15 New Songs That Sound Like They’re From the 1980s


Artists are looking everywhere for inspiration, and every few years there seems to be an influx of music all influenced by a certain style or era. Lately there have been a lot of ‘90s babies creating music that sounds so authentically before their time that it’s hard to believe that it’s new. Sometimes the only way to initially tell what decade these songs are from is to listen to the lyrics. Did they just mention Twitter? Maybe this isn’t an unheard of throwback like you originally thought.

A lot of great music came from the '80s, across genres and styles, but one thing that has become inextricably linked with the decade is synthesizers, and the increasing use of electronic instruments in pop, rock, and R&B. With the amount of new artists creating music that sounds nostalgic, it seems like we’re coming full circle. Here are 15 new songs that wear their '80s influences proudly.

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