Jay Electronica Answers Twitter Questions About Kanye, Lil B, and His Long-Awaited Album

Jay Electronica is an elusive character, but every now and then he opens the floodgates on Twitter, and tonight was one of those times. In a moment of rare accessibility, Jay Elec had some Ciroc and... Read more »

PeeWee Longway ft. A$AP Rocky – “Servin Lean (Remix)”

DJ Lil Keem gives and early sample of things to come on his upcoming Smokers Choice 2 mixtape. It’s a remix of PeeWee Longway’s heavy “Servin Lean” featuring a new verse from A$AP Rocky. PeeWee sticks to trap... Read more »

New York City Fell in Love With FKA Twigs Last Night

Was something wrong with the microphone? Did she lose her voice? Is this particularly involved audience throwing her off? FKA Twigs comes out on stage at The Westway in New York City whispering “Weak Spot” over... Read more »

Ja Rule Wants to Buy a Tiger

This morning, Ja Rule woke up feeling inspired. Who knows what sparked it; that’s not important. What’s important is that he’s thinking of getting a tiger. Or a shark. The 38-year-old rapper has three kids, a... Read more »

Watch Lykke Li Perform an Acoustic Version of Her New Song “Gunshot”

Lykke Li just released “Gunshot” yesterday, and we’ve already got an acoustic version. This performance was exclusively for H&M Life. If it’s good enough for Lykke Li, it’s good enough for me. I am now going to... Read more »

Premiere: Pyramid Vritra – “Spool (Denzel Himself Remix)”

Denzel Himself is a 19-year-old rapper/producer hailing from South London, and for his latest work, he’s teamed up with Los Angeles-based Pyramid Vritra for an official “Spool” remix. “This is my first official remix for an... Read more »

Young Thug – “Chickens”

If you hated Lil Wayne a few years ago, when he was wildly singing about meandering themes almost always involving pussy and drugs, chances are Young Thug’s “Chickens” is not going to be your favorite new... Read more »

Watch FKA Twigs Perform in New York City For the First Time

After gaining traction with striking videos like “Water Me” and “Papi Pacify,” the hype around British singer FKA Twigs’ SXSW appearance was strong. But at the last minute, Twigs cancelled her SXSW plans in order to finish working on... Read more »

Video: Laurel – “Nicotine Dreams”

In the wake of her To The Hills EP, singer/producer Laurel releases a video for “Nicotine Dreams.” The video was directed by Hunger’s creative director Vicky Lawton, and while there’s nothing explicitly evil or menacing about... Read more »

Listen to Lykke Li’s New Song “Gunshot”

Lykke Li‘s new music has been sounding dark and full of pain, and the first couple lines of “Gunshot” quickly reveal that this is going to be no exception: “I am longing for your poison/Like a... Read more »

Daily Discovery: Kidepo, a 23-Year-Old Singer/Producer With a Knack For Understated Soul

Daily Discovery is a feature that will highlight a new or recently discovered artist that we’re excited about. See the rest of our Daily Discoveries here. On April 11, Kidepo joined Twitter to share his first song,... Read more »

Young Dolph ft. Gucci Mane & Young Thug – “Put Your Hands Up”

Memphis rapper Young Dolph just dropped his Cross Country Trappin mixtape, and even though Gucci Mane is currently locked up, a verse of his surfaces on “Put Ur Hands Up.” With only ten songs and highlights... Read more »

Premiere: Nightbox – “In The Rural”

Nightbox is based in Toronto, originally from Ireland, and the group is following in the footsteps of groups like Phoenix and M83 with arena-ready pop music fueled by synths but packed with the kind of energy... Read more »

Hear Sango and GoldLink on “Wassup”

To celebrate both artists’ inclusion in this year’s Broccoli City Festival in Washington DC, producer Sango and rapper GoldLink let go of “Wassup.” The track flips the familiar Curura sample used in Timbaland and Magoo’s “Indian Flute,” and... Read more »

Stream Future’s “Honest” Album

After a long wait, a few delays, and one title change, (Remember when he was going to call this Future Hendrix?*) we’ve finally got Future’s full album. Honest officially drops on April 22, but you can... Read more »