Watch Kanye West Share His Tips For Avoiding People Who Bother Him at Airports


Another day, another random but amazing bit of footage that TMZ have got their hands on. This time, it’s a clip from a 2010 pilot for a reality TV series about Brett Goetsch, Kanye West’s travel agent at the time, and self-proclaimed “travel agent to the stars.” No surprise the show didn’t get picked up, even for reality television it’s a pretty ridiculous idea, but thanks to the pilot, we now have some brilliant footage of a cheerful Kanye explaining why he hates airports (no surprises there) and how he deals with fans who are bothering him.

Ahh, the classic pretend to be on the phone move. We see you Kanye.

We see you.

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  • Kenan Mercius

    Don C is cool, I want more interviews

  • Gasolina

    This idiot would have taken 2 hour drive from Frankfurt to London ? Well Kanye that isn just geographically idiotically incorrect. Get your geographical facts right before calling other people idiots.

  • BossMan

    He doesn’t say that anywhere jabroni. You need to get your facts right

  • Supreme Overlord

    If you can’t read why comment?

  • BossMan

    Are you fucking stupid? It appears you can’t read or listen. Where does Kanye say it would be a 2 hour drive from Frankfurt to London? Oh yea that’s right… he doesn’t

  • Supreme Overlord

    Like I asked the other dude, if you can’t read why comment?

  • bossMan

    I can read perfectly fine, it’s you who appears to have the problem. You’r such an idiot, just admit that you’re wrong and your comment is bullsit.

  • BossMan

    Stop stealing my name jabroni!

  • Supreme Overlord

    Obviously you can’t read cause, I never replied to you comment to begin with. Unless you’re someone with special needs or, you just riding on this guy’s nuts then. If highly advise you to sit the fuck down somewhere

  • who did he call an idiot? you’re the only one calling someone an idiot.

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