Tei Shi and Shy Girls Interview Each Other

In the next few weeks, Tei Shi and Shy Girls will be hitting the road together. So what better way to get to know each other than through an interview? Below, Valerie Teicher gets interviewed by... Read more »

Killer Mike: How I Went From a Pigeon to a Plane

ATL legend Killer Mike breaks down the mistakes he's made and the things he's learned over his long and successful music career. As always, he's got some wise words, great stories, and advice for artists trying... Read more »

“Cherish Yourself, and They’ll Cherish You”: Charles Hamilton on Being a Survivor and His Upcoming Album

Charles Hamilton is staying positive. This year, the New York rapper has made a conscious decision to reveal his struggles with depression and addiction, explaining in his first interview with Billboard that he has stabilized his... Read more »

Shlohmo: Courting Darkness

We talked to Shlohmo about his menacing new album "Dark Red," what it's like being on a label, and making the most fucked up sounds possible.... Read more »

Sounwave: A Conversation with Kendrick Lamar’s Right Hand

We sat down with Sounwave, one of the main producer's of Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly," to talk about the album's production, the material that didn't make the final cut, and working on the road.... Read more »

Denai Moore: Moving On to Elsewhere

Every year, London challenges the poor, already-stressed music journalists of the world crazy by producing a huge amount of emerging artists. It can be hard to keep up with all of them, but the truly special... Read more »

Mikky Ekko: An Honest Man

Mikky Ekko's debut album Time, released in January, takes listeners on a deeply emotional journey, one that's successfully (and beautifully) shared in just under an hour with exactly zero features. In an age of oft-watered down... Read more »

Techno in the Trap House: Brodinski on his Innovative Debut Album “BRAVA”

For anyone paying attention to electronic music, Brodinski will be a familiar name. He’s been a fixture in clubs and at festivals worldwide and he’s the co-founder of the always on-point label Bromance, which has released music from Gesaffelstein, Club... Read more »

Daily Discovery: Diet Cig

Diet Cig is the talk of the town in New Paltz right now, and for good reason. The music community in this region has been quietly thriving over the years, but as of late they've been... Read more »

Globetrotting Back Home: Heems and the Creation of “Eat.Pray.Thug.”

To describe Heems’ debut solo album as “anticipated” is insufficient. This is the man who turned rap on its head as a founding member of Das Racist, only to disband once the band’s notoriety started to... Read more »