The Best Albums of 2014 (So Far)


We've still got a lot of big releases on the horizon, but so far, 2014 hasn't been about the superstars. Almost half of our favorite albums of the year so far are debuts, and at this point last year, we didn't even know some of the artists who made our favorite music this year. What the year lacks in superstars, though, it makes up for with diversity. We've got experimental hip-hop, hook-driven pop, avant-garde rock, crossover dancehall, West Coast rap, and a handful of impossible-to-define blends in between. As our attention spans get shorter, our appetite for variation grows. Too much of one thing is boring, so we need a little of everything. Thanks for understanding, 2014.

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  • srs

    pharrell that high?

  • Rel

    No Cilvia Demo?

    Cilvia Demo > Oxymoron

  • me

    but, built on glass?

  • batmayne

    St. Vincent, we’re not worthy.

  • WTF

    WTF is Lana Del Ray even doing in the top 30, let alone at the number 2 spot?

  • MikeDaTruth

    What about Phantogram?

  • Kyle Sullivan

    hmm… so nobody’s ever heard of Swans, badbadnotgood, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders, Triptykon, Trophy Scars, The War on Drugs, La Dispute, Have a Nice Life, Cloud Nothings, etc..?

  • Kyle Sullivan

    Silver Mt. Zion, Gridlink, Anathema, Mastodon, Agalloch….
    “lists” fucking suck.

  • Joshua A. Herzog

    Afghan Whigs- Do To The Beast is not on this list?

  • Joe Price

    most of those albums r borin tho

  • Confusion


  • Confusion

    Eyelid Movies was awesome. Not into the new album.

  • Confusion
  • Confusion
  • Guest

    say what?

  • Confusion
  • Confusion
  • Kyle Sullivan

    yeah, except for no

  • Kyle Sullivan

    new to the internet, I don’t get it..

  • DirtPoorLoser

    Just the 1st song on the new War on Drugs is better than a lot of these albums.

  • Konrad Ziemlewski

    I’ll be honest, having been around you guys for years now I expected Pinata to be quite a bit higher, and admittedly Ultraviolence still hasn’t grown on me, but the list is as eclectic as ever and in all honesty all of the albums are good.

  • Ziggy Stardust

    Missing Lazaretto by Jack White and Here and Nowhere Else by Cloud Nothings

  • NickleNine

    I’m gettin’ on that GodLink as we speak.

  • Z

    PiƱata should be way higher. 10x better than My Krazy Life.

  • Tucci

    This is one of the worst lists you guys have put out. YG ahead of MadGibbs? Get the fuck out. Also can’t tell if Pharrell at 4 and Lana at 2 are sick jokes or what. Blasphemy. Did you guys mean the top 30 “best selling albums” of this year?

  • invernessfalls

    i think yr on the wrong blog buddy.

    war on drugs & have a nice life pretty good though. maybe i didn’t “get” bbng, but i didn’t find that alb esp interesting.

  • invernessfalls

    shots fired, too soon?

  • crisp

    good list but I’m a little disappointed that Kishi Bashi wasn’t on here…I really enjoyed his album

  • Confusion

    Yeah this was top 30 best selling albums. Sorry, headline was a typo.

  • Confusion

    First song is over 8 minutes long though, nobody has time for that. “Red Eyes” is a great song. Rest of the album was a little dad rock-ish to me.

  • invernessfalls

    red eyes is the definite peak of the album imo. dad rock is cool sometimes but doesnt make my top 30 so far either…

  • Sergio Bernal

    List was meh to me, but right on the nose with St. Vincent. Haven’t heard one album better this year.

  • Todd Vandale

    Future and schoolboy over Freddie Gibbs?
    Yall fucking berzerk.
    Get the rap side of your sight correct, or just keep it indie.

  • thenarrative

    Thanks for the intro to Arthur Beatrice, SOHN & MO!

  • Adam Del GucciMane

    The exclusion of Vince Staples Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 invalidates almost anything that is right about this list..

  • Simon Junior

    damn, i haven’t heard about 25% of the music on here, good post :)

  • kreepmode

    I’ll never understand the press’ fascination with the new Lykke Li album. It falls short of expectations compared to her first two. I was bored with it after my first listen.

  • The Chicksters

    A better list then complex. that’s why i fucks with this site. Even tho your all under the same scop

  • DocPop

    Dead is actually Youngfather’s sophomore album. Tape One was released a few years back and re-released by Anticon late last year.

  • Joe Price

    They also released ‘Tape Two’, they’re considered EPS or ‘mini-albums’. ‘Dead’ is their real debut album.

  • Rob JHM

    Glad you included the Goldlink project, loved that! Sam Smith at 7 would be my biggest gripe. Really disappointed with that project, rather boring.

  • Zombie Zamboni

    clipping.’s album is awful, there is a song that is an alarm ringing throughout the entire track and it is so painful on the ears

  • Ramsey

    She’s where she belongs #bruh

  • Joe Price

    aye bruh bruh that’s one ot the standouts u playin

  • Ayo

    P&P has sold out a long time ago.

  • Douglas McConnell

    Out of 30 albums you chose 13 hip hip albums….nearly half of your choices (5 of them are excellent)?? Sam Smith and Lana Del Ray? Very very lame list.

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