Listen to a New Version of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” Ft. Mary J. Blige


Sam Smith is most likely on a high of sorts right now. With his album debuting at #1 in the UK ahead of its impending US release, coming out with a new version of “Stay With Me” featuring Mary J. Blige must be the cherry on top. The gospel-tinged track undoubtedly lends itself well to Mary J. Blige’s fantastic vocals, and hearing Mary and Sam back to back makes for a pretty powerful combination. The video for collaboration debuted via Good Morning America, and you can watch it here.

Listen to the new version of “Stay With Me” below.

  • Uman

    Damn – seriously P&P, i think yall should figure out how to get me a ticket to Sam’s NYC show in September. I was in a work meeting and tickets were sold out in minutes. Please and thank you!

  • KylixDesigns

    Am I going crazy… I didn’t hear Mary J’s Vocals. It sounded exactly like the original.

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