“It’s absolutely a dream come true”: Caribou on His Career So Far and His Deeply Personal New Album

Dan Snaith has made music as Manitoba, Caribou, and Daphni over the course of six albums and 15 years as a recording artist. Whether making gentle IDM, psychedelic electronica, lo-fi pop, straight house and techno, or... Read more »

A Conversation With Ishmael Butler

Ishmael Butler has seen it all. The 45-year-old Seattle native—a one-time member of Digable Planets, currently one-half of Shabazz Palaces and A&R at Sub Pop—has achieved success in music through three decades, a rare feat in... Read more »

“I shouldn’t rap”: A Catch Up With Heems, Who’s Releasing His Album Early Next Year

imanshu Suri, also known as Heems, kept a low profile in 2013. The former Das Racist member and current label head of Greedhead Records took off to international territory, to free his mind, to perform his... Read more »

Peaking Lights: Keeping it Positive with Cosmic Logic

"There's a million trash names for a record, or your band even, until you come up with something that really clicks," says Peaking Lights’ Aaron Coyes. "Like all the records we've had, the title has always... Read more »

In His Own Words: SBTRKT Takes Us Behind The Scenes of “Wonder Where We Land”

SBTRKT's second album Wonder Where We Land is released in the U.S. today. It's been over three years since he released his critically acclaimed debut album, a record that pushed him into the limelight and, with... Read more »

An Update From the Road: MØ and HOLYCHILD

MØ and HOLYCHILD are out on tour together. We caught up with them both during their stop in New York City for a quick update. Check out the interviews below, some pictures above, and check out... Read more »

By The End of the Year Anyone Will Be Able to Sell Their Music Through a BitTorrent Pay Gate Like Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke’s second solo album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, was surprise released via BitTorrent last week, sparking debate and discussion about what (if anything) this might mean for music sales and distribution. So, we decided to go... Read more »

Vic Mensa: “It’s Chicago over everything”

Vic Mensa has been busy. His hometown of Chicago spent the year cementing its reputation as one of hip-hop’s most fertile breeding grounds, and Vic’s slick, slippery cadences have been at the forefront of Chicago’s boom,... Read more »

Christopher Owens: An Open Book

For every heartbreaking song on Christopher Owens’ new album A New Testament, there’s a song eagerly waiting to portray the flip side. For every slow-burner, tear-jerker, or downtempo narrative, there’s a track chock full of jumpy guitar and playful lyrics ready to shift... Read more »

We Talked to Pornhub About Coolio, Their New Label, and the Search For a Pornhub Anthem

Pornhub has been making crazy moves in the music industry lately. They dropped a couple risqué videos with Hi-Rez and Coolio, opened up their Song Search contest, and now they’ve announced their own label: Pornhub Records.... Read more »


“What is this?” That was my only thought when I first listened to “Curiosity of Other Men.” It featured vocals over a Tchaikovsky sample and lyrics like, “I wanna be possessed by you.” This was not... Read more »

Daily Discovery: D.R.A.M., a Singer/Rapper From Virginia With a Project Full of Unpolished Hits

There is music for the club, and there is music for the excellent new dive bar you discovered at 4 a.m. while you're walking home drunk from the club. D.R.A.M.'s new project #1EPICSUMMER is the latter. When... Read more »

Flying Lotus: Life, Death, and The Joy of Creating

Flying Lotus' new album You're Dead! is set to be a turning point for the Los Angeles based producer, rapper, and Brainfeeder founder. His four albums as Flying Lotus have been met with critical acclaim, and... Read more »

ODESZA: Slipping into the Spotlight

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, ODESZA—an electronic duo consisting of Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills—has been slowly and steadily building something special. What started in college as just two friends making music, has grown into two albums,... Read more »

Rae Sremmurd: Riding in the Front Seat

Rae Sremmurd (that's "ear" backwards and "drummers" backwards) is comprised of two brothers from Tupelo, Mississippi. They go by Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy, and while most people still don't know how to pronounce their... Read more »