Kwamie Liv – “Comin Thru”

kwamakwmwkam Kwamie Liv   Comin Thru

On her first couple of songs, it was hard to tell where Kwamie Liv would go next. The Danish singer—who has also lived in Zambia, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Kenya, Ireland, and Bangladesh—switches up the format for her latest song, “Comin Thru.” She’s still got those smoky vocals that we heard on “5 AM,” but this song is injected with an international flavor and the catchiest chorus we’ve heard from her yet. It’s not quite as in-your-face as M.I.A., but it’s in that same vein, and it’s an excellent next step for Kwamie Liv, who is cementing her spot as one of our favorite up-and-comers.

Kwamie’s debut project Lost in The Girl is coming August 13.

(V Magazine)

kwamimieawmie Kwamie Liv   Comin Thru

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