Listen to JMSN’s Cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me”

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

This year, for Kurt Cobain’s birthday (February 20), we are presenting an album full of Nirvana covers. We reached out to a bunch of our favorite artists and fellow Nirvana fans to see who was down, and we got some amazing music back.

The project is called Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well. We’ll be dropping a couple of singles, and the entire project will be out and available for free download on February 20.

To kick things off, here is JMSN’s gorgeous cover of “Rape Me.”


    damn this is a bad motherfuckin cover


    not feeling the rest of his stuff lmao

  • LXRD

    Bad as in good or bad as in bad?


    as in good, i liked it anyway, but I’m a fan of most Nirvana remixes

  • Jon Amo

    Terrible, terrible, awful bullshit cover. No depth, sounds more depressing then Cobain, and his yelling voice at the end sounds like Tom Petty. I’m an amateur musician who’s never got paid a dime for my vocals an I swear to Jesus I would crush this guy…

  • Michelangeleaux

    not jmsns best at all

  • TMCCoast

    Talk is cheap. =]

  • Dave

    Sounds like your drunk uncle singing karaoke. I like some of his other work though.

  • Rae

    idk why people is talking trash.. JMSN is a God and this is an awesome cover!

  • Rae

    It sounds beautiful to me bruh… I think its supposed to be a depressing song!, Thats why its called “rape me” .LOL

    I dont know you, but if you think you are better, feel free to prove it

    btw, JMSN is Jesus!

  • Cerpin

    LOL you got it on the head, Tom Petty. This guy would crush you any other day though, pal. Idk what happened here though. Kobain’s stuff shouldn’t be covered.

  • Cerpin

    not talking trash, i’ve become a huge fan and this started off nice but eh.

  • Franklin Fleming

    why cover perfection?

  • stardog

    Gorgeous? It makes me want to hear the original version as forgiveness…

  • loosaaah

    I grew up with Nirvana and hold them dearly. Saw them several times back when I never thought much about them. This is an excellent lo-fi cover by a white rapper. No doubt Kurt would dig this entirely. He nailed the haunted vocals well.

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