not). This song originally had six other artists on it. It was an alternative song with a cloud rap sound. After a lot of thought, I decided to keep only myself and OG Chess on the track. He didn’t even support it. What is more depressing than paying for a verse and then seeing that artist ignore the release? Yes, I didn’t pay a lot of money for that verse, but it’s money I didn’t have—money that could have gone to something else. That is why I have reached out to pigeonsandplanes.com. It seems like people don’t support me unless I am on a blog site.

So as for me quitting rap goes, I truly have decided to quit. Maybe the only way I will continue is if I get support. I have no more motivation to create/release anymore music because I feel that I am not getting back what I put out there. I feel that my songs aren’t getting the attention that I have hoped for, and this has basically discouraged me and turned me off to making music. I decided to just focus on my school career and try to become something in this world other than a rapper. I think this goes without saying that people in my shoes know how it feels to have the doors shut on you over and over again. The only advice I can give to them is try and make it no matter what, and also get a good PR team or just do local shit. As for me, I am hanging up this rap jersey.

If there are any blogs or anyone one who has studios willing to help me out in NYC please hit me on Twitter (@ogcorduroy) and email (kadeemspence23@gmail.com).

On the second revision of his essay, Kadeem included the parts about getting potential support so I asked him, “So are you actually quitting rap? At the end there, it doesn’t sound like you’re actually quitting.”

“The only way I’m not quitting is if I get the blog support,” he answered. “I’ve been depressed over it tbh because ppl tell me all the time don’t worry about the blogs. I’m sorry but I need y’all the same as Kanye needs Nike and Adidas.”

UPDATE: A response to this article can be found here: “I’m Quitting My Job”

  • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    Hip-hop doesn’t need quitters, it needs MCs who would spit their latest verse on their deathbed to an audience of one…

    Is this guy even doing shows? Blogs haven’t replaced actual venues. The only reason I even know who some acts are is because I saw them live first, and then checked out their social media and blog coverage. If you love performing and you love art you don’t call it quits, you wouldn’t be able to. If you love attention and praise more than your craft, that’s different.

  • Jose

    Studio time in most major cities costs roughly $20-$40 an hour. If you’re working a minimum wage job full time, there is no reason that you can’t afford studio time a couple of times a month if you budget your money correctly. This is bigger than music — this is financial management.

  • Jose

    I should also mention that it is the artist’s responsibility to come to the studio ready. I’m an engineer, and too often I work with aspiring musicians who don’t have their lines memorized, or have their ad libs thought out, or have any real idea of what they want to do with a track. Be prepared. We are.

  • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    Dude I know quit his job and found part time work that paid the same to free himself up for more personal projects.

  • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    And my days, dude is 21? FOH, imagine Danny Brown quit right out of his teens.

  • BertMaclinFBI

    Got mixed feelings about this, clearly in hip-hop the barriers to entry are so low just about anyone can make a mixtape, but that just makes it that much harder to gain coverage on blogs. While Id hate to see a kid that young give up, i definitely applaud him for being somewhat realistic

  • http://www.hellandheartaches.com Patricec

    Not sure if this is parody or not because of the closing and lines like “I am tired of writing raps on my iPhone 5″…Are pens and paper as elusive as studio time?

  • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    Nigga can afford an iPhone 5 contract but not studio time, lol.

  • Diamond

    So other people getting support for their music you don’t like is going to keep you from following your dreams? You want to be a rapper but don’t want to do what it takes to get studio time? Maybe you should hang up the towel because you don’t sound built for the industry you want to be a part of.

    Who said this shit was going to be easy though? Comparing yourself to others is a bad way to go about your career. You don’t give up on dreams because things get difficult. If you want it you’ll do anything to get it. Persistence is key to getting anywhere you want to be period.

  • Stevie Raikou

    As an aspiring artist myself. I can relate to this kid sending out music over and over and not being noticed. the same thing has happened to me multiple times. I didn’t want to record in any of my local studios because of money issues and the lack of chemistry I had with engineers when I went in and tried. Since then I have began teaching myself and my friend how to do it off Ableton on our computers and with every song we do the mixing and mastering and overall quality has improved. Even if this hadn’t happened I would still be writing raps, writing songs, trying to create beats. Music is what I do and have always done. For Fun, as a way to vent frustrations or pains. I would never stop writing or trying to create cause for me it is my favorite thing in the world. Even if I’m 45 with kids and a wife I’ll still be making dumbass rap songs in my basement. Regardless if i ever see any blog shine or attention given to me, even though I obviously would love to go somewhere bigger with music. This article made me sadboys 2003 to read. And i would suggest that the rapper in question wasn’t rapping for the right reasons to want to completely stop creating. However it doesn’t sound like he fully wants to quit to me, so maybe what dude needs is a little positivity. That always helps in succeeding anyways. Trying not to be preachy but just real talk the kid should try to remember why he started rapping in the first place. hope if you have that passion for something you dont lose it my man.


  • http://www.soundcloud.com/myownisland MyOwnIsle.

    This is trolling at its finest. This cant be real.. He should be building his network in random comment sections, like a real nigga.


    Returning All Follows


    ▲❍▼❏ is real

  • Joshua Priemski

    I wrote a reply to this.

  • Joshua Priemski
  • http://www.soundcloud.com/myownisland MyOwnIsle.

    He also should have put more reverb on his vocals.

  • Damn

    Wow son, this is some real self pity.
    I heard recently that when young comedians ask Jerry Seinfeld for advice on becoming successful the only advice he ever gives is “give up, it’s not worth it.” His reasoning is that if a young comedian takes his advice and quits, they were never that committed in the first place.

    This writer comes off as entitled and weak-willed to me. If you wanted to get on, work hard as fuck to get on. If not shut the fuck up, no one cares if you’re quitting rap, because no one cared that you rapped in the first place.

    No disrespect to the writer, but the song he posted doesn’t sound like the product of a year’s work, it sounds underproduced, amateurish, ordinary and slightly dated. BUT THAT’S FINE, because he’s young and still growing. His inability to commit to that growth makes him unworthy of the praise and attention he seems to live and die by. Perusing his soundcloud page, I don’t hear anything that sounds “ready,” it sounds like a start, but none of it sounds developed enough to pop up on a blog like P&P.

    I live in NYC as well, and I could immediately point him to studios in bk that charge $25/hr with an engineer, mix-engineers that will work a track for $60-100 and mastering houses that can turn around a track in a day for $80. If you find those costs prohibitive, then you’re not being realistic about the commitment you need to make to create your art, and need to take all the seats on earth.

    You’re going to write a column begging people to help you? Why would a blog/studio/manager/PR team invest in an artist unwilling to invest $165-$205 in himself?

    I think rap culture has become so obsessed with “gifted prodigies” and “overnight sensations” that we forget about hard graft. I was grinding my teeth for days after P&P posted a feature on Lil Silk (seriously, what the fuck was that?) but that’s life. Think about how Kanye felt in 2002 when he was dying to get on and Chingy and B2k had number one hits. Or how Jay felt in 1994 when an entire wave of NY rappers came out and led a renaissance for the genre and he had to sit on the sidelines begging for a deal for two more years before Reasonable Doubt came out to crickets (commercially).

    This whole thing just seems so silly to me. “Getting on” is hard, if it wasn’t literally every one in America would be a rapper, because that shit looks fun as hell. Take the bumps and bruises, learn from them and grow up. Or shut the fuck up, just please don’t ever spew your excuses out into the world like this ever again.

  • A Hip Hop Publicist

    or you can hire a publicist… they can get you on the blogs easily.

  • Niggaplease

    Why you on here crying like a little bitch the record you was releasing is over a year old and doesnt sound like anything chess would put out now… Your trying to use the hype around chess to get some plays on ya corny ass record… If i qas chess i would cough up a RT either

  • a plus

    feel terrible for you bruh, good luck with that entrepreneurial thing tho- i’m sure with the work ethic you got that should be a breeze.

  • slayboogie

    “Sitting here waiting for a blog post isn’t going to help me meet my goals.”….EXACTLY….you were just sitting there waiting!….go out and make it happen…or stop crying about it…i been chasing this dream since 97…you make a whole blog post about how you’re quitting and then ask for a hand out at the end…fuck you fuck boy you don’t deserve a rap career officialSLAYBACK.com

  • LLÖdeCusHeCool

    He’s in NYC, a tough place to get rap shows without some funds to put up or a good connection which he stated that he has neither of. Though I don’t really respect the quitting. I definitely understand how he feels. It’s difficult. I hope somebody reaches out. It’s not at all as easy as it use to be

  • JesusAintARealNigga

    this nigga sounds like he didn’t get his way and hes crying. no support bruh i dont support whiners

  • Zac McDonald

    Here is the reason he decided to write this blog post.

    “So as for me quitting rap goes, I truly have decided to quit. Maybe the only way I will continue is if I get support”

    Not because he is over it, but because he is hoping this will drive people to his music and then people will be like don’t quit you are to talented.

