Bishop Nehru is Having a Moment

It’s a grey, wet evening in Manchester and the streets are filled with people. The cab drivers' explanation is the soccer game set to kick off soon, but the cat-emblazoned t-shirts and Supreme caps suggest otherwise.... Read more »

Singer Chris Batson Speaks On His Youth, Paying Dues, and Battling Schizoaffective Disorder

Listening to Los Angeles-based, Orlando-bred singer Chris Batson’s music, it’s easy to hear the tribulations of a life worn by inner and outer turmoil. Speaking with the 22 year-old, mirth and clarity shine through; the burdens... Read more »

Peanut Butter Wolf on Why Stones Throw Is Different and What We Can Do to Make “Madvillainy 2″ Happen

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton, the documentary about the legendary independent label Stones Throw, is truly inspiring. Charting the label’s history, from its beginnings as a means for Peanut Butter Wolf to release the album he... Read more »

SOHN on Having No Options Other Than Music and Wanting to Work With Tyler, The Creator

SOHN is set to have a massive year. His excellent debut album is coming out on legendary independent label 4AD, and his profile is constantly rising thanks to not just his own solo output but production... Read more »

Bipolar Sunshine Discovered He Could Sing Three Years Ago, Now Aims To Work With Kanye West

Although the name Bipolar Sunshine is new to the music scene, Manchester’s Adio Marchant has lived in recording studios for the last seven years. After an unrewarding two-year stint studying media at university, the 26-year-old redirected... Read more »

Young Fathers Don’t Give a F*ck About Being Cool and Want To Make You So Happy That You Cry

Downstairs in the canteen at Leeds’ recently refurbished Belgrave music hall, there is a strong rumbling through the ceiling that many of the 6pm dinner-time punters have started to notice. The volume on The Clipse’s minimal... Read more »

Something to Fight For

“We're banging pots and pans/To make you understand/We gotta bury you man,” as some of the more toned down lyrics to Sonic Youth’s regime-obliterating “Youth Against Fascism” go. Over a decade ago, and seven albums into... Read more »

Interview: Wild Beasts on Their Bold New Album and Why It’s OK to Wallow in the Misery of Life Sometimes

Wild Beasts are one of Britain's best bands. They have remained one of the most constantly innovative and exciting guitar-based groups ever since they released their 2008 debut album Limbo, Panto, and although critically acclaimed, are... Read more »

Interview: 19-Year-Old Singer Laurel on Her Classical Training, Quickly Evolving Sound, & Self-Producing Her Album

Female singers with single-word monikers—Lorde, Banks, Kelela, MØ, Elliphant—seem to be having a moment, and now you can add Laurel to the list of future stars. The 19-year-old singer has taken her buzz to the next... Read more »

Interview: Vance Joy on “Riptide” Going Triple Platinum, His Time as a Law Student & Watching Movies Alone

Vance Joy, also known as James Keogh, is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. His breakout track “Riptide”  has been sitting comfortably at the top of the charts in the UK and went triple platinum in Australia.... Read more »

Interview: Meg Myers on Religion, The Pixies, and Her New EP

There’s a ferocity to Meg Myers that is rare in the music soundscape of 2014. Her songs bring up the kind of feelings that are hard to talk about, but they don’t really need any explanation... Read more »

“I wanted to see how it was possible to make emotions with a computer”: Actress on His New Album and Working With Broken Memories

Ghettoville, the new album from British producer Actress, starts off with the inaccessible "Forgiven," seven minutes of sludgy ambience and industrial clanks which march on into another couple of songs full of decaying textures and dreary... Read more »

“Lorde’s success lets us believe that it’s possible”: BROODS on Disclosure, Joel Little, and Their New EP

When Lorde made two trips to the Grammy podium to accept awards for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance last weekend, it took nearly everyone by surprise. A 17-year-old from the place where... Read more »

Interview: Kwabs on Beyoncé’s New Album, James Blake, and Trying to Inspire People

Kwabs grew up surrounded by music. Growing up in Bermondsey, South London, he sang in choirs as a schoolboy and was given blues and jazz CDs by his teachers, before going on to study at London’s... Read more »

“The minute you’re not scared is the minute you should quit”: Nardwuar on Drake, Kanye, and Talking To Kurt Cobain

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette seems to know everything about everyone, but few seem to know much at all about the 45-year-old journalist. With a fascinating career that spans well over two decades, one that has propelled... Read more »