A Letter From 13-Year-Old Kayla: On Miley Cyrus, Twerking, and Learning to Keep Her Tongue in her Mouth

Kayla has been contributing to Pigeons & Planes for a while now. When she was 10 years old, she told us about her favorite music and let us know what she thought of Ke$ha, Tyler, The Creator,... Read more »

11-Year-Old Kayla Updates Us On Her Favorite New Songs

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our 11-year-old friend and music contributor Kayla. A lot has changed since then. She now has a boyfriend (she might kill me for putting that out there), she... Read more »

Letters From Kayla: An Interview With P&P’s 11-Year-Old Contributor

We have a series of features here at P&P that are based on the emails from Kayla, an 11-year-old girl who is the daughter of a friend of mine. Contrary to popular belief, Kayla really does... Read more »

My Top 10 Favorite Songs (From Kayla, A 10-Year-Old Girl)

Kayla, P&P’s youngest contributor, usually focuses on one song a month. I send her over some new track each month, ask her what she thinks, and she writes up a little review for a feature that... Read more »

Most Commented On P&P Posts Of The Year

When Pigeons & Planes started, there were no comments on any posts. It was a sad, lonely place. Slowly but surely, people started leaving their thoughts. Many of those thoughts were idiotic, careless, and full of... Read more »

A 10 Year Old Girl’s Review Of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love”

If you don’t know yet, P&P has a secret weapon. It’s 10 year old Kayla, the opinionated daughter of a friend of mine. It all started when she wrote me an email about Ke$ha, and it... Read more »

A 10 Year Old’s Review Of Lykke Li’s “Breaking It Up”

This month we have Kayla, P&P’s youngest contributor, reviewing Lykke Li‘s “Breaking It Up”.  I was worried about sending this video over to Kayla for review, because you know how strongly I feel about my Lykke... Read more »

A 10 Year Old Girl’s Review of Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers”

Last month, Kayla, the 10 year old daughter of a friend of mine, emailed me a letter about Ke$ha. She heard I wasn’t a fan of Ke$ha and was very upset by this (read the letter... Read more »

An Email About Ke$ha, From A 10 Year Old Girl

This is an email from my friend’s daughter. Coolest kid out. She heard I didn’t like Ke$ha, so she wrote me this strongly worded letter. I’m still not a Ke$ha fan, but this is good stuff right... Read more »