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Premiere: Jed Nayef – “Diamonds in the Dirt”

New York-based singer Nayef’s vocals emit a worn quality, plain and coarsened to a point by life and time, seeming to draw more from rock performance than the alternative pop “Diamonds in the Dirt” suggests (though... Read more »

Premiere: Brent Faiyaz – “Be”

As a follow-up to slow-burning single “Allure,” North Carolina singer/producer Brent Faiyaz’s “Be” gives interesting new dimension to his take on R&B. An enchanting Frankenstein of mid-to-late-90s male R&B romantic balladry (there’s a bit of a... Read more »

Video Premiere: Junia-T – “The Day”

Toronto rapper/producer Junia-T’s video for “The Day” takes a well-shot look at the daily routine of a man balancing creative dreams, romance, fatherhood, and the vices that can make focusing on any of those things difficult.... Read more »

Premiere: SLK – “Hush”

London’s SLK spent much of her early catalog exploring the more atmospheric regions of modern R&B. New single “Hush” finds her returning with purpose and new sonic direction, trading overwhelming production and an outward desire to... Read more »

Stream Ebbo Kraan’s “Aletta” EP

Ebbo Kraan’s Aletta EP sounds like a transmission from a universe where Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad production dictated the sound of pop music and El-P, Arca, and Evian Christ played the roles of high profile radio... Read more »

Video Premiere: altopalo – “chagrinning”

The video for Brooklyn band altopalo’s pleasantly enjoyably “chagrinning” is one of the most meticulous and inventive you’re likely to see this year, even just two months in. “Colin Marchon hand-animated the video using largely cutouts... Read more »

5 On It: The Energy

5 On It is a feature that looks at five of the best under-the-radar rap findings from the past week, highlighting new or recently discovered artists, or interesting obscurities. Chris Cartier – “Tempo” It’s very easy... Read more »

Premiere: CUZ – “Return Call”

Little Rock, Arkansas rapper CUZ’s “Return Call” is a take on Southern hip-hop that feels of a piece with the 2009/2010 mini-renaissance led by artists like G-Side and producers like DJ Burn One, pulling the influences... Read more »

Premiere: Job Jetson – “Gold Skin”

Milwaukee rapper Job Jetson made his Pigeons and Planes debut in an October 2014 edition of 5 On It with “Cheeks,” a moody strip club anthem for those who see the world with a purple tint and... Read more »

Video Premiere: pizza boy. – “delicious cheesesticks. (maroney.)”

Regular readers of my column 5 On It (precious few of you though there may be) will recognize the name pizza boy. as a Saturday staple, one of the more unique voices from almost a year’s... Read more »