On Hype Machine, Charts, Blogs, and Integrity

For those unfamiliar, Hype Machine is an aggregation website that pulls streams from music blogs and allows users to vote them up by clicking a small heart-shaped button. These “likes” then get turned into charts that reflect... Read more »

Watch Kanye West’s Ridiculously Censored Performance From the 2015 Billboard Music Awards [Updated]

This year’s Billboard Music Awards featured the usual suspects like Pitbull, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, and Iggy Azalea, but Kanye West had the honor of closing out the show. The night went smoothly, for the most part.... Read more »

New Study Suggests That Popular Music is Getting Dumber

A new study by SeatSmart puts popular music under the microscope and takes a look at the lyrical intelligence of different artists and genres over the past decade. The results are interesting, although maybe not very... Read more »

Yung Lean ft. Thaiboy Digital – “Fd Up”

My future’s looking brighter than my urine test. Earlier this month, Swedish artist Thaiboy Digital released his Lord of the Jewels project, which features a song called “Fd Up” featuring frequent collaborator Yung Lean. Today, Lean shares another... Read more »

Premiere: Move Orchestra – “Apex”

If most songs, neatly packed into three or four minutes, are like short films, Move Orchestra’s debut is a movie. “Apex” is a mountain of a song, intricate, awe-inspiring, and towering with a mighty serenity. Musically, it sounds... Read more »

Azealia Banks and Dev Hynes Speak Out on the BET Awards

Mainstream award shows always provoke a mixed bag of reactions. Just last night, it was the Billboard Music Awards catching heat for censoring Kanye West, and today the BET Awards getting some criticism following the announcement of their... Read more »

Bruneaux Made the Most Fun Mash-Up Album of 2015

Girl Talk’s Night Ripper was a game-changer. I remember buying that CD and playing it for the first time, thinking, “What the fuck is going on here?” By that time in 2006, we had heard mash-ups before,... Read more »

Watch Sam Smith’s Silent Acceptance Speech From the Billboard Music Awards

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Sam Smith won Top Male Artist. He had an acceptance speech planned, but there was a catch: Sam Smith couldn’t speak. Following surgery on his vocal cords, Sam was physically unable... Read more »

Premiere: Keyes – “Veins”

In these modern times of information overload, making a strong first impression is more important than ever. Meet Keyes, an 18-year-old artist from Warwickshire, England. “Veins” is her first song, and it’s an extremely promising introduction.... Read more »

Watch Baltimore Rapper JuegoTheNinety’s “D’Juego” Video

If you missed out on JuegoTheNinety’s intense Abandoned Mansions album, here’s another chance to get familiar. This is the video for “D’Juego,” the opening track on the project. It was shot in Northeast Baltimore on Northern... Read more »