The Best New Artists of the Month (June 2014)


Finding new artists is easier than ever, but this creates a problem: it's harder than ever to filter through it all and keep tabs on what's really good. With so many artists popping up every day, it's impossible not to miss out on some fresh faces and new sounds. With that in mind, we'll be highlighting our favorite new acts each month. Here are the best new artists of June.

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  • TroyBrownTV

    The Marz Leon selection is an interesting one. I wonder what her videos will look like also. Will you do an interview or something with her when the time comes?

  • Aayize

    god dam this is a good playlist. good job guys

  • Mike

    she’s a mimic of another artist in Los Angeles. don’t be fooled. the only difference is she’s a silver spoon kid with money behind her.


    her video is terrifying… not artsy. she has money for good PR. she’s NOT a producer. really wack how loosely people throw this term around! NEXT! FKA/BANKS wanna be!

  • acheron ra

    check this remix of ibeyi’s song river

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