  • Kaizer

    JAY Z didn’t release his first album until he was 28 on his OWN LABEL because NO ONE WANTED TO SIGN HIM. Now he is arguably the most successful rapper ever. If the quality/skill/heart is there, everything will come with time.

    If all this guy wanted was instant gratification then he’s got the game fucked up. If he wants support, his music has to be worth supporting.

  • nigelPOW

    I listened to the song. Not great.

  • Mark

    I’d have more sympathy for the dude if his lyrics weren’t your standard misogynistic bullshit. Rap doesn’t need any more of this garbage.

  • ogcorduroy

    first chess has never been on this site i been on here before a chess verse isn’t helping me get anywhere I’m the one who helped him when he needed it ask him yourself . just your facts right brody .

  • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    “He’s in NYC, a tough place to get rap shows without some funds”

    I straight up refuse to believe this. Hit up venues and booking agents with a demo, jump on a damn open mic. Doesn’t matter. A city like New York doesn’t have a scene like New York without stupid amounts of opportunities, even if you suck.

  • ogcorduroy

    first chess has never been on this site i been on here before a chess verse isn’t helping me get anywhere I’m the one who helped him when he needed it ask him yourself . get your facts right brody . stop hating ask him yourself

  • ogcorduroy


  • Robert Malcolm Griswold


  • CliffH

    To be honest, I don’t think he has the right attitude. It might come with time. He doesn’t sound like he’s actually keen to quit, but he doesn’t sound like he wants to do it for the love of it either.

    If he’s 20/21 then he’s still early in his career. Plenty of rappers don’t develop a following until well after that. He’s not especially gifted so he needs to put in hard work to develop his sound – if he’s not willing to make a couple of tracks a week, even if the quality is terrible, just to hone his skill then I can’t see him succeeding regardless.

    He speaks about Soulja Boy but Soulja Boy made a ridiculous amount of music before he got discovered. The music industry isn’t fair, but it’s not going to help with a ‘woe is me’ attitude to it.

    To be honest, if he wants to step back then that’s a shame for him personally and for any of his fans, but there’ll be 100 new rappers trying to make it in the next week. He’s probably got more exposure than 99% of them ever will already. If he won’t work to capitalise that there’s nobody to look to for an answer but himself.

    the obsession with getting posted on blogs is a little silly too.

  • ogcorduroy
  • Joseph Viscount Versa

    Truth be told… your not good enough. And you don’t (Clearly) have what it takes.
    Based on this post, I would expect you to disappear.

    Post Script: The corporate world won’t owe you anything either

  • Kam

    I mean…I can understand the frustration. Pouring your soul into something and constantly seeing that no one gives a shit can be a rather castrating experience. But you’ve gotta know that this shit takes time and, unfortunately, money.
    I’ve been there plenty of times and I always think to myself “I might as well stop releasing music” (as I doubt it’s possible for me to stop making any) but for some reason I never actually get around to actually quitting.
    Even with what I’m working on now “If this doesn’t scratch 500 dowloads in a year I’ll just stop.” But knowing me, I’ll just mope for a week and get back to it.
    Persistance, bruh.
    (…and links. Persistance and links.)

  • Allan Gresham

    I’m 22 and I been rapping for five years. IM JUST STARTING there is no such thing as stardom overnight, shit takes HARD WORK and i have other aspirations too other then being an MC, it dont stop here. BUT I’ve been sending my shit to blogs with NO response, only got like 50 likes on my music page, and I have only done like one open mic. Like the other bul said Danny Brown like fucking 30 and just starting to blow (he almost got down with G-unit imagine that shit). Listen bro, this aint no pep talk this goes to everybody YOU get what you want, and YOU must be able to invest in yourself especially something as miniscule as going to the studio like WTF. I hope you read these comments and decide to stop being a bitch, my niggas been rapping since they was kids (yeah like 12, with a stack of rhymebooks u couldn’t imagine) and STILL get no love. GRIND HARD what happens if u lose money in your future investments in the cooparate world u gon quit too???? Stop playing. My track shits on yours and I hope u take that as a challenge. PEACE


  • Gabe

    More like $70-90 if its an actual quality studio with professional engineers working there…

  • ogcorduroy
  • ogcorduroy
  • ogcorduroy


    this could have been way bigger i have great work that went unseen watch before you have something bad to say but thank you everyone for reading my pain !

  • guestwho

    Like Adidas world cup campaign #allinornothing quit being such a drama queen if ur shit sucks and noone listens fuck it its a question of if u believe in urself enuff to keep going and if not fu k it give up pussy

  • Loop

    This rings too many bells as someone who somewhat joined a site for that same reason. Uhhh….you weirdly make music in the same lane as me, cept you’re from NY and I’m from London.

    But uh…..if you wanna collab, hit me up……if not, cool lol

  • Loop

    Fuck it tho..if we’re plugging our shit, here…


  • Visuals

    @ogcorduroy:disqus your entitlement is ridiculous. Your argument sounds your age, as does your talent. You said “…I’d rather not sell out myself and my race to gain an advantage in my “come up.”” and mentioned other artists lacking quality lyrics… yet I browsed thru your Soundcloud (which is most likely what you wanted from this post in the first place) but all I heard was poor production accompanied by the same tired content that’s been poisoning hip hop for years. I did not hear originality. On the other hand if someday you can get past the loss of respect you just gained by writing this article, and work hard (which you said you learned from your parents) then maybe you’ll find your niche, then at that point grind hard towards the top, two steps forward, six steps back till the end of your life. If you only make it halfway to your goal when you’re on your death bed, look back over your life and you’ll see that you spent it making music. In my opinion that’s success. Unless you’re only doing it for the image portrayed in hip hop videos, cause if that’s the case then you’re chasing a mirage.
    My advice to you is show me, don’t tell me (or whine to me about the struggle) otherwise, yeah give up. Quit. Move on. Be a consumer. A fan. A hater. Whatever, but don’t step back into the rap game and call foul.
    Good luck cause this industry is brutal.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    Curious why y’all even posted this. Also this shows how a good portion of people think you just make music, put it out there and abracadabra.

    While I do agree that there are many non talented hacks out there doing pretty well, it has never been about talent. And honestly dude lost any respect I would have given him after reading this. None of us are entitled to sh^t. I haven’t made it either but i’m still going.

  • 2sense

    This is what hip-hop has become.. some sad-boy ‘poor me’ shit.. jesus christ.. quit .. please… the rap game doesn’t need you.. NEXT…

  • LLÖdeCusHeCool

    you’re obviously not from here…

  • Confusion

    Posted it because he said he was going to quit rap. He just wrote an email like, “I just wanted to let you know I’m quitting.” And then he wrote a little about being depressed, feeling like he’s not getting a fair shot. I told him to write about it.

    No real reason. Just thought it was interesting to present the perspective of a kid on the verge of giving up on music. I didn’t realize he’d add that last part reaching out for more support.

  • ogcorduroy

    nah nyc rates 100 plus new york is not a regular city


    some blogs don’t post my shit…but one day they will. If he understands that blogs are businesses. The most successful ones have to operate that way. If they post things that audiences aren’t checking for they are wasting precious space that could generate more clicks. Bloggers care about the music…if they didn’t they wouldn’t try to monetize it. The thing is you gotta earn your place then the rest will take notice.

  • Ophelia

    Gotta give it to this guy, he’s obviously not quitting music, just found another way to market his shit. Also he’s only 20, so he should refrain from acting so dramatic. I get it, the music industry is tough, but there is nothing attractive about this, which makes me question his authenticity which makes me not even want to take a listen to his stuff.. I’m an artist (singer) who works at a restaurant and makes music on the side. Music that for the most part is recorded into my cracked computer screen in Garage band. Its been a wild journey, and things are starting to get right where they need to be. But thats because I’ve enjoyed the journey and I am now 25, so my art has perfected and with time, connected me to the right people for me, for my music. The shit I was writing a few years ago, needed to be aged like fine wine. This little guy needs to chill ;) xxx

  • Jose

    I did a Google search. Five minutes of my time found me three studios with rates <$50. Solid gear, too.

  • SickOfMillenials

    another twenty -something that feels entitled to riches because “yeezy did it”. 2 years of iphone recordings doesn’t equate to “work”, grow up, actually work hard, like really hard, teach & share… that’s how to do it.

  • Sheesh

    Stop son, I’m an artist/engineer based in New York and there are plenty of professional grade studios with major label credits in the city that will take care of you for $50-60/hr. This is an excuse.

  • BobRansom

    He can quit now.

