This is What Soulja Boy’s “First Ever EDM Track” Sounds Like

Soulja Boy is a king. Have you looked at the guy’s Instagram? Have you seen how Drake, Nicki Minaj, and now Lil Wayne are flocking to him like moths to a bright, beautiful flame? Soulja has shooters on the roof (they on the roof? Damn!), and he’s not afraid to let you know.

Since Soulja Boy does what Soulja Boy wants, Soulja Boy decided to make an EDM track alongside British producer Gold Top. It’s called “Gold Like This,” because Soulja Boy has a lot of gold (see the image below for confirmation), and, to be honest, it’s better than I expected.*

Check it out below.

*My expectations were incredibly low, because pretty much every other EDM/rap track has been horrifically bad.

Screen Shot 2014 06 09 at 3 57 53 PM 399x400 This is What Soulja Boys First Ever EDM Track Sounds Like