Bass For Your Face: 15 Songs That Will Blow Your Speakers


Traditionally, the bass is an unsung hero. It's a song's glue, holding everything together with a steady hand and predictable, in-key progressions. Bass is the chill friend, the one who's always down to stay in and watch a movie.

But every once in a while, the bass gets its chance to wile out. There are rare moments when the rules of equalization are thrown out the window and the bass takes center stage, booming out of the depths to rattle your teeth and palpitate your heart. Of course, we can't just drop you in the middle of a deep bass zone—this is a process that demands easing. Here are 15 songs with increasingly devastating bass.

Turn up your speakers and warn your friends and neighbors—things are about to get messy. (10)

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  • doug

    Thumbs up for the “Blue Suede” inclusion.

  • PTAH

    What About “ThazMyShyt” Virtuoso The God The Bass Is Sooooooo Killah !!!

  • vm

    Holy Ghost by Montana of 300 still has the most ridiculous bass I’ve ever heard. Half my speakers don’t even play it properly.

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