Video Premiere: Rat & Co – “Samurai”


We’ve taken lots of time to praise Australian music recently, and now here’s another name to add alongside Ta-Ku, Flume, and the likes on the electronic/instrumental side of things. Rat & Co’s “Samurai” is a mellow, hip-hop influenced instrumental with a warm, organic side, probably thanks to the fact that they’re a four-piece and not just one producer sat on a laptop.

The video was shot in Tokyo at the Shibuya Crossing, the busiest crossing in the world, and it’s a weirdly transfixing accompaniment to the track. “Samurai” comes from Rat & Co’s sophomore album Binary, which you can listen to in full here. Frontman Josh Delaney said of the song:

Samurai is the opening track from our second album Binary and started out as a simple jam between myself and drummer Nic on just another average day in the studio. Once we had found the main vocal sample for the track, I was immediately reminded of my favourite Japanese historical characters, Miyamoto Musashi, the most famous swordsmen in Japan’s history. I then borrowed from the production styles of Japanese beat maker Nujabes, who is said to be the East’s answer to J Dilla. A few weeks later, the two guitarists John and Kaia put down their parts and we had our first finished track for album 2.


    when are people going to stop naming anything japanese related samurai, ninja, and all that stereotypical bs? ignant son

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