The 13 Best Death Grips Songs


Earlier this month, a letter on the Death Grips Facebook wall declared, "Death Grips is over." Their existence may have been brief, but during their four-year run, there was never a dull moment. Label drama, cancellations, and an air of confusion often dominated headlines, but the experimental trio deserves more credit for their music. Bringing abrasive, industrial beats to hip-hop and incorporating the punk rock ethos, Death Grips introduced the world to a style so harsh that it had always been condemned to underground scenes.

With a group like Death Grips, choosing favorite songs isn't easy. It's not like they had "hits." If you ask 10 Death Grips fans what their favorite song is, you'll probably get 10 different answers. In honor of DG's retirement, we decided share our picks, except we went with a number DG seemed to be fond of: 13. We'll update the post once their final album, The Powers That B, comes out later this year.

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