This Is What It’s Like To Be In A Mosh Pit When Kanye West Performs “Blood On The Leaves”


In typical Kanye West fashion, this past weekend’s Wireless Festival in London came and went, but not without the 37-year-old Chicagoan corralling all of the most important headlines. He delivered another epic speech that’s been floating around the interwebs for a few days (watch here), and today, a slew of GoPro footage from his performance has surfaced—the most important being a clip of thousands of fans moshing to “Blood On The Leaves.”

The video, above, is pretty much everything we imagined it would look like the first time we heard the track’s infamous beat drop, and it’s incredibly entertaining to watch. The energy is on another level—even for a Kanye show—especially when he encourages a second mosh session at the 2:32 mark, shortly after shouting, “Promoter, promoter, I promise I’m never gonna start it again, I promise!”

Below you’ll find five additional videos from the same user, Kanye WESKKNT, that covers the remainder of Kanye’s Wireless Festival performance. Looks pretty special.

  • Leighton McDonald

    This footage is SICK.

  • TroyBrownTV

    This joint is tough. Kanye puts on a helluva show. Gotta give it to em.

  • Eduardo Meneses

    This is crazy… and looks like mad fun.

  • fuh q

    finna break my fuckin computer in this bitccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Cool Hand Lex

    In to that C-Murder instrumental…!

  • Meyer Lansky

    ye still got it

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