  • http://uoenoit.com/ Nuga Pleez

    stop crying and man up… i stopped reading after that “mind-boggling” part. i hate whiny cry babies…you dont deserve to be in this game. i wouldve clicked on your music if you made a good point… but this whole tear bucket story just seems like a lil girl crying ;(

  • http://uoenoit.com/ Nuga Pleez

    somebody get the violin

  • http://uoenoit.com/ Nuga Pleez

    music was trash.. 30 seconds in.. im outta here

  • Joe Sapienza

    I am and you’re definitely wrong. I’m a musician who gigs in NYC, and there are massive amounts of opportunities for anyone in any genre just getting their start. They might be shit gigs in the backs of small bars, or Tuesday night open mics, but there are plenty of places to get your start performing. All it takes is a little effort to find gigs like this. The key is to leverage those shows, meet everyone you can at them; artists, DJs, sound guys, promoters, venue owners, random people in the crowd; and see what comes of your new connections. My band does a rap/rock hybrid thing and we’ve played some pretty big rap shows in our 2 years already, without ever once putting up money, and we’re friends with plenty of straightforward rappers who’ve done the same.

  • Stevie Raikou

    I understand that viewpoint so thanks for clarifying but I still think I would rather see him creating for himself and what he feels is right then for the opinions of others. And I say this having struggled myself with doing something like music inspite of criticism

  • rap rock

    rap rock

  • Jesus

    What is this self entitled bullshit? Who even is this guy? Why do I care he’s quitting rap, he hasn’t even got started. Boohoo ‘I can’t be bothered to commit to studio time/costs’, well you obviously aren’t going to be a professional musician then. Who told him he even deserved praise? If this is at all representative of the new gen of young people coming into music then I despair. Why has this even been posted? LOL I’m so confused by this, maybe it’s a troll.

  • Jesus

    This is exactly the kind of shit people hate about rappers; egotistical and self entitled before they’ve even done anything worth praise.

  • Satan666

    ‘So as for me quitting rap goes, I truly have decided to quit. Maybe the only way I will continue is if I get support.’ Pretty much sums up the article, fishing for fans. Mate, you have to make music to get attention, this is the blogpost equivalent of a youtube comment reading ‘Yo, if you like this video, check out my page…’

  • http://nobrainnogainz.wordpress.com/ Rob JHM

    Your argument isn’t exclusive to the rap game. In most industries it’s all about who you know.

  • N.I.T.A

    Dude, why don’t you channel some of what you’re saying in this blog post into your music?

  • dirt

    ahahaahahahahaaaha you made my day!

  • bawse

    Thank you! Dude made it at the age of 30..

  • bawse

    Dude’s flow in his song sounds boring, the production is pretty cool tho. He needs to have more albums on his phone other than Yeezus or BP3 lol

  • Jordan Marteens

    what a lame.

  • Joe Sapienza


  • Deja


  • Goodbye Felicia

    I’ve been making music and releasing it on my own for almost the same amount of time as this kid has been alive. Buck up princess. I’m actually happy you quit. One less musician to compete with.

  • You’reBitchMade

    This could have been summed up in a less words. Something like “wahhh. I’m a crybaby bitch that doesn’t have the ambition to fulfill a dream because no one like my shit. Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” With this kind emotional shit you’re too soft for rap anyway. Try to get a gig as the guy who holds Drake’s tissues off stage. Y’all are cut from the same faggoty cloth.

  • blackalabama

    “I am tired of writing raps on my iPhone 5 in my mother’s living room”

    Pretty sure your mom is tired of you doing this too. So congrats to both you and her for quitting the rap game.

  • slime

    maybe no one wants to feature you because you suck…

  • Buzz Killingtonian

    You couldnt be more right. Just reading this got me pissed. As an aspiring 26-year old producer who’s still struggling to make it in Toronto. Success doesnt happen over night. Its takes atleast 10years to master any craft. If you watch Danny Brown’s early home videos and listen to some of his darker songs that dude was living a nightmare, but continued grinding. Dudes like him deserve success. Not whiney kids like this dude.

  • ogcorduroy

    so vice gave me a interview cause they liked my song ?

  • Uncle

    Sell your iPhone 5 and book some fucking studio time instead of bitching. Why the fuck should we care if you’re quitting if you don’t care about even making enough of an effort. Get a job and save up, pound the pavement and stop sulking. Be a man. Who the fuck are you anyway to think you automatically deserve blog coverage. You need talent and hard work not just one of the two but BOTH. Get to work..

  • ogcorduroy
  • ogcorduroy



  • ogcorduroy



  • ogcorduroy



  • ogcorduroy



  • Pfft

    Watched, song is mad derivative. Yeezus just came out, so taking such a direct influence from a fresh album speaks to a lack of original ideas. You’re still young though, there’s time to improve but this isn’t it. Lyrics are unoriginal, hollow and reference Kanye a few too many times. Why would I listen to this when there’s already a Travis Scott?

  • ogcorduroy


  • ogcorduroy


  • ogcorduroy



  • ogcorduroy



  • kushn

    troll of the year goes to this man lmao

  • S1

    Dude first of all, you need to be entertaining. Music is about melody, arrangement and entertaining people. And before you give me any kind of BS, I’m mixed ethnicity and I’ve been listening to rap & hip hop since 1985. Some of yo mf’s think you can continue to rap about the same bullshit that every other cat has rapped about 300xinfinity. You need to go back and study Slick Rick. You need to study Ghostface Killah. You need to study Rakim. You need to study their beats. You see, real hip hop fans that spend any energy or money towards quality rap & hip hop don’t have time for wackness. Your typical syruped-out sounding style is played out like a retirement home bingo game at closing time son. You need to go back to the drawing board. You need to at least listen to Illmatic and study youtube interviews of how it was made. You want to just rap about smoking and bitches at hotels, WE’RE TIRED OF THAT SHIT. You don’t even have an educated vernacular. You don’t even know what I said in that last sentence. Talent, man, be genuine in your talent and do something different. We all know that you’re black, have no real source of opportunity and yet you still want to rap about dumb shit. Dumb shit is gonna get you outta your mom’s house son. Real talk. I’m a passionate artist myself, but the one thing I know, you have to be genuine son and come up with something original and different. Rap is dead son. Black folks need to stick together and come up with a whole new musical format. Shit is old son. I started with Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Afrika Bambaata, I’ve heard it all son. It’s time for a new musical genre son, it’s been done, it’s dead. Period. People that care about music, collect music, the music you’re making isn’t fun anymore. It doesn’t put anyone in a good mood, it’s just some kush-ed out, sloppy drunk music. It doesn’t have to be all rainbows and pink sprinkles and shit, but that shit you’re making is souless son, you may think you put your heart in it, but you put your heart in the wrong direction son, that’s where you lost. If the shit don’t make your head nod, make someone want to get up and dance or have that erie melody that really grabs someones mind and locks it in, your shit is just wack nonsense son that’s no benefit to anybody. Be an actual musician maybe, stop trying to change the world with a midi-controller and a computer. Learn to play a real instrument, learn to rap with really musicians. Step your game up son, that’s all I’m trying to say and don’t… DON”T GIVE UP! Quitting is for suckers and losers.

  • Pfft

    This. Is. Not. It.
    No word play, no metaphors, no double entendres, no real hooks or song craft…nothing. Just some lazy story telling about girls and drugs. #groundbreaking

  • ogcorduroy

    where your hit single at ? just asking if you no so much help me out like i asked in the article

  • ogcorduroy

    i clearly asked for help but it seems like all y’all can do is bash an artist . shot out to P&P one of the best blogs out !!!! thank you !!!

  • kushn

    well is making music solely to get it out to the public or for yourself? do people want to hear old-school inspired music still? is a new innovative sound going to blow up? these are the questions we need to ask first.

  • http://fore.tumblr.com fore

    Real talk, is this the most commented on P&P article of all time?

  • RM

    Perseverance, Faith and making sure that you’re in it for the right reasons.

  • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

    Right? Look at the hype for Jay Elec as well.

  • jxbi

    Stop racing for that hit single Corduroy, and try to build a whole body of work and a real fanbase.1 out of 20 niggas make a career out of a hit single.

  • Jake Palumbo

    I own a recording studio in NYC, 2 blocks from Madison Square Garden, who caters to numerous major and independent hip-hop artists. Many of your favorites have recorded here. We charge $40 per hour, engineer included. Quit crying & get your weight up, that is not the BEGINNING of the dues you have to pay for even a chance to fail at this game smh. This article has just given me chest pains lol.

  • Jonathan Casanova

    i do it for the love of music. sure, it gets in the way of everything. school, finances, relationships, doctors appointments, literally everything. But i couldn’t sleep well at night if i didn’t at least try.

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    Quitting because of lack of blog coverage…no comment

  • Ring Devious

    Good. Quit. The game don’t need busters like you in it. I been doin music for almost 15 years. I write, record, produce, mix, etc. all my own shit. I learned. Because I couldn’t afford it. You are lazy. Bottom line. Like I said… move on bro.

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    Dang Ring haha…this is his plea for help. He is a 21 year old artist who is still understanding his role. Blog coverage is huge for these up and comers. I would venture to say it is more important than shows haha.

