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Pressing On: PC Music and The Future of Pop

Why do we insist on attempting to predict the future of music? In some areas of life, predicting the future makes sense—knowing what’s coming helps you adapt, which is why predicting trends in politics or technology... Read more »

Musicians Who Are More Interesting Than Their Music

Sometimes, the easiest way to get someone interested in a musician is to have a good story. With the amount of competition out there, a narrative with a hook is enough to give you a head... Read more »

Nguzunguzu – “Mecha”

It’s always exciting to have Nguzunguzu back. The L.A. duo are prepping a new EP for Fade To Mind, and “Mecha” is the first track we’ve heard from the new material. It’s hard to define Nguzu’s sound, but... Read more »

Yuno – “Grapefruit”

The last time we covered Yuno, it was to show you a few Kickstarter projects that were worth backing. Luckily, the Jacksonville bedroom pop artist hit his fundraising goal back in September and, from the sound... Read more »

Listen To New Music From Broken Bells

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Broken Bells, the collaborative project between The Shins‘ James Mercer and eclectic producer Danger Mouse. Their only album to date came out in 2010, and that self-titled debut... Read more »

Interview: Dev Hynes Talks Collaborations, Not Using Email, and Wanting to Work With Eminem

By Brendan Klinkenberg Devonté Hynes has reached a rarefied level of cool. His coolness is such that it’s hard to imagine being him, instead you imagine just being friends with him. It’s more plausible that way.... Read more »

Twin Shadow Covers Tori Amos’ “Silent All These Years”

New wave revivalist and all-around chill bro Twin Shadow has launched a project called Under The CVRS, a cover series worthing watching closely, if only to find out what George Lewis Jr. listens to. For this... Read more »

Video: Autre Ne Veut – “Ego Free Sex Free”

Autre Ne Veut‘s new video is extremely simple. From a fixed vantage point, you watch a strange, upper-crust art party that has its attendees march and flap around a ballroom while Arthur Ashin walks calmly through... Read more »

A Guide to iTunes Radio: What Stations to Listen to on Apple’s Streaming Service

This week, Apple released the anticipated iOS 7 update for iPhones and, with it, the brand-new iTunes Radio. The platform is something we've seen before, notably similar to Pandora and sites like it, but its integration... Read more »

Interview: Grouplove Talks Drugs, Being Yourself, and Learning to Play an Instrument Late

Grouplove is an indie-pop band with the rapidly-growing following to prove that they have a knack for the pop side. Over the past few years, the Los Angeles quintet has released a series of anthemic singles... Read more »