The Best Songs of 2014 (So Far)


At this point, it's almost hard to believe that record labels are still releasing albums. Thankfully—because there are some great ones—they are, but with each new year it becomes more clear that music consumers' attention spans are shrinking and the ability to process and entire albums is becoming less common. Our favorite albums are replaced by our Spotify playlists, and thanks to unlimited access to almost all the music we could want, our Spotify playlists are doing just fine.

This year, coming up with the 30 best albums was difficult. There were so many albums that we've heard are good but haven't taken the time or had the interest to fully dive into. Coming up with 50 singles, we encountered the opposite problem. There are so many good songs, personal favorites, and deep cuts that narrowing it down to 50 was an almost painful process. And shit, we're only halfway through the year.

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