  • Ring Devious

    I’m 27. Been in the game since I was like 14. Got super serious around 16. Sure it matters, but he is actin like a straight girl. Quit. The game don’t need people like him in it. This isn’t his passion obviously. I still work my ass off every day to survive.. you don’t hear me sayin I’m just gonna quit because some bullshit blogs won’t play shit. It’s weak af.

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    I understand what you saying. But blogs weren’t the only stressor. Personal problems, money problems, etc played a role. I applaud his honesty. Now if he projected this transparency in his music…

  • Lorenzo Simpson

    It took DMX and Danny Brown 10 years to get on! Our generation, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Joaquín Muñoz

    Dude is garbage rapping about how much he drinks and the drugs he takes and chicks he fucks. GTFOH, sounds like 90% of corny rappers with poor beats and nothing new brought to the table, sorry–keep your day job…

  • F. Khristopher Blue

    If the beat actually was good, I can see the blogs possibly supporting you, but the beat makes it nearly impossible to do so… production other than the beat, impressive though, somewhat melodic… invest in beats!

  • makesomethingofyourself

    Rapping isnt gonna help you become an entrepreneur, start a company, and move up in the corporate world bro. IF what you really want out of rapping is money, than your in the wrong game. music doesnt pay.

  • makesomethingofyourself

    You really couldnt of said it better.

  • NickleNine

    Not feeling the lyrics but the flow is dope. You shouldn’t quit. It’s different these days. It doesn’t matter what your business is, markets are over crowded. Rap, real estate, being a teacher, it’s tough to standout.

  • allemoney

    Why do you think people slang rocks until they make it? It wasnt because it was cool. Its because it was necessary.

  • Missgee62

    quitting is the blue print to your life. you dont need blogs, you don’t need labels anymore…you have youtube, social media and create your own! beat the path on YOUR OWN! We will respect your grind more than the jiffypop artist out here. You’re only 21. you have time to finish up your business school career and still be a mogul. YOU WILL BE THE BOSS TURNING DOWN JIFFYPOP ARTIST AND SUPPORTING THE GRINDERS. STOP THE CYCLE OF BAD MUSIC AND CREATE YOUR OWN! THE MONEY WILL COME. QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY WILL WIN. Also check out kickstarter.com and gofunds.com. put this story on it alng with a snippet of your work. eliminate the f bombs in your story. be positive. IT WILL COME.


    First off, GET THEM BARS UP HOMIE. THAT SHIT IS GARBAGE. Second, Figure it out….you in the same pond with millions of piranhas looking to get that bite…step out and stand out.

  • Fémi

    this is just self pity for real to me it sounds like you have gone at it half heartedly for a few years and decided to abandon a project when nothing came your way. Especially when you say “sitting waiting for a blog to support me” why dont you actively seek out that blog or make people work for your music, because in the industry nobody owes you a damn thing unless you are an asset to them.
    These are words coming from a producer who may not be at the top of the music game but through solid hardwork for 3 years straight went from 10 views on a track to a 250k minimum on a track and has had several major label offers.
    I feel like you still have a long way to come as a rapper and you seem not to be in it for the right reason at the end of the day even if you happened to get a deal or sin no way does that make you successful or rich thats when the real hardwork actually begins.
    I suggest you suck it up or dont complain at all

  • Missgee62

    EXACTLY! EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A RAPPER. The thing is hw to be different and meaningful to this society of dime a dozen flooded market of musicians – rappers, artists, etc.

  • Charles Griffin Gibson

    This is a garbage / immature attempt to get attention – you should be making rap because you love rapping – not to get famous on blogs. Blast your shit with you friends and don’t expect anyone to listen.

  • Stella Gonzalez

    It’s sad that he had to quit rap to get blogged. Shit is fucked up

  • kidked

    This shit here speaks to me. My name is kedeem, I’m 20 from NYC, Kanye is my biggest influence n I’m kinda going thru the same thing. Can’t afford any studio time, have no connects or anything. Imma keep striving though. I record at home n post my stuff on soundcloud. Check me out. The name’s KidStush on soundcloud. It doesn’t sound the best but the words are there

  • Guest

    You can go rap at SOB’s in 2 seconds

  • Martell Harding

    This is sad. The rap game doesn’t need somebody who isn’t willing to put in work and dedication.

    P.S. your song is weak bruh

  • Gee

    That was mad garbage kid. Not trying to hate but I was expecting potent lyrics based off what you were talkin about.

  • Casey Moore

    haha 21 and already willing to give up? He should give up on being a entrepreneur as well because that isn’t easy either and he sucks at life. Speaking of becoming a entrepreneur it’s pretty comical he somehow thinks that is a original goal lol I’d say 95%+ of wannabe rappers plan to be or think they are entrepreneurs lol.

  • Triston Smith

    So..about that information that you had about studio time, mixing and mastering – I could definitely use that. What he won’t take advantage of, I will.

  • Common sense isn’t common

    What happened to rappers being tough? Having some fight and some drive in them? Rapping because it was their way out, not because they are afraid of actually working. In no business or walk of life is success easy. It is a long difficult road that you have to earn, often with many failures along the way. And even when you finally make it, the work load doesn’t get any easier, so if the struggle isn’t for you, please give up and stop wasting the space that someone else can be taking advantage of

  • kushn

    1 nigga sums up our generation gtfo b

  • realistically not a panda

    This is seriously pathetic.

  • http://nicononchalant.tumblr.com/ datboi1nico

    I’m sorry, I cannot empathise with a dude who got a iPhone 5 and a Macbook Air. And yet you say you still can’t afford studio time? FOH Bruh

  • Bighustle

    I feel his pain, but that doesn’t mean quit. Just means you gotta work harder and create your own lane. Quality and hard work will rise to the top. Get a team around you to help with some of the workload. Trust me, I’m a self-professed DIY’er and there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your hard work get overlooked especially from people who you thought had your support. But stick to it, it’ll pay off one day.


  • dubs

    You soft as baby shit breh, you aint built for this game. Sound like a spoilt kid having a tantrum

  • Rich Sammons

    Get at me for professional mixing and mastering

  • Rich Sammons

    Yo, hit me up for professional Mixing and Mastering

  • California

    “I got John Blaze shit and these blogs ain’t recognizing!!”

  • BennyBlanco

    Crybaby of the week goes to this dude hands down

  • defwish

    I thought this was going to be an ironic post with a twist at the end, but nope, just an amateur never-was getting disappointed because he didn’t get instant shines once he hit drinking age. Your music is not release quality, so of course nobody will post it on blogs. This sort of entitled attitude with nothing to back it up is why those rappers you hate are put on – at least they put out professional sounding nonsense, you have amateur sounding of some substance, but in the end, still amateurish. At the end of the day, after this woe is me bullshit essay, you have shown you do not have the tenacity to cut it in the music business. You are going to get told “no” about a million more times, and if you are only 21 and can’t take the fact people have not shouted your garage band raps from the rooftops in 5 years, this is not the game for you. Ask yourself why you have an iPhone 5 but you didnt build a vocal booth in your closet at your moms? Where are your priorities?

    People who make quality music do not do it to get famous. They do not do it to get rich. They do it because they love music, because they have something to say, and they need to say it even if nobody is listening. You are right to give up, you are not the right type of person for this business – if you were, you would not care that nobody was listening. Give up and do not ever look back, because you clearly are not an artist, because artists are incapable of quitting.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Denogreenmusic Deno

    This dude obviously doesn’t want it bad enough doesn’t deserve the attention.

  • shot

    Lol at “I didn’t want to sell out”… son if you could sell out you easily would…

  • Mike

    Wah wah wah wah wah I hope this is a joke

  • shot

    That postscript was DUMB AS HELL. fuck this narcissistic misogynist. . Rap dont need more of this

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ViLLyViLLz?feature=mhee $pruce Yee

    In some ways he’s right but he also is whining lol

  • LightningPowered

    Maybe we don’t NEED another rapper in the world. He should contine his school and become something important, like a doctor, politician, law enforcement, or teacher.

  • Frank Blanco

    Frank Blanco …indiecharts. soundcloud. Reverbnation. Datpiff ..hulkshare. checkme out let me know da realz.

  • Damien Toler

    MF Doom was put on by 3 rd Bass …released a critically acclaimed album with the group KMD…they got dropped from the label, his brother the deejay for the group died and he was homeless…before hitting open mic nights at clubs, and scrapping together enough money to put out music on small independent labels…he ended
    songs with Ghostface. Dangermouse, and the Gorillaz…
    Kanye couldn’t afford to pay a proiducer to make him tracks…so he started hanging out around No ID and he taught him how to produce…which lead to him producing underground artists and eventually he got his shot on Rocafella Records after producing a few hits….he even rapped with his jaws wired shut….
    Jay Z was a hypeman for a D list rapper who only had one commercial hit and lost his deal before he could help him get one….but he made connections with B and A list names in the industry while running the streets….he became a underground sensation, formed his own company with a few friends and got a distribution deal before getting a even sweeter 50/50 venture with Def Jam/
    DMX, Eminem, School Boy Q, I can go on and on and on….that goes with the territory….it is all about hustling and struggling….even Nas had to wait 2 years after dropping a classic verse on Live @ the BBQ…before releasing a classic album…with a little bit of money from guest appearences on other people’s songs …coming in…how bad do you want to make music….are you in it just for the fortune and fame…or do you want to spread your music throughout the world and leave a legacy behind…that is why it is called show business…it is 30 percent show and 70 percent business!,,,,get your internet hustle game uo.,…perform at some of those festivals in Canada and Europe////even if it means putting free music out there….get your name out there!

