15 Songs With Kids Singing the Chorus


By Adrienne Black

There's something about kids voices singing a chorus that can make it so damn catchy, and turn a song from a solid album cut into a hit. Artists know this, and have been employing the technique for years, trying to get some of that cuteness and appeal to rub off on their music. Many times this idea can get out of hand resulting in songs that sound like they just missed the cut to be a Kidz Bop record. But other times, artists find a way to balance everything just right.

A choir of kids singing in the background can lighten the mood of a song or make it easier to remember the words, but hearing children sing lyrics you wouldn’t expect them to can be amusing or flat out uncomfortable. Simply put, having kids sing on your song is a risky business. Here are some examples of when children singing a song's chorus actually worked, resulting in memorable, poignant, or powerful music. Plus, is there's anything else that links Gucci Mane, Passion Pit, Pink Floyd, and Justice?!

Here are 15 great songs with kids singing the chorus—let us know any of your favorites that we didn't include in the comments.

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