Watch Kanye West’s Surprise Performance at Dave Chappelle’s Show in New York City


On Wednesday, June 18, Dave Chappelle kicked off 10-day string of shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York. There have been plenty of rumors about who would be there, and guests like Nas, Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monaé are all expected to make appearances. Tonight was only the third night, but Dave started the weekend off right and brought Kanye West out for a surprise performance. Kanye closed out the show with “New Slaves,” “Gold Digger,” and “Jesus Walks.”

Videos via Complex.

  • tam

    people are overly concerned about taking pictures to stunt instead of enjoying the great surprise performance

  • jekoby

    Or, they have a commitment to sharing the experience with the millions of people who weren’t there. Potato, potato.

  • thisguyhere

    a commitment? that’s thinking way to highly about folks who are just mindlessly witnessing a concert on their own phones. all while it is going on right in front of them. everyone be thinking they’re “citizen journalist” now. smh

  • ThaTruth

    Well all I know is that I’m glad someone got this so that my sorry ass could see it

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