  • Kev

    this is garbage. Work harder or think about going to college

  • Harry Hemi

    Yeah that song is horrid. if the rest of your songs are anything like that, I can see why no one is checking for you. Not only that, you shouldnt be dependent on studios. Theres tons of computer programs that you can get for free off the net to make beats with. Or worse yet, get a day job, buy a decent computer, mic, speakers and programs, produce the tracks, and record the songs yourself. BTW, until you work hard networking in the music community, you havent worked hard, and you’ll never get a shot. Its ALWAYS who you know, not what you know. Thats why Rick Ross has a career.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Boo fucking hoo, you sound like a whiny little bitch.

  • Frank Blanco

    Frank Blanco …indiecharts. soundcloud. Reverbnation. Datpiff ..hulkshare. checkme out let me know da realz.

  • Guest


  • GodDyhu Harrison
  • Chuck

    I can’t believe you actually paid that other guy for that verse. That verse probably made you depressed af

  • Highclassculture

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself man. I think your first lesson that you didn’t pass the test on is doin rap for likes and not for the love of rap. Getting feedback from others is good and all but the most prominent individuals in the industry do it for 1 main reason and that is for the love of making music you can be proud of. You need to take the words “can’t” and “try” out of your vocabulary because those 2 words limit you to exactly where you are right now. You aren’t committed to this life and industry, you are just interested in it. So when it comes to whether you’d blow or link up with the right connections or whatever so that you can “make it” and have “quality” production you gotta crawl before you walk. Getting exposure isn’t necessarily about quality. Look at Ice JJ fish. No disrespect to him but he’s getting money and enjoying making the music that he does. Did he have “quality” hd 1080p YouTube and ig vids and top notch stu production?? NOOO….. He just did it cause he loved it and then the exposure and the life came. If you feel like you don’t have the tools and resources you are right… And if you do think so you are right… But if quitting is what you will do then so be it because you weren’t cut out for that life regardless if that’s how you roll. Progress is a process. You need to nip this “cry baby” attitude in the bud now so you don’t ruin your entrepreneur dreams. Who wants to do business with a guy who feels sorry for himself and won’t take charge in his own hobby. Not me. You can’t run a business if you can’t run yourself…. I’m gonna pray for you…

  • Frank Blanco

    Frank Blanco …indiecharts. soundcloud. Reverbnation. Datpiff ..hulkshare. checkme out let me know da realz.

  • Toronto is Melville

    Haha great marketing scheme

  • http://www.audiblehype.com Justin Boland

    I feel really stupid for having read this.

  • robsowelldc

    Hey Joe you got any social media sites

  • robsowelldc

    Joe hit up fb Facebook.com/Mistasowell

  • OfficialTrev

    Bro I’m a guest and I had to leave a comment. For you to be quitting on your dream and you’re only 21 is pathetic. Think about it like this, Jay Z didn’t put out Reasonable Doubt until he was 26. If you’re not on by 26, then you should quit. But 21 is ENTIRELY too young to just drop it. Also, you complain about not having connects. Dude you live in NEW YORK! Do you know how lucky you are?? You have connects at every corner you just gotta get your ass out there and make shit happen. Jay (from Brooklyn) met Dame Dash (from Harlem) Biggie (from BK) met Puffy (from Harlem) and Mister Cee (from BK) Big Pun (from the Bronx) met Fat Joe (the Bronx). My point is you got connections EVERYWHERE but if you don’t GRIND then niggas not just gonna come up to you begging to work. You gotta show you got hustle. Niggas nowadays not just gonna put out no one hit wonder when millions of dollars are on the line. I’m a rapper and I’m cool with Mike Lighty (Chris Lighty the late A&R’s brother) simply because I send him freestyle videos through email. Tony Yayo himself even gave a positive comment on one of them. Also, get you a damn microphone and record at home. I’M A RAPPER and I have my own $100 mic that has been working perfectly fine and has given great quality for almost 4 years! I have my own engineer who I send my tracks to and he mixes them with no problem at all and we keep dropping new shit. Get a mic and BUILD YOUR MONEY UP to spend it on other things to further your career. Post rap snippets to Instagram, use Vistaprint and create promo packages so you can GET SHOWS, use YouTube consistently. Think about A$AP Rock and A$AP Mob. Them niggas were indie as hell but now Ferg and Rocky are 2 of the biggest artists out right now just because of their HUSTLE. Kendrick passed out mixtapes daily until he got the attention of TDE. Big Sean kept rapping at the radio station until he happened to get word that Kanye was there and he raced to the building just to rap for him, EVEN IF HE FAILED HE STILL TRIED. You gotta GRIND, STRIVE, BE PATIENT, AND TAKE CHANCES in order to get noticed, especially in the entertainment business. YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK, USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. DAMN NEAR EVERY MAJOR LABEL HAS AN OFFICE IN MANHATTAN, TAKE THE TRAIN AND STAND AT THE FRONT DOOR RAPPING IF YOU HAVE TO. J. Cole did that damn near everyday and look where it got him. You must not be a nice rapper anyway, like Jadakiss said “I can’t say you nice til you show me longevity.” Quitting rap at age 21 doesn’t show me much longevity, so I don’t think you’re nice. Prove me wrong, prove us commenters wrong, but most importantly PROVE YOURSELF WRONG. Keep working, keep striving, keep your head up nigga!

    P.S. – I’m a 21 year old rapper from DETROIT with far less chances than a guy who lives in a media mecca like NEW YORK like you, yet I’m still grinding everyday, getting shows, doing promo, making connects. It’s a damn shame that it’s that way homie. Like I said, make age 26 the cutoff point on rap music, not a young age like 21. Jay dropped Reasonable Doubt at age 26, not 21 which means if you’re not on by then, then you should quit. Not now nigga. Pussies complain, real G’s get shit done.

  • Magician

    Is this what people expect now to be a Bieber? Sounds like you’re creating music for the wrong reasons if you whine about not making it off some blog posts. I started a business AND I continue to produce and write – for real it’s possible. If this was your cry for someone to pay attention to what you do, supply a better cut. Work on your shit and don’t ever expect to be noticed.

  • http://westcoastkeish.com/ WestCoast Keish

    Sorry to hear that but all success comes with failure. If you’re going to quit that easy, you don’t want it bad enough.

  • chris86

    no wonder u dont get support this shit is not original and sounds like everything else. be different, you said you like kanye but hes original not a carbon copy get a 9 to 5 homie.

  • Djedi25

    Spot on, thanks for writing it out so I don’t have to

  • No1

    This nigga is a faggot straight up.

    “Hip-hop has changed so much over the years. Now in the internet era, anyone can make garbage and get put on because the only people that are getting picked are those who aren’t making quality as far as lyrics. Just look at Soulja Boy. (No disrespect to him, but wouldn’t life be easier if I just made music with that little effort?)”

    dissing the internet era but is crying for blog support. i won’t eve give this kid the satisfaction of listening to one of his tracks. this kids a herb

  • J. Walter Swartz

    I’m somehow reminded of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqwFR3dl5IE

  • Matt

    You need to hang it up kid. Also, from reading your post, you don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur right now. You need to sit back and focus and figure out what you really want. You’re not a very good rapper so I’m not sure why you thought you deserved exposure at this point. My good friend Diverse rapped for 5 years before he even put an album out to the public.

    When Diverse dropped his first “public” album One A.M. it received critical acclaim and sold many units. You know why, cause he put in work for years.

    Guess what we did kid; we all worked 40 hour a week jobs and put all that money towards renting a storefront and built a studio. We did this at 19 years old kid. I was working 70-80 hours a week at your age.

    I hope you can use these lessons you are getting to toughen up and focus on what you really want in life.

    “Hard times are inevitable, but misery is optional”. Stop being a victim and be the hero of your own movie!

    Peace, old school Matt from Chicago

  • DarkWingDuck

    oh PLEASE POST MY STUFF, OH PLEASE…….I WILL THREATEN TO QUIT RAP.TOO……….fuck outta here with that shit….Its cause you suck breh. Hands down. If you dont capture attention then you dont get blogs…..stfu and get on to quitting, Im way doper than this kid ever was. How bout you post that shit….I send records to you cats all the time….this kid writes a career suicide letter and thats what it took to post his music?!?!?! Come on
    Post this real shit……At least gimme 5 on it. Im dope.

