“I wanna be a white rapper” – Childish Gambino


Last night, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) shared some thoughts on Twitter about race, people’s perceptions of him, and more. He tweeted all this after hearing a friend sobbing and talking to his mom and clarified this morning that he wasn’t under the influence when he was tweeting. Although he doesn’t mention them specifically, the events in Ferguson, Missouri could also have inspired him to speak on Twitter.

Read all he had to say above.

  • NewBeast

    fucking douchebag. his time will be over soon.

  • Justice Taylor

    He’s a douche because he’s afraid and tired of the bullshit that comes with being black in america? alright.


    LOL at the daugther story though

  • 33


  • Mike

    This has to be the realest thing said on twitter in a long time.

  • Tolstroy

    I agree with you, NewBeast. Only a douchebag would be tired of being the target of racist people. That’s why I’m glad you and I are white, and so big, so we don’t have to be douchebags, we could simply be stupid assholes.

  • BostonCannonsLax

    your so fucking stupid, just get the fuck out dumbass

  • 3005

    Well, Childish Gambino is every bit as corny as G-Eazy and Community is too white for most white people so I guess he’s on the right track

  • Tolstroy

    I’m stupid?You agree with with this idiot NewBeast and I’m stupid? Get a mirror.

  • Guest

    He is merely pointing out that he is a “white rapper” without any of the “white privilege”. This is a real issue he is shedding light on, he’s not some “fucking douchebag”.

  • Guest

    He is merely pointing out that he is a “white rapper” without any “white privileges”. This is a real issue he is shedding light on, he’s not some “fucking douchebag”.

  • Tolstroy

    Obviously, he’s not a douchebag if he’s merely voicing his anger of being a victim of racism. Now all we need to do is to get you to under sarcasm… and everybody wins. No right-thinking person could ever agree with this moron NewBeast.

  • Tolstroy

    Obviously, he’s not a douchebag if he’s merely voicing his anger of being a victim of racism. No right-thinking person could ever agree with this moron NewBeast. Now all we need to do is to get you to under sarcasm… and everybody wins.

  • Shawn Carroll

    Hes so tired of white dads not handing their daughter to him.. hahahahah

  • Justice Taylor

    It’s more, he’s tired of being looked down on by those types of people, the white parents.

  • Justice Taylor

    Remove your ignorance from this place.

  • G

    White dads don’t hand their daughter over to black guys cause most are raised to be racist against whites.. and most are.. that’s why they don’t give AF if they go with a mexican, chinese etc. etc. Nothin to do with skin color, has to do with culture.

  • Justice Taylor

    I see where you’re coming from, but, I highly doubt they’d why most white dads don’t permit their daughters to date black guys.

  • Evon

    Its pretty sad how bad our country/world has been even still today with racial views. I myself am a white male whose had police brutality done to myself. Now, I often get that I looked mixed due to my dark white skin tone and wavy curly hair but Ive personally never really cared. The cop pulled me over for failing to use my turn signal. The cop looked at me and then to my friend who is actually mixed and before even going back to his squad car made me get out of my car then forced me into his. He then said he was going to drug/alcohol test my friends and I because we were “clearly on something.” When I told him we’d both be happy to take the tests to prove him wrong he then started writing me a ticket. When I asked what the ticket was for he said “he could write it for whatever the fuck he wants!” Then I mumbled something about how that is really illegal, he got even more pissed and basically tossed my out of his car telling us to go home (it was like midnight.) he then followed me to my friends house, waited for me outside to leave then followed me home. Now, I clearly know that story isnt nearly as bad as what many African Americans deal with on an every day basis, but I just wanted to share my story and how nearly any one (esp. those who aren’t white/dont look white) can have to deal with police brutality.

