Cousin Stizz – “No Bells”

The year of the low-key rap hit is upon us. Of course there are still the Pitbulls and Flo Ridas of the world, but more and more, it’s the nonchalant, not-even-trying rap songs that are becoming... Read more »

Ty Dolla $ign ft. Kendrick Lamar – “L.A.”

Many of Ty Dolla $ign’s previous singles have been club-ready hits. His latest track, however, takes a very different approach. “L.A.” is an ode to Ty’s hometown and is as laid-back and smooth as the metropolis... Read more »

OverDoz – “Last Kiss” (prod. by Pharrell)

OverDoz has always had a pretty broad sound—the vibe of their beat selection as well as the subject matter of their songs have shown how diverse they can be. Their recent releases like “Rich White Friends”... Read more »

Made In Heights Release New Album, Listen to “Pop It In 2″

In the world of modern, electronically driven pop, stumbling upon a hit is pretty common, but few acts have been as consistent as Los Angeles duo Made In Heights. Their aesthetic is clean and uncluttered, danceable... Read more »

Listen to Juicy J’s “Tryna F**k” Featuring Drake & Ty Dolla $ign

In most scenarios, when a song leaks on the internet the artist and their team usually work to get it promptly removed. However, when a link to Juicy J’s new single “Tryna Fuck” featuring Drake and... Read more »

The Corniest Rap Songs (That We Secretly Love)

Before we started this post, we tried to define what makes a rap song corny, but we couldn't do it. There are too many factors. Sometimes it's an awkwardly ambitious chorus, sometimes it's a beat that... Read more »

Listen To Fugees Classic ‘The Score’ As A Lauryn Hill Solo Album

An enterprising Lauryn Hill fan decided to modify The Fugees classic 1996 album The Score to better suit his own preferences—by simply erasing all of Pras and Wyclef’s verses. “I’ve always wondered what a solo album... Read more »

Celebrate Memorial Day With A Free Mixtape Of Your Favorite Reggae/Hip-Hop Samples

All real hip-hop heds know that the roots of the genre lie in the Caribbean; that is, in dancehall and reggae. From the moment DJ Kool Herc first ran it back at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, Jamaican... Read more »

Album Premiere: Vonny Del Fresco – “Memoirs”

It’s becoming a constant refrain at Pigeons and Planes, but it’s one that will continue until it either bears the fruit of rap stars or fizzles as some promises do: Milwaukee appears to be America’s next... Read more »

Arca – “Washed Clean”

Producer to the stars Arca just shared his latest, a moody soundscape called “Washed Clean.” No, there aren’t any 808s or sick drops, but that’s not the point. The artist, who’s worked with everyone from Kanye... Read more »