Lana Del Rey Explains How Dan Auerbach Made Her Feel Interesting Again



Since Lana Del Rey released her third album Ultraviolence last month, the conversation has mostly been about how well the album has been received. But Zane Lowe finally got Lana to speak in depth about the creative process that resulted in a number one record. Lana explains that she thought she was done with the album until she met Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.

I guess at the point I met Dan, I didn’t feel that confident. It sounds strange but him being interested in me made me feel interesting again.

Listen to Lana speak about her inspiration and recording process for Ultraviolence below.

  • Silky

    lana expresses herself, and her art, far beyond the dan auerbach quote.
    the media’s representation of lana is so disturbingly sexist, as it repeatedly qualifies her expression through men, whether it be the lovers she sings about or in this case her producer. she is a clearly an intellectual and inspiring artist, and it was so refreshing to hear zane lowe address her as such.

  • lol

    Intellectual ?

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