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If the New Volcano Choir Album Was by Bon Iver, Everyone Would be Talking About How Good It Is

Looking at the band names alone, Bon Iver and Volcano Choir are worlds, and seasons, apart. The name Bon Iver serves as a constant reminder of how singer and multi-instrumentalist Justin Vernon came to be alone—a... Read more »

Brolin – “Portland”

With a press picture like that, does the song even need to be good? It’s a valid question, but one that will remain a hypothetical as Brolin‘s “Portland” is, without a doubt, very good. The masked... Read more »

Parquet Courts – “You’ve Got Me Wondering Now”

Parquet Courts’ Light Up Gold is, unexpectedly, still floating around my best albums of 2013 list. The self-released debut album from the New York post-punk band is ramshackle, scruffy and occasionally venomous, but it’s also tight and... Read more »

How Badly Have You Damaged Your Ears?

We’ve all been warned about losing our hearing for about as long as we’ve loved music. Don’t listen to music too loud, wear earplugs at concerts, turn the bass down in the car… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ However, the... Read more »

Sunny & Gabe – “Forget Love”

Virginia newcomers Sunny & Gabe are on something of a streak. “Fly” caught our ears, “Clouds” solidified them as an act to watch out for, and now “Forget Love” is here to capitalize on what’s left... Read more »

Mixtape: BLKHRTS – “Death, Romance and The Color BLK”

“Sex, drugs, violence, money, death, romance and the color black—those are the seven things I could specify my songs are about. These are the things in life that are easy to learn and take forever to... Read more »

Download Three Free Songs From Production Duo Friendzone

Bay Area duo Friendzone are best known for their highlight of a production appearance on A$AP Rocky‘s “Fashion Killa.” A standout on LongLiveA$AP, that track is a fantastic intro to Friendzone’s sound. Longtime collaborators of Main Attrakionz,... Read more »

Drake – “5AM in Toronto”

It seems like Drake‘s adopting a blitzkrieg strategy to releasing tracks for Nothing Was The Same. It’s working. The star of “5AM in Toronto” is, off the bat, this Boi-1da beat. It’s a pensive monster, built from... Read more »

Kid Cudi – “Immortal”

He hinted at new music being on its way earlier this week, but it wasn’t until tonight that Kid Cudi confirmed he was dropping a new track. True to his word, the self-produced, MGMT-sampling “Immortal” has... Read more »

The Vancouver Canucks’ Entrance Song Is Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built”

Two weeks ago, the Vancouver Canucks asked their fans to pick a new song for the team to skate out to before every game. To us, “The House That Heaven Built,” garage-rock duo Japandroid’s storming signature... Read more »