20 Artists Who Are Making Pop Music Interesting in 2014


By Sydney Gore, Adrienne Black, Confusion, & Constant Gardner

"Pop" is an abbreviation of the word popular, but it's come to mean a lot more in music. When you hear the word "pop" in music, you automatically think of catchy melodies, big choruses, repetition, and a commercially viable product ready to be delivered to the masses. Most modern pop follows a structure and style and keeps things fairly formulaic and accessible, but there's a new wave of pop artists coming in who are challenging the norm without being avant-garde or overly experimental. Instead of flowery production we're seeing more minimal approaches. Instead of purely going for accessible, we're seeing artists who prefer to be a little abrasive. And instead of nothing but the same old pop that we've been hearing for decades now, things are getting interesting.

Note: There are plenty of others, and this list isn't meant to be comprehensive. We tried to focus on newer artists, or artists who are currently making particularly interesting or influential music in the world of left-field pop.

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  • pplaround
  • john

    ” and when he hits those echoing high notes you can feel it deep in your heart.” Whos writing these articles? Juniors in high school??

  • sickwitit

    u guys missed this guy. hes makes rap go pop but stay rap


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