Stream Blooms’ “IF” EP


Image via Blooms

Image via Blooms

London-based singer Blooms has only released a handful of songs, but beginning with her February debut, she sculpted a concerted, hauntingly cinematic representation of lust, love, and loss. Her new EP, IF, encapsulates precisely that cycle. The singer (born Louise Cunnane) says of her first project:

“IF details a relationship from beginning to end. It starts with a rush and excitement. It’s vulnerable and dedicated. It is lost and scared and in the end it’s trying to be brave and strong. I wanted to capture as many of the feelings that I felt during this time – as one person trying to carve out a space in the world alongside another person.”

Familiar and icy without losing its sensuality, IF succinctly captures Blooms’ aesthetic and vision of romance as intimate thrill and challenge. Listen below.

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