Taylor Swift Explains Her Friendship With Kanye West

At one point, things between Kanye West and Taylor Swift were pretty awkward. But then, they looked to be not so awkward. So what happened? In a... Read more »

kaya -“Analytical Doll Face”

kaya’s new song “Analytical Doll Face” isn’t an easy listen. The elements of a pretty song are there—delicate, sultry vocals and rich piano—but everything feels... Read more »

Two Killed During Shooting at OVO Fest Afterparty

Two people are dead and others were injured in a shooting at the Muzik nightclub last night at around 3 a.m., where Drake was hosting... Read more »

Grimes: “It’s a disservice to feminism to paint me as so aggressively anti-male all the time”

As a female musician who produces all her own music, Grimes has been open about her experiences with sexism in the music industry. But that... Read more »

Watch Hannibal Buress Interview Beverly Hills Residents About the Drake vs. Meek Mill Beef

“We went to the one neighborhood that you go to to talk about hip-hop: Beverly Hills!” Everyone has been weighing in on the feud between Drake... Read more »

Dr. Dre Explains Why ‘Detox’ Was Never Released, Announces New Album

After all these years, Dr. Dre finally explains why 'Detox' never came out. He also announces a new album, coming very soon.... Read more »

Seinabo Sey – “Pretend”

With the success of artists like Adele and Sam Smith, we’ve seen that vocalists with technical chops have potential for huge success, even in a... Read more »

Ghostface Killah Goes Off On Action Bronson, Who Then Apologizes

“Big ass beard—one day I might set that shit on fire just for saying my name.” Earlier this month, Action Bronson appeared on ESPN’s SportsNation,... Read more »

This Snippet of a New Drake Song Sounds Like it Could Be a “Cha Cha” Remix

It's hard to hear from this cell phone recording, but Drake's new song sure sounds similar to D.R.A.M.'s "Cha Cha."... Read more »

Watch Vic Mensa Cover Future’s “Codeine Crazy”

Future’s “Codeine Crazy” isn’t a chart-topping hit, but it’s a song that captures a side of Future that has earned him such a loyal following... Read more »

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