Jessie Ware – “Tough Love (Sango Remix)”

Sometimes songs are just too good to be left alone. It looks like that’s turning out to be the case for Jessie Ware’s ”Tough Love.” Not long after the official release of the original single, Cyril Hahn... Read more »

Hudson Mohawke Announces “Chimes” EP, Listen to the Title Track in an Apple Commercial

After Lunice returned with a bang earlier this month, dropping “Can’t Wait To,” his TNGHT partner Hudson Mohawke also has some big news. He’ll release a new EP via Warp on September 30, and you can buy... Read more »

20 Artists Who Are Making Pop Music Interesting in 2014

"Pop" is an abbreviation of the word popular, but it's come to mean a lot more in music. When you hear the word "pop" in music, you automatically think of catchy melodies, big choruses, repetition, and... Read more »

Jungle – “Time (Lxury Remix)”

Jungle’s self-titled debut album came out last week, and to celebrate Lxury has offered his own playful take on “Time.” His luscious remix moves the track into an even more playful direction, resulting in a breezy... Read more »

James Supercave – “The Right Thing (Swish Remix)”

It’s always a bit odd to learn about a band or artist through a remix, perception of their music forever warped (if even only slightly) by a sound that might have very little to do with... Read more »

Banks – “Beggin For Thread”

We’re still a few months away from the release of Banks’ forthcoming album Goddess, so to whet our appetites, the singer/songwriter has shared “Beggin For Thread.” It’s a bit different from what we’ve heard from her,... Read more »

Astronomyy – “Pack of Wolves”

Astronomyy’s THERE FOR U EP is out July 28, and the British singer/producer has shared yet another cut from the impending release. “Pack of Wolves” carries a sunnier mood than the previous tracks we’ve heard from the EP,... Read more »

Fryars – “Prettiest Ones Fly Highest”

Finally! After releases that were dotted throughout 2013, and word of a new album, Fryars has confirmed a release date, tracklist, and artwork for Power. “Pretty Ones Fly Highest” follows “The Power,” “On Your Own,” “Sequoia / Can’t Stop... Read more »

Daily Discovery: Hopium is Making Dark, Edgy, Electronic Pop in Australia

Daily Discovery is a feature that will highlight a new or recently discovered artist that we’re excited about. See the rest of our Daily Discoveries here. Here’s what we know about Hopium, other than their music: They... Read more »

Raury – “Cigarette Song”

Atlanta future star Raury is back today with “Cigarette Song,” another reminder of his versatility and exciting talent. From “Bloom” to “God’s Whisper” to “Sunshine,” each of Raury’s songs has a unique charm and shines with a... Read more »

Listen to Diplo’s Remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court”

Back in May, Diplo previewed a remix he did of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” on his Instagram, and today the producer has shared the official version. Newly titled “Diplo’s Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Mix,” Diplo kicks the... Read more »

Listen to “Rats,” a 2010 Earl Sweatshirt Track Produced by Tyler, The Creator

There’s been a deluge of old material from big artists recently, including the video of young Kanye rapping in a record store in 1996 and teenage Eminem’s “Pooh Butt Day,” and now here’s more. YouTube user “Odd... Read more »

Vaults – “Lifespan”

London band Vaults are taking their time with their releases. After “Cry No More,” the first track they put on Soundcloud, got a great reaction, they retreated into the shadows, presumably recording, and returned in April with... Read more »

Listen to “Pooh Butt Day,” A Song By a Teenage Eminem and Chaos Kid

If you’ve been lurking YouTube for Eminem rarities or are the proud owner of everything he’s ever recorded, you will have already heard this Eminem track from 1988, but for everyone else it’s a cool bit... Read more »

Premiere: Listen to Luka’s Textural “The Nest” EP

It’s not natural for every musician, even if they make it seem so. For Luka Seifert, it took quite a while. The 23-year-old producer has been playing in bands since he was 15, but it wasn’t... Read more »