Nobody Recognizes Ryan Lewis, Even When They’re Talking to Him


After Drake successfully trolled people on the street in LA by donning a wig and fake beard and asking them what they thought about Drake for a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment (watch here), Macklemore’s producer Ryan Lewis headed out on the streets to do a similar thing for Jimmy Fallon.

One thing is different this time: there is no disguise. Ryan Lewis is asking people what they think of Ryan Lewis, whether they know what he does, and even showing them pictures of him and Macklemore, and they still don’t recognize him. As it turns out, no one knows what Ryan Lewis does, or what he looks like, but people’s reactions when they finally realize who it is, are pretty funny.

Check out the video above.

  • DavidGilling

    Yes but what DOES Ryan Lewis do?

  • DC

    Producers get no fucking credit

  • DarkAssKnight

    *googles* Ryan Lewis

  • TMCCoast

    The Late Night One upsmanship is real.

  • Revelations

    Macklemore is barely hip-hop

  • dashing

    And they do the majority of the work.

  • Konrad Ziemlewski

    Not sure if thats bait but. Producer, Photographer, Designer & Videographer

  • Albert Anderson

    David, he MAKES the instumental.

  • Jon Jalbert

    He definitely took that redhead home lmao

  • Ayoon

    in this case….ryan lewis and macklemore don’t do a lot of work…their lyrics take a minute to make and can probably be written by a neglected 13 yr old black kid who listens to hip hop all day…also…much of their music is sampled and barely remixed by themselves…so yea…they’re just an image that is soiling hip hop…eminem and mac miller r laughing together somewhere at the garbage that kids like these days.

  • Ayoon

    don’t listen to any of them….the instrumental is all copied and only a few notes changed…. designing, management, and videography is difficult i’ll admit.

  • BertMaclinFBI

    gotta be a labor of love

  • DavidGilling

    Haha yeah I was trolling, don’t really listen to Macklemore (bullshit, hypocritical lyrics and boring beats) but I guessed if he doesn’t rap he must do production.. And a quick google showed he’s actually a talented manager and director too

  • DMSthaWolf

    Those songs would be nothing without Ryan Lewis. Producers get no cred.

  • x97sfinest

    Neither Ryan Lewis nor Maclkemore are hip hop artist

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