Kanye West’s Best Surprise Appearances at Other People’s Shows


Image via Karen Civil

By John Walaszek

One dictionary definition of "surprise" is, "to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness."

Kanye West is a known perfectionist who likes things to play out the way he envisions them within his dark, twisted imagination. So when showing up at a fellow rapper's concert, Kanye likes his appearance to be the very definition of a surprise. While some artists would come out at the start of the song and act as a hype man until their verse, Kanye watches and waits. He is an assassin, coming out at the last possible second to the audience's astonishment. Once the task is complete, he's gone.

Here's a look at Kanye's best surprise appearances (that were caught on camera) over the years, from a Cudi show in 2009, right up to his cameo at Dave Chapelle's Radio City Music Hall residency this past Friday.

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