Watch Action Bronson Rap Inside a Porta Potty at Ottawa Bluesfest


Action Bronson is known for his wild live performances, but this might just be his silliest moment yet. After fighting security, throwing stage rushers off the stage, calling someone out for throwing things at him, stage diving, and rapping from within the crowd on the regular, he’s now been caught rapping from within a porta potty at Ottawa Bluesfest. That’s right, Bronson walked into a porta potty whilst rapping, and continued to rap inside. According to Exclaim, he also drove around in a golf cart with Deltron 3030 before entering the porta potty.

Watch the goofy moment above.

  • vbhatt08

    FYI it’s Ottawa… not Ottowa.

  • Constant Gardner

    Corrected!! thanks

  • vbhatt08

    Glad I can help :D

  • Joe Price

    Me and my ignorance regarding anywhere outside the UK strikes again.

  • vbhatt08

    Meh… Shit happens

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