Video: Taylor Bennett ft. King L – “New Chevy”


“New Chevy” is a soulful standout from Taylor Bennett’s Mainstream Music project and the latest video from the young Chicago rapper. Taylor strikes a mellow, optimistic mood on “New Chevy,” and director Thelonious Stokes captures that mood nicely for the video. Watch it above, and stream/download Mainstream Music below.


  • tyrone

    nigga raps and looks too much like chance. he could at least try to dress different than the dude he’s going to get compared to.

  • Flightless Bird

    There’s only so much you can do to sound and look different from your older brother

  • Bryce Willis

    Why cant we just listen to this and be like… damn… taylor got flows? Chance is one of my favorite rappers. I think his lil bro is killing it.

  • Eduardo Meneses

    Had no idea Chance had a brother… but this track is really nice. The simple production hits all the right notes… even King Louie does his thing. These kids are nice right now

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