The Best Songs of 2014 (So Far)


At this point, it's almost hard to believe that record labels are still releasing albums. Thankfully—because there are some great ones—they are, but with each new year it becomes more clear that music consumers' attention spans are shrinking and the ability to process and entire albums is becoming less common. Our favorite albums are replaced by our Spotify playlists, and thanks to unlimited access to almost all the music we could want, our Spotify playlists are doing just fine.

This year, coming up with the 30 best albums was difficult. There were so many albums that we've heard are good but haven't taken the time or had the interest to fully dive into. Coming up with 50 singles, we encountered the opposite problem. There are so many good songs, personal favorites, and deep cuts that narrowing it down to 50 was an almost painful process. And shit, we're only halfway through the year.

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  • Kanye east

    This is such a weird list…

  • Stuart

    I love MO, but the chorus of “Don’t want to dance ” is a total rip off of Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody… I was appalled when I first heard her version.

  • fanrolsy

    Lana del Rey’s song has no sound, or maybe are you trying to be ironic? :-)

  • David

    This list is kind of terrible. First of all, there’s a picture of FKA twigs on the Caribou slide. Secondly, Banks, Twigs herself and Little Dragon. Those threes alone have the top three best songs of the year. The only good selections were Caribou, Jamie xx and HTDW. Everyone else could be excluded (especially Shamir, whose music isn’t so much good as it is nostalgic. It’s essentially what a latter-day Aretha song would sound like).

  • Deezy

    i like this list a lot. Just wish it was a playlist all together so i could listen to it seamlessly.

  • physiks_VA

    yall should have best of 2014 lists based upon what we nominate.. we being your site visitors.

  • Manly Collection

    sam smith is cool.. :)

  • tony

    DJ YUNGGOTIT4CHEAP x Future- Sh!t(Freaknik Edition):

  • Confusion

    Good call, we should make a Spotify playlist. I’ll do that.

  • Confusion
  • Confusion

    That’s a cool idea. I really want to start an American Idol type online show and let the viewers vote on real indie artists that we think are good. I haven’t figured out exactly how it would work, but I think it would be amazing.

  • Confusion

    Twigs pic is on that slide because her new song is on that slide too. We didn’t want to make people click through 50 slides so we put multiple artists on single slides.

  • Nicholas Keith

    No Mount Olympus?

  • Moe

    I miss Mt. Olympus on this list. Krit deserves more attention. but still a good list.

  • d

    pls post the link! thnx!

  • OA

    I’d prefer clicking through 50 slides over having to keep scrolling down and up…

  • fuck dat

    you lost all your credibility when you put a young thug song on this shitty list…

  • fuck dat

    3 songs…..

  • lewent

    where is future – goodmorning ?

  • Martín

    What about “Your Love is Killing me”? That song deserves the number one spot.

  • kareem

    need to show 100s some love bruh

  • deek

    Hey look, another list that I can’t go to the next page on, no matter what I click.

    How hard is it to make a site compatible with Chrome, guys?

  • Confusion
  • Confusion

    The hard part is recreating the problem. I use Chrome and it works fine for me. We’re working on it.

  • Confusion

    Thought about it, I love 100s but I think his strength is in his overall style, not having clear standout tracks.

  • Will

    Stay With Me isnt #1?!

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