Premiere: Courtship Ritual – “Champagne Cages”


Image via Courtship Ritual on Facebook

Image via Courtship Ritual on Facebook

Brooklyn duo Courtship Ritual are releasing their album Pith digitally on July 22, and they have followed up the brooding “Kingdom of Beauty” with another sub-three minute track that feels fresh and unique but also as if it could have come from any time in the past 20 years. The clattering, tin pan percussion, whistling, and stop start guitar shouldn’t meld this well with the sultry vocals, but Courtship Ritual make it work, with the result a further suggestion that their album will be something rather special.

Pith is being released by the constantly impressive, varied, and creative NY label GODMODE, who we introduced you to in April. Check out the premiere of “Champagne Cages” below.

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