Here’s What We Know About Kanye West’s Next Album


By Confusion, Constant Gardner, and Joyce

How the hell do you follow up Yeezus? Luckily, only one person has to answer that. Even more luckily, that person is Kanye West. Fresh off the release of his most experimental and jarring album yet, Kanye doesn't seem to be running out of steam. The Yeezus tour was incredible, he's been staying passionate about creating and letting the world know how he feels, and he seems to be more comfortable as an artist than ever before. He's also got a new perspective—he's married and has a child now, and who knows how that will change his music, lyrically or sonically.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered, but one thing is for certain: Yeezy season is approaching.

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  • Un Fashioned

    excited and ready for new Yeezy

  • Pål

    Very exited for the new album, can’t say I’m too impressed with the features though.

  • The Esteemed

    Ready for some new Kanye ANYTHING to wash Yeezus from my memory.

  • The Real Little Debbie


  • NickleNine

    I don’t see him as arrogant or sign of excess. I do see him as contradictory and not completely sure of what he believes in, which I think a lot of us could say about ourselves. I like some of his stuff more than other, but there is no one I’m more intrigued about in seeing what he is going to do next.

  • Justice Taylor

    niggas be hating on Yeezus, but it wasn’t as bad as people even make it out to be. a lot of the songs were pretty decent.

  • Justice Taylor

    why is there an old mtv link for the Drake-Kanye collab?

  • Kale Kelsey

    why isn’t he producing his own songs any more?!

  • Confusion
  • Confusion

    Pretty sure he still has his hand in everything, he just works in these big think tanks drawing from a bunch of other talented people. Whatever works.

  • Confusion

    Half of them probably won’t end up on the album. We’ll see.

  • pretty flacko

    tyga? french montana? why???!!1

  • pretty flacko

    imo only 4 songs were decent, blood on leaves, black skinhead, hold my liquor and new slaves

  • so,e guy

    hope he makes it even less accessible than yeezus to make the plebs even more mad

  • Torivio Chavez

    he did work with chief keef..


    it ain’t coming out in 2014.

  • just a guest

    Man, I’m usually pumped for Yeezy season, but I find it hard to imagine Kanye making that “Kanye” moment musically in 2014. I’ve been exposed to so much music, and hip-hop doesn’t look too promising as an envelope-pushing sound anymore, it’s only fallen flat and gone dumber (which is not to say that I don’t listen to Young Thug on the regular). If he takes the CLPPNG harsh noise route, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least, but I wouldn’t be all that impressed.

    On a pessimistic note, nothing really sounds like the future anymore to me (besides maybe PC Music) and I’m kind of extremely worried for this Kanye release because of how ridiculously high my usual expectations for Kanye’s albums are.

  • Eduardo Meneses

    Mannnn, they can’t keep playing with us like this. But I honestly can’t wait for the next piece. It will be V Kanye

  • pretty flacko

    you have a point, maybe they will only sing on a hook or something

  • Justice Taylor

    guilt trip was pretty good. it was like 808’s but more advanced. I’m in it was pretty hot. Send it up was pretty good. And Bound 2 was alright. I really wish he would’ve done a bit more with bound 2, personally.

  • Justice Taylor

    guilt trip was pretty good. it was like 808’s but more advanced. I’m in it was pretty hot. Send it up was pretty good. And Bound 2 was alright. I really wish he would’ve done a bit more with bound 2, personally.

  • pretty flacko

    the only thing i didnt like from bound 2 was the lyrics, i know the video was supposed to be bad but were the lyrics included too? he can do much better than that

  • Justice Taylor

    i wished the beat was better i think it’s flat and has a lot of potential

  • some guy
  • ali z

    I grew up on your cooking…I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you Lil D…..please re-release all of the flavors you ever came out with, rather than taking some of your products and going home….like the little pumpkin pie smileys…the little pumpkin cookies….and a buncha other stuff I can’t remember at the moment. It’s your own damn fault I can’t remember them since you made them so scarce….but them brownies and nutty bars tho….them donut sticks and oatmeal creme pies tho….those selena gomez flavored strawberry swirls…mmmmmMMMmmmm

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  • Designer, studied

    He comes across as way beyond arrogant.

  • Teddy Verseti

    Guys I really think you missed out on the last 10 mins of this interview where he compares the next record to Springsteens Born in the USA. If its anything like that, it gives us more of a perspective.. and it might be huge.

  • SpacedOut773

    Im Ready

  • Mark Ralph

    This is a message from The Gods & The Devils. G.A.D. Squad

  • Benny Boy

    I can only say,that I am very excited,but it sure will be ahead of the time again,just like Yeezus

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