El-P and Killer Mike’s “Run The Jewels 2″ Album Sounds Awesome So Far, Listen to a Snippet Now

El-P and Killer Mike’s Run The Jewels album was one of our favorites of last year (and it was free!), so when we heard they were making a follow up, we were pretty damn excited. El-P’s recent tweets,... Read more »

5 On It: “The revolution’s never been televised”

5 On It is a feature that looks at five of the best under-the-radar rap findings from the past week, highlighting new or recently discovered artists, or interesting obscurities. skipp coon – “Assata Taught Me (pre-born day... Read more »

Interview: Seattle’s Beat Connection on Their New Album, Rap Regionalism, and Mysterious South American Animals

It’s been a long journey for Seattle based, indie-electronic band Beat Connection. They started back in college as an electronic duo, consisting of founding members Reed Juenger and Jordan Koplowitz. Koplowitz would eventually leave the band... Read more »

Interview: Wiz Khalifa on Life Lessons, Kid Cudi, and the Last Things He Googled

There’s no artist whose independent grind paid off more than Wiz Khalifa’s. Ever since his cross-over mixtape Kush & OJ broke some type of imaginary ceiling (and Twitter records), Khalifa has made his presence known everywhere... Read more »

Trends From the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival

Now in its ninth year, Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival has transcended nitpicking about its lineup to become more of a lifestyle choice than a decision made by a careful consumer. With over 40 acts spread over... Read more »

Hello World: A Conversation With Daye Jack, One of Atlanta’s Most Unusual Rappers

Former Daily Discovery Daye Jack could not have existed 15 years ago. Even 10 years ago, he’d likely have been improperly categorized somewhere under the umbrellas of “conscious rap” or, more damaging and inaccurate still, “nerd... Read more »

Drake Announces His New Album, “Views From The 6″

On “0 to 100,” the freebie the Drake put on Soundcloud in June, he rapped: We already got spring 2015 poppin / PND droppin / Reps-Up P droppin / Majid Jordin droppin, OB droppin not to... Read more »

Honor Titus Speaks on Cerebral Ballzy’s New Album, Julian Casablancas, and the Most Brutal Show He’s Ever Played

Seeing Cerebral Ballzy frontman Honor Titus climb atop the speakers at Pigeons & Planes’ SXSW showcase back in March felt like some kind of religious experience. Maybe it was the Texas heat or all the alcohol, but... Read more »

Watch Erykah Badu Video Bomb a Live News Report

Keep it real: the "f**k her right in the pussy" guy, fake or real, is one of the funniest things to hit the Internets this year... right? I mean, it looks real, and is so abrupt... Read more »

A Day in The Life: How To Dress Well’s European Tour Diary

By Tom Krell (How To Dress Well) Today, my new record “What is this Heart?” came out. I am so thrilled. The last 10 days have been amazing—I’ve been launching the record worldwide :+) We had a... Read more »

Slow Magic – “Girls”

Slow Magic has been making music quietly for a few years now, but with his recent signing to Downtown Records it seems he’s about to become a whole lot louder. His latest single, “Girls,” is remarkably... Read more »

The Gift and Curse of The Killers’ Hot Fuss 10 Years Later

If nothing else, the Killers are ambitious. The release of their first single, “Mr. Brightside,” made it clear that the Las Vegas band had stardom in their crosshairs, which is exactly what their debut album, Hot... Read more »

Video: Ryan Hemsworth Ft. Tinashe – “One For Me”

Canadian producer and Drake super-fan Ryan Hemsworth released his debut album album Guilt Trips last year, and now one of the album’s highlights has been given a video. “One For Me,” which features rising R&B star Tinashe, is... Read more »

Pressing On: PC Music and The Future of Pop

Why do we insist on attempting to predict the future of music? In some areas of life, predicting the future makes sense—knowing what’s coming helps you adapt, which is why predicting trends in politics or technology... Read more »

South African Rappers: The New Kwaito Kings

Back in the '90s, not many people in South Africa wanted to associate with hip-hop. Parents who were concerned with rap’s misogyny, crass language, and gang affiliated lyrics had a hard time accepting the culture. Musically,... Read more »