Download King L’s New “Tony” Mixtape



King L doesn’t always get enough credit for how versatile of a rapper he is, but his new Tony mixtape might convince a few more people to start paying better attention. Chicago has a special way of combining aggression with fun in music. If you think about it, that’s kind of scary, but it’s a reflection of reality. And it’s a powerful thing to hear.

Both sonically and lyrically, King L’s Tony is a powerful reflection of Chicago in 2014. Bobby Johnson provides another skull-cracking beat with the absurdly bass-heavy “Day,” but “Live & Die in Chicago” shows off L’s complexity and ability as a songwriter. Using a hypnotic flow with a repetitive melody, L does perfectly what Keef did so well on songs like “Hate Being Sober” and “Love Sosa.” Other highlights include “Sheesh,” “Would You Believe It,” “G.O.D.” and “Fuck N*gga.”

  • Eduardo Meneses

    Already a improvement on Drilluminati 2… Like what’s been said, he doesn’t get enough credit for his versatility. It’s nice to know that the music can still be drill in its spirit without being drill in its totality… haters is boo boo

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