  • spooky black

    you have 8 songs lol shut the fuk up

  • spooky black


  • NailedIt

    This guy nailed it. Everything he is saying here is spot on. Also your rhyme schemes and flow should sound like no other, influences are one thing but replicating several current relevant styles is another. Also get out in front of people and PERFORM live. No excuse of needing studio time or etc.when you simply need to practice and perform, the oldest and simplest tricks in the book still apply.

  • NailedIt


  • mcbain

    fuck that. do you know how many hip hop open mics there are in NYC?

  • mcbain

    I’d feel for you son if your music was good, but it’s wack as shit.

  • Trill Mister

    You rapping about wearing balenciaga and other designer shit but you can’t afford studio time? righhhttttttt…….

  • Kyle W.

    Amazing and crazy true! Dudes a whiner and his music is meh!

  • mothafuckin rivas

    you sound like a little bitch. man up go out and do live shows instead of waiting for a blog to pick ur shit up. some blogs are just hipsters that never been about that life so they cant identify wit struggle music. some of the best underground artist out never got blog support until they had a big fan base. dont have money for studio time? get a job bitch nigga. go get ur hustle on. the pity party dont work for niggas in nyc that have paid their dues for years before they got any recognition. if u gonna quit over that then u never wanted to make it bad enuff. depressed cuz u aint get on a blog? niggas is losing they houses to banks dealin wit court cases crooked cops serious investigations getting sluts pregnant and having to pay for abortions, parents is sick and dying and theres kids all over the world who aint got shoes to wear or shit to eat or clean water and u crying over blogs?
    (kermit the frog picture) but thats none of my business tho…

  • Lexycontra Pride

    Nigga you should have got on a blog about suicides, so you can kill yourself. Gawdamn you Fucking suck. I rather listen to Gucci mane apply chapstick over his big crusty lips, while a trap best plays, than your garbage shit. Hell no, no one likes you, because you’re typical. You have no style, 1st grade lyrics, no confidence in your voice, you have a weak voice, no.talent, no skill, and no creativity. You’re not obligated the right to become famous just because, you rap.

  • justifyd

    I was reading this as a joke but then i realized how long it was…..

  • WEKetchum

    Blog coverage “can” be huge, but it’s not the end all be all. Blogs are only one avenue that people use to find music. YouTube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, etc. – all different avenues that people use to find music. Fans spread the music they like themselves, not just blogs.

    The kid just isn’t very dope. So people aren’t buying into him – and not just blogs, either. I could understand if dude had a huge following and just couldn’t get a blog post, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • WEKetchum

    What a brat.

    Nowhere in the story, that I saw anyway, does he actually talk about how much time he’s put into the game. There are artists who invest years of their life, and tons of their money, into trying to make it. This kid is whining about what he can’t afford. Damn near nobody can afford to spend lots of money on music, but they make sacrifices and they make investments. And if they can’t make the investment financially, they just find other ways to do it. They hit up local shows, they connect with people, etc. They find quality recording tools – which are available online for free/cheap. Kid is 21 years old; Danny Brown got on at 30, and I believe Jay Elec got on around the same age.

    lol at “GarageBand got me nowhere, so I need the quality of Blueprint 3 and Yeezus.” STFU. Work your way up.

    This isn’t even to mention three essential facts.

    1.) Blog coverage isn’t essential to a rapper’s success. Blogs are only one place people get their music from. People build fan bases off of YouTube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, etc. I could understand if he was someone who had a crazy following that couldn’t get on a blog, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. When you’re dope, your fans will usually spread the music for you. Which leads to another thing:

    2.) Kid just isn’t very good. I’ve listened to a few of the songs, and I literally have no desire to ever listen to them again. They aren’t trash by any means, but they’re mediocre.

    3.) Even if he did get on blogs, that doesn’t guarantee a successful career. Plenty of acts get on blogs and get nowhere. Whether it’s on a blog or the other venues I just mentioned, the fans are who dictate things, period.

    I’m glad this kid is quitting. Music is a career that requires thick skin, heart and perseverance. He doesn’t have it, so good riddance.

    Don’t get me wrong – just about anyone who has worked in the music industry has thought about quitting. Shit is tough. But don’t complain when you haven’t even put the years, money and work in. Go ahead and quit; just don’t expect us to care. Hell, the quality of life for many people would increase exponentially if people quit things earlier. He’s doing himself a favor.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    Well, if you were actually good…

  • rare sun

    Rap can also be a side hobby. And stop name dropping Apple’s products, for starters. And all the rap stars started with mediocre recordings. And oh wow, i guess 80% of people here can’t afford a MacBook and an iPhone. So, quit whining and get a career.

  • NNN

    Cry me a fucking river.

  • vivi

    I hope your mixdowns are better than your toy design game.. who honestly puts a trademark symbol on their shit? you’re worse than this fucking curd-u-roy dude. les incompetants.

  • SeeMoreRoaches

    i wish the other 99% would take a page out of your iPad too, not everyone is a rapper

  • DeeJay

    so much for doing it for the love of doing it… well it’s a good thing though, there’a a difference with passionate & money driven/hungry ppl… you fall under the latter

  • AJ Hooks

    It sounds like you want everyone to do the work for you. I don’t care what you wanna do in life, you get what you give. Blaming everyone else for your position is just annoying and pathetic and that’s the God’s honest truth. Quit relying on everyone else to do a part in your career. 90% of these rappers out had it way harder than you did and managed to do fine. Plus if you finished songs in less than a year that might help also. You may also wanna consider your music just isn’t up to pat with what people like. And if you’re willing to quit so easily, you aren’t meant to do this honestly.

  • Like LBJ Opting Out

    Nah. It’s not honesty. He’s not being honest with himself. He’s paying dudes for verses, he’s got a Macbook Air, and an iPhone 5 yet he’s bitching about not being able to afford studio time. His priorities are fucked up. That’s not even touching on his emcee skills and his craft. Shit, he’s got everything he needs to make music already. It’s excuses plain and simple. I can list off a dozen plus artists who did their shit without the help of a “professional studio”. What the shit does that even mean these days. Equipment is so cheap. There are so many beatmakers out there that would give away their tracks to any rapper that show a bit of love to them. Forge relationships, work your craft, get off this same old tired subject matter.

  • Blues

    You are 1 of a million others who are practically the same.. Crying for attention, quitting rap because the blogs dont support you… Lack of heart, lack of determination

  • Jacob Blaylock

    That’s really dope of y’all to do this for the dude. Me next?

  • Jah

    Here’s your “blog spot” right? Either you know what you’re doing or you are a lazy dude. Only read the first paragraph cause I really can’t stand whiners. You think you’re ganna “be an entrepreneur?” You’re ganna start your own company? You think its easy to start and operate a company? Guess what you’re ganna have to do? You’re ganna have to market yourself, and wait for someone to listen, and then you don’t want to have to keep working so you’re ganna wanna sell the company to a bigger company which mean someone better like your product. Sounds like a self starting rap career. And you gave up on that. What makes you think you’re not ganna give up on something so much bigger? Word of advice. Go back to the drawing board. Dig deep. Get that inspiration back and get in the studio. Don’t give up ever! Its cliche but you only live once! Live your dream

  • Stef

    It doesn’t take talent. Your style doesn’t matter. It takes being interesting and being persistent. Never give up if you love it, no matter how many blogs do or do not support you

  • Sasha Nhara

    Dude….Just quit…You wasting your time…Just quit. Seriously, what is this sadness? Why are you so sad and self pitying? If you can’t cut it then get a 9 to 5 and stop whinning…Or you can get tough and grind till the blogs can’t ignore you…But for now, just quit…Totally, quit…Rap is dying anyway…

  • Someone

    So, I have to agree with the other guy said. But I can understand how fucked up it’s being for you, making an effort for nothing. But are you making a real effort? Why not jumping out for the streets instead of looking for blogs? You’re passionate, nobody can deny it, but passion is the first step, then comes the effort. How bad you want it? What about starting to earn money to pay to a good, not so expensive studio to record you? Focus on the streets, not into the blog game and internet, start showing off, sell yourself. Be unique, show you’re not another Kanye cosplay (Your inspiration, I know, but people notice the difference, nlt tje equality) but a self-made rapper with an unique style. I’m not even from US, I can’t argue about studios or whatever, but I’m a rap fan and I like to see new faces. Unfortunately, I have to stick in the 90s because everything sounds the same ordinary shit.

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    Bingo haha, blogs like you stated are one avenue

  • john dough

    if we had more quitters like him the rap game wud be in a better place and thas facts

  • Eriiic J.

    And the story goes: if you quit for lack of support you never really loved the art. Do it for your damn self. You shouldn’t need approval to make art.

  • Doug Schadt

    I’m always down to help. I do mixing and mastering in NYC – dougschadt.com

  • ThatGuyNamedGuy

    Man I wish I saw this earlier. The problem is everyone raps and websites don’t post for good music, they post to get clicks and impressions. It’s all business and yes it sucks.

