“Kanye is the Most Consistent, Great Artist Right Now”: Rick Rubin Sits Down with Zane Lowe for a BBC Documentary


When two people, deeply embedded in the artistry and business of music, come together, you can bet on it being one hell of a conversation. That’s exactly what happened when Radio 1’s Zane Lowe sat down with production mastermind Rick Rubin, for an hour-long BBC documentary.

There’s a lot of good music documentaries out right now, and this in-depth conversation doesn’t disappoint. Touching upon everything from the making of Yeezus, to Rubin’s admiration for Kanye West, and the producer’s experience working with Eminem, the doc gives a fantastic look into Rubin’s portfolio, and overall outlook on the music industry over his 40+ year career.

Watch the documentary above, and if you’re still intrigued, go ahead and watch Zane Lowe’s most interesting interviews—including one with Kanye—here.


  • Moucean

    Every producer should listen carefully ! It is not your way that works always, but the way that works in advantage of the band, and the final product ! Such an inspiring interview. So much to learn.

  • Todd Packer

    I’m amazed they botched the mic set up on such a rare interview. The interviewers mic trim is way to hot. Makes the interview annoying to listen to when you can barley hear the guy you actually want to be hearing and the guy you don’t is blaring out the speakers…someone got in trouble for that

  • Todd Packer

    scrap that, my right speaker wasn’t on….my bad

  • Jay

    Rick Rubin has more hair on his chin then he does on his own head

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