Kendrick Lamar’s 15 Best Guest Verses


By Sheldon Pearce

If you ask Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar stands somewhere behind King Los and *sigh* Cassidy on the, "which rapper would you select if the fate of the universe depended on pure lyricism," list. If you ask any other sane human being on the planet, however, chances are they'll acknowledge that Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest technicians we've seen in years.

One impressive aspect of his repertoire is his ability to produce excellent guest feature after excellent guest feature, and although still in the early stages of his career, Kendrick has already racked up a rather substantial back catalog. There are levels to this shit, though, and some are better than others.

To celebrate Kendrick Lamar’s birthday (he's 27 today), here are his 15 best guest verses to date.

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  • Andre Doughty

    You’re definitely missing Kendrick’s verse on Melo-X’s Rappity Rap remix.

  • ejs25

    A big omission is Kendrick’s verse on E-40′s “Catch A Fade”

  • daldosso98

    Where is his verse on Omen’s Look Of Lust?

  • alex kim

    his pain bj the chicago kid man!

  • Ameer

    Although this guest verse isn’t insanely hard like these posted here but his verse on Quadron’s Better Off Without You is pretty dope with the wordplay.

  • b

    We up w/ 50 cent…

  • cyrus

    Cross-Trainers by Pac Div ft. Blu & Kendrick Lamar was a thing and it was tight

  • Ed Holiday

    Nahh Blessed should be #1

  • I’m the Supreme ♛

    Love game is corny and awful.

  • Eric

    his verse on ScHoolboy’s “LigHt Years AHead” is better than all of these

  • youre welcome

    Damn, I really thought Dom Kennedys We Ball wit Kendrick would be on here. I love that verse.

  • LeeDeison

    everybody do yourselves a favor and check out this

  • kjamesc

    No We Ball by Dom Kennedy? That’s a snub for sure. One of his best verses. What about Buddy’s track Staircases? Seems like you just went through a lot more of his guest verses on popular artist tracks and not through all artists he has worked with. Overdoz-Taking Me Down? Smoke DZA-Ball Game? That Khaled song with K.R.I.T. and J. Cole? There’s also that song on the first Skeme mixtape. I think it’s called Til I’m Gone.

  • phillip m spencer


  • Guest

    First time I ever heard Kendrick spit was his verse on this track

  • Kizer Flowzay

    First time I ever heard Kendrick spit was his verse on this

  • jason

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  • thomas

    definitely says something about an artist when, after naming 15 incredible verses, the comments are full of other incredible verses that didn’t even make the list haha

  • Rafael Jesus Martinez

    meek mills – A1 Everything should be top 3 for sure. Kendick killed that shit.

  • Ramsey

    Agreed. Shits cray

  • Ramsey

    Kendricks verse in nosetalgia is his best guest verse. period.

  • CMS

    K Dot’s verse in Fragile as you wrote it should say “a poem as an uzi” not “a pen”

  • chrisaxis

    not even having ab souls turn me up on here
    is crazy! it out does control in the fact of calling out rappers, no he doesnt call anyone out in particular but he spits about being the best and on a level where no one will reach. and he was saying stuff like that before even dropping sec.80

  • Sebastian Duncan

    Missed the best one, “Rap Shit”, Soul

  • Fart Simpson

    if this is in order, i would change most positions. control is a great verse but not number 2 at all. plus, his verse on “turn me up”, “textbook stuff”, “power circle”, “evil”, “rapper shit”, “enjoy”, “i’m on 2.0″ blow some of these out of the water, especially “fuckin’ problems” since it’s not that good.

  • BG

    not rlly sure whose song it is but Live Again off Q’s Setbacks is dope af

  • Angus

    power circle and b boyz massive omissions

  • yoo

    J-Lie – Double XL

  • Kale Kelsey

    I was bout to freak cuz I thought nostalgia wasn’t up there for a sec.

  • Remy

    Great list, Hood Gone Love it by Jay rock is one of my favourites.

  • ilovemarca