    BUT if you are like me I find dope music and artists on soundcloud like every other day or so. So their is hope. Dont put all your eggs in one basket and keep grinding.

  • lou weed

    “Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not. There is nothing more common then unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not. The world if full of educated derelicts. Persistence and Determination alone are Omnipotent.”

  • Wow

    I agree completely with “Damn’s” comment. This article infuriated me to read. There are a lot of factors contributing to being successful through a music career, however, I have observed that there are a few vital common denominators. Having an utmost dedication to the creation of your art, regardless of the blog coverage your receive seems to be one. When I write it’s so that I can express myself and hope to affect other people, if only 5 people listen to my song and are affected by it, thats success enough for me. This may not hold up as much for artist such as soulja boy or lil wayne, Mr. Spencer holds his point about how these examples worked their way up through connections and hype but there are loads of rappers who started in the same or worse situation then Mr. Spencer and now are major contributors to the hip-hop community. The next seems to be being extremely strong willed and not letting the thousands of doors that close on them stop them from spreading their music to as many listeners as possible. It should hardly be because you want all those people to know YOU and YOUR music, in my opinion it should be because your want people to hear what you have to say and perhaps they’ll learn something from the work of art you’ve created. Now, I’m not a famous rapper, so this is just opinions and observations, however one thing I know for sure is that threatening to “quit rap” unless you get sufficient blog coverage isn’t going to make anyone like you, or your music more.

  • guapamole

    LOLOL. If you’re doing what you truly love, nothing else matters (fame or fortune). If there’s a will there’s a way. No money for studio time? Get a part time job. Be proactive about it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    It’s good you’re giving up on this. You’re only making the game look bad.

  • Derwin

    Look man, you have a flow. if you really want to sit here and hate on yourself then fine but get better you think all of these rappers who get recognition all have connections they worked their asses off to get where they are look at Travis Scott he was homeless, look at all of these young up and coming rappers who are struggling like you are but are still trying and getting better man. stop being pathetic.

  • LMAO


  • Jesse

    You’re a bitch bro. You suck anyway, we don’t need more club, pop rappers. 21 and giving up on your dreams, that’s pathetic bro. Have fun being an entrepreneur, making a bad risk on an investment and then giving up on your whole company. You’ll never make it with that attitude, go through a pity party somewhere else dumb fuck.

  • T

    This dude wrote a fucking essay about quitting and hanging up the jersey and then in the very end asks for help again. You’re weak, kid. I’m an artist myself and any artist who understands hard work knows that it ain’t gonna come easy. Who the fuck cares that soulja boy got it. Worry about yourself. Find the connect, make yourself known. I just heard your track and honestly, you’ve got a ways to go. You set off a negative example for anyone who looks up to you, if that.

  • T

    Actually, your track sucks. You dont even have the right to say you quit rap because you never even started. You want real tough gritty success stories with real rap go learn about J. COLE. I know him personally. Some rappers out here are STILL trying to get it at age 35 and up and you’re talking about quitting. Fuck out of here. Pathetic.

  • jxbi

    Bruh, I don’t even know if the dude will get the reference

  • UdonNo

    how much do you want to spend? do you have a day job to pay for your career?

  • UdonNo

    **** REALTALK HERE: attention all you struglling RAPPERS: fuck a studio– for real. today whats more important is a hot digital marketing team. get one of your homies or hit craigslist and pay some kid $100 a week to push your shit on all social media. then blast as many cheap videos on youtube as you can. how much you think the BASEGOD is spending on his music? he records them shits in his bathroom and nobody gives a fuks! but that lil corny ngga got more videos than the entire young money team combined! and we know he did them videos with NO money, but ngga gettin 500k views. HOW– digital hustle and pure output, he put out more videos than anybody. that wack ngga never sold a record but gets 15k a show…while u melting over studio time and a blog. ngga pick urself up or let others step over your moist ass.

  • Farout

    Ludacris said it best. crybabies go home. I got 11 projects I put over 7 thousand dollars into, been doing this for over a decade, played hundreds of shows, recorded hundreds of songs and at age 26 nobody knows who the fuck I am either.

    “I am tired of writing raps on my iPhone 5 in my mother’s living room, and I can’t even afford to get in the studio in order to make a quality project.”

    Whine about that shit to a single mother working for 15k a year you spoiled mfker. You can’t afford to get in the studio? Maybe you should stop spending money on bullshit then. It costs 500 bucks to make an album. Eat peanut butter sandwiches and stop buying new bucket hats and latest iPhone if you can’t afford your craft. I’ve never been one to complain about people finding success, but hearing this shit is beyond fucking annoying. You’re quitting rap? Good. Give me my extra inch.

  • Farout

    / In addition to this comment I also must say I’d fucking kill to have as many people comment on ANYTHING I do as the number of people here commenting on this pathetic dweeb quitting rap.
    My albums are all free download: http://farout.bandcamp.com
    No blogs No problem. ~1~

  • Tykwon Griffin


  • Bro

    I use a USB mic and audacity… You need to chill.

  • Egadz

    Do it because it is the other half of your soul, then figure out how to sell it because you have no other choice.

  • RODE

    exactly @Damn whatever you said thats just how it is and i will add a little bit of what got to say..(this is for the writer)first of all 1 million people want to become successful rappers but
    sorry to tell you it wont happen!not everyone can have what they want,i heard some of ya songs and you didnt impress me at all!i know many many MCs that are 100000times better than you with skills that are mind blowin and still they dont get the respect/shine call it whatever you please they deserve.But you should chase the dream and not the money if you really love it which i dont think since you are in the first place here talking about wanting to get in the industry.i dont know you(maybe you are poor and having a hard life or whatever but out of 100000 people who want to become what you want to become only 1000 make it)..and you are talking about quitting because you dont have likes,views or whatever you dont have on ya blog/page or whatever?!?!the internet is a great way to make you more known but why dont enter cyphers?battles?you are at NYC for fucks sake!and you paid that clown for a verse which i didnt hear but i know for a fact its not even worth shit..and you didnt even get support from him!because thats the type of rapper you want to be just get paid and dont have respect of youre self..just do whatever to get paid..and you listen to all these snob assholes who dont give a fuck about theyre listeners and you support them!how about listen to some real MCs?krs one,gang starr,rakim for starters(probably you never heard of them)rethink this whole thing and what you really want to do..if you want to achieve something with rap gotta tell you you will have to work real hard for it..thats it..the great GURU said it the best way

  • Darius

    I’ve know this kid since high school and it’s sad too see him give up so easy just because blogs don’t want to publish his songs. What he needs to do is build a fan base and start doing shows. I feel like these niggas ain’t shit in the industry just do you and keep hitting them with more projects eventually somebody will find you and take you them under their wings to support your real talent.

    – Dee

  • capsteez47

    i dont even read the full article, but fuck you bruh.. u r quitin rap cuz u cant afford studio? thats ok. But how u can afford an iphone 5 and a mac book air … fuck u and go hustle instead of stay home crying cuz u r not like kanye west. Fuck outta here boy.. the game aint for wack kids.

  • Guest
  • FrontFreeDotCom .

    I run a blog and can say honestly that if you are quitting because I and those like me didn’t give your song any burn, then by all means quit. If you’re not making art first for yourself and second for anyone else willing to listen, then I don’t want it. If you think because you support my site (for example) that I should automatically give you a post, then you’re probably not making anything I should give a shit about because clearly you do not stand on the merit of your own material. Everyone doesn’t deserve to “get on” and it’s become way too easy to become a rapper to the point that everyone thinks they deserve to be “on”. You’ve never had to experience walking from label to label trying to shop a physical demo or trying to run up on execs in the club or selling tapes out the back of a Ford Escort…a lot of cats who are legendary now at one point had to put in THAT level of effort…and that’s before people had access to write self-pitying think-pieces on music sites announcing they’re not cut out for hard work and perseverance.

    Watch this for some perspective http://youtu.be/uoTJ_h6XCy8

  • Larceny Leader

    I am saddened by this article. This guy is never going to make it based on his mentality. Life is a journey. Pick yourself up and move on young king. And the world needs more academics, business people and mentors. We have enough rappers!!

  • Not For Everybody!

    If you was smart you would have turned this into a campaign to promote yo shit. You retired now so no need to worry bout that.

  • http://djrefuge.blogspot.com Alex

    This is the same position I’m in except I’m 14 years old and DJ of 95.1 The Bridge Voice Of Youth http://www.djrefuge.com and I’m saving up enough money to buy my own equipment here in California,fortunally I have a friend that can lend me some since I can’t use the radio station.UInlike you I’m advertising at school going everywhere and doing everything I can to advertise. Commitment is something that needs to run through your mind. DAAAAAMMMNNNN

  • iLLz

    Thank you for quitting…one less unserious rapper the serious rappers have to compete with

  • Cameron J. Williams

    He’s not cut out for it. We all go through that in an amateur career. Personally, I reached the point where all the internet praise is essentially meaningless (but still appreciated), so I’m moving on to live shows.

