We Collected Every Slogan From André 3000’s Jumpsuit on Outkast’s Reunion Tour


André 3000 was the wildcard in this whole Outkast reunion circus. Since 2007, Big Boi has been regularly releasing music, selling out shows, and generally cementing his legendary status, but André has been harder to pin down. Did he really want to do this reunion tour? Would there be tension between the two rappers? Would André be rusty and disinterested?

All this uncertainty made it so necessary to watch Outkast’s comeback show at Coachella back in April, and added another layer of interest for any fan seeing them live this summer. As the show reviews and videos rolled in, those elements of surprise have slowly worn off, and the idea that Outkast really are performing together has become less alien.* For those paying close attention, though, André 3000 has been expressing himself in a unique way, with a mixture of slyly humorous, overtly political, and just plain weird slogans on his jumpsuit.

Of the 28 festival shows Outkast have played so far, André has had a new slogan each time on all but three occasions, and we’ve collected all 25 that have appeared so far above.

*Don’t get us wrong though, you should still move heaven and earth to see Outkast live.

UPDATE: All 47 of the jumpsuits worn by Andre 3000 were collected for an exhibition in Miami, and we have pictures of all of them (plus Andre himself) here.

  • https://soundcloud.com/killer_kowalski Killer Kowalski

    Reminds me of the cards from Cards Against Humanity. Also caught them at Osheaga a week ago and they were incredible. Any of the remaining shows, get to if you can.

  • Dominic Wright

    you forgot about this one

  • Dominic Wright
  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    Reminds me of when Judah Friedlander would have a different word on his hat on each episode of 30 Rock.

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

    slide 19!!!

  • Jonateca

    You forgot about this one (Big Guava Festival) “F#CK 3000″

  • Isaac Kolbo

    you forgot the one from sasquatch

  • Joyce Ng

    That’s the first one in this image gallery.

  • Shraffi LéCamel

    slide 16 i’m pretty sure

  • Swog

    You wrote f@ckbook isn’t of f@cebook! Made me laugh so much thinking 3000 has a fuckbook account hahaah

  • Asfadsaf

    God dam, why can’t you guys have at least have an option to display them all on one page?

  • howhedothat

    But how does he do it? Are they different jump suits? Seems like any kind of stickers would come off during performance, almost like it has to be screen-printed or ironed-on.

  • Dan M

    You missed this one from the private show at the Adult Swim Upfront. “Distractions from Sadness.”

  • mw

    Not to be that guy, but you forgot the “X” he wore on his chest at Counterpoint. X marks the spot maybe because it was right outside of Atlanta…

  • George Wood

    Yes! Been waiting on this list for awhile now, Andre 3k is on his own level.

  • beremy

    Couple of weekends ago in charlotte he wore on that said “Hiders of Pain”

  • Marco Beyene

    You forgot a lot of them! I saw them at Sziget Festival in Budapest and the slogan was this one: “Which type of stereo are you”?

  • http://www.rosereddsaid.com/ Rochelle Washington

    In ATL on Saturday: “Teachers Deserve More”

  • OutKast

    forgot Life’s Short, Take More Baths

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