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Selah Sue ft. Childish Gambino – “Together”

Selah Sue, a Belgian singer who is a pretty big star in Europe, is setting her sights on the US with her new track “Together,” which features Childish Gambino. The track starts off with gently reverbing guitars,... Read more »

Premiere: Yamaneko – “Calotype Process”

London’s Local Action Records have been having a brilliant 2014, and they’re capping it off with a really excellent release from a producer called Yamaneko. His album, Pixel Wave Embrace, is coming out on November 24, released on cassette (because he loves new... Read more »

Daily Discovery: 808ink

Daily Discovery is a feature that will highlight a new or recently discovered artist that we’re excited about. See the rest of our Daily Discoveries here. UK hip-hop, often ignored abroad, and derided as stale and... Read more »

Listen to Oceaán’s New Song “Candour,” and Get to Know the Fast-Rising Producer and Vocalist

Manchester-based producer Oceaán will release his second EP, The Grip, on December 8. The EP sees him expanding on the sound of his debut EP, experimenting with less straightforward production and putting his voice front and center. It places him somewhere between the mournful... Read more »

Daily Discovery: Torus

Daily Discovery is a feature that will highlight a new or recently discovered artist that we’re excited about. See the rest of our Daily Discoveries here. We live in wonderful times when a 30 minute search on Soundcloud will... Read more »

Listen to a New Heems Song That Didn’t Make It On To His New Album

We recently spoke to Heems about his new album, working title Eat Pray Thug, which is hopefully out early next year, and now here’s some new music from the former Das Racist MC, although this is a... Read more »

Tobias Jesso Jr. – “Hollywood”

Earlier this year, Tobias Jesso Jr. announced a subscription bundle, where the incredibly low price of $5 got you a new song, pressed onto colored 7″ flexi disc, delivered to you about once a month. Included were the songs... Read more »

Jesssie Ware – “Keep On Lying (Harry Fraud Remix)”

Over the past week, Jessie Ware released one remix of her song “Keep On Lying” each day, created with some of her favorite producers in Red Bull Studios across the world. Hopefully you have already heard Preditah’s... Read more »

Shivum Sharma – “Taboo Nightlights”

London-based Shivum Sharma totally blew us away with his debut song “Flicker” and now, with a new EP on the way, he’s back providing a soundtrack for the long, cold winter nights. With the carefully enunciated but silky... Read more »

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Stunning Saturday Night Live Performance

Kendrick Lamar was the music guest on SNL last night, his second appearance, playing two recently released songs, the divisive “i” and “Pay For It” with Jay Rock and Chantal. The big talking point, though, was Kendrick’s appearance—he was wearing all... Read more »

T.O.L.D. – “Heaven”

IAMSOUND, the L.A.-based label behind debut releases from Florence and the Machine, Charli XCX, and BANKS, has another fantastic debut EP on the way, from former Daily Discovery T.O.L.D.. Heaven is a three track EP, recorded in Iceland with... Read more »

Ariel Pink Calls Grimes “completely stupid and retarded”

In the latest episode of Ariel Pink running his mouth while on the promo run for his new album Pom Pom (out November 17 on 4AD), he has called Grimes “stupid and retarded” in an interview with The... Read more »

Listen to Fryars’ Sweeping New Album “POWER”

Fryars, the musical project of one Benjamin Garrett, has been working on his new album, POWER, for a long time. Due to various major label machinations and meanderings the album, despite having been basically finished for at least a couple of years,... Read more »

What Are Miguel and Jai Paul Working On?

Jai Paul alert! Jai Paul alert! Most of us heard about his stunning track “BTSTU” in 2010 or 2011, and since then the mysterious (that word is overused regarding musicians, but in this case is totally correct) singer... Read more »

Stromae ft. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & HAIM – “Meltdown”

Back in October we shared the news that Lorde was curating the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, along with its impressive tracklist. One of the biggest name tracks on the album has already been... Read more »