  • Justice Taylor

    yeah, it’s definitely a thing that happens regardless of race. I think police positions often attract people who wish that Call of Duty was real and those with aggression issues and those who’ve always felt powerless and see the position as an opportunity to throw their weight.
    But, due to racial issues, I definitely still think that it happens to Black people and other people of color more than white people. but to be fair, I don’t have enough research to state this as a fact.

  • destiny’slovechild

    And I guess sleeping with white women is one of the said benefits of being white. Typical white washed negro

  • destiny’slovechild

    And the fact that he can’t sex white women without criticism is the greatest disappointment about not being white for Gambino

  • destiny’slovechild

    If you’re getting mistaken for being mixed because you’re dark, then aren’t you proving that race and appearance indeed DOES have something to do with who the police decide to mess with?

  • destiny’slovechild

    Nobody says police don’t hassle whites, but it’s a FACT that they hassle blacks and Hispanics WORSE and to a more extreme degree

  • destiny’slovechild

    you must mean the reverse, that most whites are raised to be racist against blacks. This would explain slavery and the Jim Crow laws where WHITES demanded segregation from blacks and had their way all the way up until 1965. And of course, they cried, complained, beat down, and lynched several blacks along the way in protest.

  • destiny’slovechild

    keep lying to yourself, G. It doesn’t help the obvious white racism come to an end.

  • Justice Taylor

    Actually, yeah, you are right about it being factual. Because there’s reports put out nearly every few days about the inequality of police action towards blacks and Hispanics as opposed to whites.

  • Evon

    Sorry if my post was confusing. That’s what I was trying to get at. That yeah, they hassle whites too but it’s far worse for those of other races.

  • CallingOutStupid

    yet your name is 3005…

  • TopJoshDragon

    My Mom’s white and I’m black. We both agree that there are far more white people that are intolerant of black people, than there are black people that are intolerant of white people. Also white people tend to be more racist towards black people than other races. I have an ethnically diverse group of friends and they said it not me. Minorities are more often accepting of others in general, because they know how it feels to be unaccepted.

    Some of my white friends said they didn’t know racism was still an issue until they witnessed what I go through and how they’re treated differently when they’re around me.

    I also have a white friend who was crying when she told me how she was mistreated while visiting her black boyfriend in NY. People were looking at her funny and being rude to her boyfriend. This is a typical eye opener for white females.

    I was rejected by a long time friend once, because she, “only dates white guys.” Who then proceeded to date a white guy that cheated on her and turned out to have a criminal record. I’ve done neither of those things.

  • pretty flacko

    wait what?

  • Ollie Gates

    This is whack. lol. Attenion whore.

  • BmoreGirl70

    Kind of hostile. Who he sleeps with is irrelevant…his sound and style is unique. Stop the hate.

  • Randy Bouton

    Stay classy, prick

  • Winston

    Blacks and Hispanics join gangs a hell of allot more than whites do, and therefore more likely to have weapons and join in dumbass crime, and try running from the cops when your pants are sagging to your knees, and no shoe laces in your shoes b’cos its the style, and then you wonder why they get fucked with by the police more than whites do, come on, wtf is wrong with you fools? Oh yeah, smfh, white dads are just the most racist dads in the world huh, ok then, i bet black dads just love letting their daughters get high and fucked by some white trash scumbag on a bus huh, racist shit yall say, damn! Dads dont want nobody fucking their daughters u idiots, especially one who may look like a gangster, drug addict, low life trashy or ghetto.

  • Mac Dre

    He called out some powerful people peace be with him

  • James Durand

    Look if you expect to sell music to different racial, ethnic and religious groups. You have to expect that they too might want to partake in producing the same music, because they love it.

    That’s very natural. Elvis was bigger than Chuck Berry, The Magneficent 7 made far more money than The Seven Samuri and Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer who ever lived.

  • James Durand

    Besides, Gambino is being judged on the content of his character.

