10 Ideas That Could Improve Every Music Festival


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By Charles Holmes

Over the past few years, it seems as if the number of music festivals has increased exponentially. As festivals pop up, it would make sense that some would try to differentiate themselves in an already saturated market. Unfortunately, that generally isn’t the case.

Between the exorbitantly priced tickets, carnival food masquerading as fine dining, and big headliners overshadowing smaller acts, most music festivals are, sadly, plagued with the same problems. To remedy this situation, we've come up with some ideas that will make any music festival better.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    The worst part is when an artist encourages sitting on someone else’s shoulders.

  • yarnanimal
  • Confusion
  • Daniel

    The small people should get along with tall ones. We pay the same prices and we’re fans too. So get your shit together and just stand somewhere else. The tall persons are always outnumbered in those kind of festivals.

  • BertMaclinFBI

    I agree with all of these, but i cant get on board with the bathroom theory. Id gladly drop some money for a Port a John Fast Pass or something. could double as your nap space.

  • Riley

    being a 6’6 concert goer I understand people hate standing behind me. I understand it sucks. but theres a reason why I was standing in that spot before you got there and a reason why I’m not really moving around. So don’t stand behind me and expect to get in front of me. and do not try and fight me cause you will get smacked.

  • inthestudyo

    all great ideas

  • TMCCoast

    It’s a little fucked up that you can’t let your girl enjoy a song or two on your shoulders…just sayin…I get the “shoulder girl” thing. If it’s just a girl using a dude thats one thing, but the people I know (myself included) who have aided in the “shoulder girl” don’t do it for girls we’re in the friendzone with…

    Also I’m short, my solution for tall people? get in front of them…they can see over me the end.

  • CommentGuyCraig

    Tall guy with big hair here. I’m honestly sorry

  • TMCCoast

    That missed connections shit is true as fuck though, I’ll be interested to see if that shit they have at tomorrowland works.

  • Keely Bailey

    Netflix + Napping areas. All in the same, air-conditioned space.

  • yee

    didnt realize eating fresh sushi and using a clean bathroom was such a bad thing

  • KuFY

    Shoulder people are luckily not allowed at Scandinavian festivals. There is an own set of guards just to deal with it. Thank god.

  • Guest
  • Guest


  • Tall glass of water

    I am a tall individual and I feel terrible for the people behind me, but what am I supposed to do? I cant shrink… I stand next to tall people not to flaunt, but to segregate ourselves due to the guilt and shaming from the people behind me

  • Jay Brigleb

    Try going to a festival VIP and then realize YOU’RE doing it wrong. Getting my free drinks and AC bathroom is beyond awesome so enjoy your disgusting GA you fool.

  • InkahootZ

    You couldnt be more wrong about these things. Thats what makes a festival a music festival. Step your game up, be more alert and do this stuff yourself. If you cant hold your spot, dont leave it. Nap time? GTFO!

  • Confusion

    It’s alright you can’t help it just stop going to concerts and movies and stuff like that

  • Confusion

    but naptime

  • Confusion

    yeah you cant really help it but you could kneel or maybe just stay home

    jk jk tall ppl r ok

  • Confusion

    ugh Scandinavia ftw

  • Confusion

    Tall people should have 2 pay more

  • drake

    The massive poles with a random object attached at every show are getting pretty excessive too.

  • Hector

    Idea: a way for you to have better phone service at festivals for when you’re really stoned and lose your friends.

  • Daniel

    This is as dumb as to say black people have to pay more for any absurd reason.

  • Jumi

    Hey, Con, I don’t much care for your discriminatory remarks against tall people. Tall people have faced enough hardship in this country including having to bend over slightly when washing their hair, being really uncomfortable in the backseat of cars and constantly getting asked if they play basketball. I myself am a Gargantuan-American (coming in at 6’5″) and I will continue to fight for the rights of my people and end discrimination once and for all.

  • cvbxfj

    I hope this article isn’t serious at all. You suggest to remove “bros”, tall people and shoulder girls, but “we’re all in this together”. Or want netflix, nap spots, spot holders while at the same time implying VIP areas are not in the spirit of festivals.
    If it IS serious, then I’d have to say you’re a grumpy hypocrite.

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