    One thing it seems like he’s missing, is REAL motivation. He’s just doing this as a hobby if he takes a year to write and release a song, motivated artists write a song every week or couple weeks at least. You have to hustle, and you have to stop pitying yourself when you fail. Failure is part of the entertainment game.

  • Whasp Longmore

    I don’t like it

  • the hater

    instead of writing raps on iphone 5 and mixing music on ur macbook air buy a pack of a4 blanks and sell the mac air and get some fuckng studio time, stope the crying weakling

  • Bluart Stack

    lol that was funny as hell

  • Bluart Stack

    truest words on here so far.

  • My Name Is My Name

    Son quit crying and keep pushing. Giving up so easily means you are not DEDICATED to this shit. Look at guys like Ross & 2 Chainz. Maybe you are better off going corporate

  • MackDirty

    You should rap about this, instead of molly. People may seem to like all that mainstream garbage but you have to make a name for yourself tell your story. People like music with soul.

  • Bluart Stack

    lol who the fuck is you who is you to be axin me questions .. that ready to die shit that shit was ight it was ight it was ight that shit was ight it was cool.. but my shit is.. more john blaze than that!

  • Atum Raw

    I was reading this like, I rap, I have been doing it for twice the time as this cat, and the whole time.. I am reading..

    What the fuck are you complaining about, you have done none of the work I saw someone say you had 8 songs.. I have personally recorded 10 albums just as practice, step your lyrical game up and as these great people have been saying..

    be entertaining, be the best representation of yourself and the most entertaining artist, not just in music in every entertainment medium, i thought that was basic common sense though.

  • bro.

    i jus don’t think this dude is that good of a rapper. that’s what it is ….. it’s just not his calling. its sad because like; as a black man realizing how i was being surrounded and raised by a diverse community of leaders and role models i felt fortunate i realized in church i wanted to do music like prince and make real honest sometimes freaky shit…. this dude jus is jus self entitled and seems like he did it to “blow up” the same way he’s going to become an entrepreneur and move up the ranks. he’s got skill in something thou cause he got this article written here. i think he should look into journalism as he seems good at inviting time into research and creating coherent stories that inform…. jus my 4 cents.

  • Kevin Kennedy

    Quit then. There’s no reason for you to go on if all you’re worried about is getting mentioned in a blog (which, for some strange reason, I’m just now hearing of you on THIS blog). I started making music with less than you have available to you right now, during a time when the only way to get a ‘professional’ result was to use a professional studio. You are in the 21st century-an iPad is capable of making a beat (and even emulating a sp1200), a good microphone can be purchased used on Amazon.com for less than the price of a new pair of Jordans, and a hard drive can provide you hours of recording time. A little time spent searching for recording techniques and advice (rather than looking for blogs to support you) could easily yield a better result. What this ‘quitting’ post sounds like to me is whining cry-baby bs. Any artist you mention in your post (including Kanye) spent MANY years trying, learning…AND FAILING. I cannot for the life of me ever support a quitter. So QUIT. Be gone. The world doesn’t need another rapper anyhow. What the world needs are warriors. And you aren’t one. Good luck-at 21, you’ve got a lot of life ahead of you.

  • It’s True Sorry

    Jus quit cause you don’t have it go to college nd work on your plan b cause you’ll have a better chance nd from reading this it sounds like Thts what u wanna do if you have a plan a and plan b that jus means plan b is plan a. Think about tht…

  • http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/evillejayj Joe Brashear

    I’m working 60-70 hours a week at a meat packing plant saving up to go to a college that teaches how to be a studio engineer. Start a 5 year goal, what, you gotta make it NOW or something? You also know the difference between a music maker and a listener right? Find a different route in the music industry for a career choice… maybe.. run a blog?

  • shareef

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.. . . . . . . .

  • BR

    You are soft as fuck. Wow. I just… can’t even give you a pity play after reading this. How entitled are you? Wooow.

  • kareo

    giving up at 21, for lack of attention? lol get out of the game bruh… or learn how to torrent yourself some proper mixing software and put in the ground work to learn how to do it on your own, do you think really think Garage Band is how great music is made lol. this shit is really not rocket science.

  • A GIRL

    could we please stop saying shit like ‘acting like a girl’? cause last time i checked, women have to work twice as hard in music and have no room to complain about SHIT.

  • Prince Gumball

    Okay, bye

  • Bluart Stack

    this is not very good. why did you post it so many times? lol

  • Beat Attic

    the funniest thing is his plan b. “oh I cant make it in the rap world so i will spend a shitload of money starting my own business and hopping in the most competitive business market in the world”

  • http://www.Weiss-Sound.com Matthew Weiss

    My response to this article, from the perspective of someone who gets to be a part of developing music careers:


  • http://DanComerchero.com/ Dan Comerchero
  • ualreadyknow

    this shit makes me so mad, not trying hard enough then blaming it on everyone else/lack of resources. i record on a headphone microphone in my room and have 1,500 soundcloud followers and have this dude begging for me to repost his song. you know why your music doesn’t sound like yeezus because you’re not a fucking millionaire. pitiful. i do not feel sorry for you at all.

  • Djodeci Unsanged

    I can’t wait for Drake to read this and use it as inspiration for 9:00AM in Seattle

  • LMG

    Right…..so how does anyone expect to become an entrepreneur if he’s already deciding to quitting the thing he loves after a few setbacks? I bet if some potential business partner reads this, he does not even want to do business with you (read: aspiring entrepreneur), simply because you already quit after a few obstacles.

    And the decision to quit is one thing, but do not whine about it if no one even asked why you quit. People do not want to hear that. There are a thousand other talents who are in the same position (as in not getting support yet, etc) but simply do not quit, learn from their mistakes, improve their art in order to kick some ass in the music industry.

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill

  • wtf

    you sound like a pussy ass nigga with mediocre music. listen to yourself. nobody wants to listen to a rapper with no self esteem. you finally got on a blog, and you’re out here bitching about how you’ll never be a rapper.

    grow up bruh

  • isawsasquatch

    ” My parents taught me at a young age that you can’t get nothing in this world if you don’t work for it.”

    Apparently you didn’t learn that lesson particularly well.

  • Rich Sammons

    Need professional quality music??? Come to me for all mixing and mastering needs!!!! Let’s work on your dream of becoming the next best thing in the music industry!!!!

  • afroJACKED92

    yeah ok nobody gives a fuck u lame fagget. rap music sucks dick anyways. nobody listens to that shit anymore.

  • .jigga


  • anonymous

    this story is weak as piss. Kadeem, you’re an attention seeking whore.

  • SurgeCess .

    Guys, I’m quitting astrophysics.

  • Turd-uroy

    I like this blog, but Pigeons and Planes are responsible for ever letting this Corduroy dickhead get any sort of shine. They should get some of the blame for it, because it’s lame as hell they gave him a feature only cause he’d submit his shit hundreds of times and then wrote a lame 1000 words “essay” about why they should feature him, which still didn’t have ANY good reason for him to be given the publicity. It appears that he was featured on Vice after P&P gave him some shine just because dude wrote an unconvincing piece about why his lame shit should get featured. All of that fueled his ego and made him expect he’ll get more coverage.

    Dude sucks, he should never even get that one foot in the door that he got with P&P. I write for a blog, too, and get a lot of shitty submissions from rappers that shouldn’t be playing their shit to anybody (at least not until they work on it more). I don’t ask them to write a little story about why their music doesn’t suck and then post that lame stuff. This little kid is an entitled idiot, but P&P shouldn’t give him any shine in the first place. There should be no reward for talentless people who try whining their way into getting featured.

  • James Hodson

    Man the fuck up dude, music’s a struggle. Get used to it.

  • R.U Serious

    OMG such a f*ckin loser!!!…he should quit because he’s obviously not prepared to put in any work… disgusting…

  • http://studioneversleeps.com/ Victor Ware

    this dude don’t want to put in work.

  • http://instagram.com/daddiesbelike DaddiesBeLike

    Clearly not built for this.

  • Riley P

    Really cool how you guys posted this hahaha good work

  • Ifyoudontbelievewhowill

    I really respect your insightful response dawg.

  • http://www.sunnygang.com/ Puke Ellington

    Hey sorry I’m just seeing this months later! My band is on Facebook.com/sunnygangmusic

    Links to all of our stuff is at http://www.sunnygang.com

  • Andrew

    For every 50 guys like the author, there is 1 kid with immense talent in a shithole small town who is going to keep grinding until he can move to NYC (in other words, put in major work to get the opportunities you were presumably born with.

    You are making a CHOICE to quit…..you have no one to blame but yourself. No one owes you any attention or promotion or anything else. As long as you are placing the responsibility on others you will continue to fail.

  • JMack

    I feel so bad for him. He’s trying so hard. His raw talent just hasn’t been realized.

  • get rekt

    what a fucking faggot
    “i’m quitting rap because nobody wants to talk about me and make me popular :(“

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