  • ginger126

    Too bad he had to find out he was black like this. Now maybe he’ll commit to his own existence and stop hating his self. The only conformity is with one’s own. There’s strength in knowledge of self. Leave those white girls alone no matter how hard they come at you…

  • Señor Sazón

    Ugh……ignorant nigger

  • Rhimereason;*


  • Angel Diaz

    ever heard of the 5 points gang or the mafia? or Hell’s Angels? aren’t they white?

  • Had2Respond

    The Mafia Italian, Irish, Russian etc… The Militia aka NRA card holders..its their right to bear arms..blah blah, KKK and the aryan nation are not GANGS? You might want to add The western imperialist armies, The Police & CIA to the list depending on who you ask. But lets stick to what you may perceive as being overtly illegal. The mafia is the most influential and biggest gang of all time regardless of which you pick. They carry guns. The “white trash” YOU speak of carry guns, remember its their rights and it is not always a registered legal arm. The biggest drug epidemic in this country that has surpassed crack use is Meth and the dealers are predominately white as the users are so where is the crack down on that?

    Google Vermont has the highest rate of illicit drug use in America…White boys are not getting pulled over, beat or killed there. There are plenty of movies depicting the crime of the mafia and all the people they have killed over the years and you don’t realize whats in your face because it is romanticized, you actually don’t see the gun in the gangster’s hand played by Pacino, De Niro or Pesci and the bodies hitting the floor with the brutality of it all. The mind is conditioned to see the crime as being different because you hear and see the word ORGANIZED.

    The real question you should be asking is where did gangs come from? Go watch Scorsese romanticize “Gangs of New York” and then research the real era and events being sure to understand the economic and social conditions of those gangs in that era. Allow yourself to be educated.

    Btw The pants sagging of idiots I never figured that one out, I once watched cops and this fool could not run! he was waddling away, would not pull up his pants..it was the most ridiculous thing I ever saw..its a sad disgusting style like punk rock kids who wore bizarre dumb things in the early 80s which was mostly a certain class and did not reflect or generalize a race and you are absolutely right about the father/daughter thing. I guess satire isn’t for every one. Peace.

  • Confused Bystander

    Um, strange way to promote awareness, there. Nice poem, but some of the lines don’t make any sense at all.

  • Vanessa

    You sound stupid.

  • What

    Punk was at its height in the 70’s and it was not “bizarre dumb things”, it was a counterculture fighting against the stiff norms that still had an influence from the 60’s.

  • soccermom music

    Some white people also fought for equality for black and white people.

  • Had2Respond

    You can say the same thing for pants sagging, what do you think they “think” they are doing? They feel that they are counterculture fighting against this system albeit in a self destructive way like some punks (so I thought) are shown to have done. I say shown because I stand corrected and I can’t honestly go on about Punks because I was not born in the 70s..but from what I have seen its like the Sex Pistols self mutilating themselves and doing hard drugs hence the dumb bizarre things. This is proof that conditioning is working overtime.. I only saw certain images of punks, I knew they were going against the norm and rigid rules of society but I was brought up to believe it was being rude, loud and nasty with no respect for authority in a bad way. ….I guess you feel like me when I know that not all pants sagging hood wearing guys are thugs with no method behind their madness.

  • Winston

    lol who gives a fuck what you say idiot! lol they are not in every fucking town or city in america, is that the best u can do?

  • Angel Diaz

    you give a fuck.

  • Winston

    ur a dumbass bitch! i grew up in south California, Phoenix az and ft worth Texas i was in a Mexican gang from orange ca, so i know a little of what im talking about, so stfu dumbass trick!

  • Winston

    hey cocksmoker do this get ur facts do some research, get a list of minority gangs and then compare the amount on ur list with the amount of whites only gangs then try to say some shit, dumbasssssss, kill urself

  • Winston

    lol u watch hollywood shit and that show gangland then u try to kick down knowledge at others, fukn pathetic i was a gangster in south california, it was a very old gang too, dont tell me to watch movies n shit to get educated just cuz thats how u mustve been educated on the subject, lol fukn joke

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