Soulja Boy – “Bands”



Soulja Boy is always working, and his next project is King Soulja 3, due out July 29. The last song he shared was the autotuned, melodic “Big Bank Rolls,” and for his latest he sticks to the same subject matter but with a very different approach. “Bands” is a sinister thumper with Soulja abandoning the loosely structured sing-along format for something tighter and more rap-centric.

  • JesusAintARealNigga

    beats pretty good, would rather hear someone else on it besides this clown

  • David Leonidas Beauge


  • TroyBrownTV

    I’m curious to know, what was the motivation for posting this?

  • Constant Gardner

    The motivation was that Confusion enjoyed the song and wanted to share it. That’s the motivation for every song we post.

  • TroyBrownTV

    Word. Rock on

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