RZA Says The New Wu-Tang Clan Album May Never See The Light Of Day

The recent back-and-forth going on between Raekwon and his fellow Wu-Tang Clan affiliate RZA has been well-documented. In 2013, RZA noted in an interview with Grantland that Raekwon “[hadn't] shown up at all” to record for the group’s... Read more »

The Undercurrent: Can Wen be the Burial of Grime?

It is becoming less and less easy to define genres and put music into distinct categories. To us, that is a good thing. Fans of rap, R&B, and pop are being exposed to more and more... Read more »

A Woman Painted Album Covers on Her Own Face and the Result is Amazing

As if painting on a canvas isn’t challenging enough, Natalie Sharp, who also creates music as Lone Taxidermist, decided to up the game and use her face instead. In honor of Record Store Day, Sharp took... Read more »

Damon Albarn Opens Up About Past Heroin Use

While some artists feel strongly about their past drug use, condemning their own mistakes and urging others to never try it, Damon Albarn has a somewhat different response to his own. In a recent interview with... Read more »

Run The Jewels is Working With Zach de la Rocha and Travis Barker on Run The Jewels 2

Killer Mike and El-P have been in the studio grinding over the follow-up to last year’s excellent collaborative album Run The Jewels, but it seems that they’re not working alone. Based on the photos below, Rage... Read more »

Watch Arcade Fire Bring Out a Fake Daft Punk During Their Coachella Headline Set

Arcade Fire’s Sunday headlining set at Coachella included some high level trolling as the band brought out some Daft Punk lookalikes to perform a slowed-down version of “Get Lucky.” Although the two impostors were wearing similar costumes... Read more »

“The Dark Side of the Covers”: Famous Album Covers Reimagined From the Other Side

Album covers like The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon have become just as well-known as many famous paintings. But have you ever wondered what these iconic images look like from... Read more »

Chance The Rapper Hospitalized, Cancels Coachella Set

Those looking forward to seeing Chance The Rapper later today at Coachella for his set will be disappointed to know that he’s unfortunately been hospitalized. Earlier today, a photo of him in a hospital bed was... Read more »

420 Wisdom: Weed Quotes From Your Favorite Musicians

In August of 1964, Bob Dylan reportedly introduced The Beatles to marijuana. Before the decade ended, The Beatles would go on to make Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album,... Read more »

The Week on Twitter With Ja Rule, Killer Mike, and ScHoolBoy Q

This week on Twitter: - Ja Rule feels like buying a tiger - Killer Mike celebrates his 420 birthday - ScHoolBoy Q does not get Easter. Like at all. Here is the week on Twitter. And... Read more »

Outkast Performed at Coachella Again, and They Didn’t Suck

With tickets to the second weekend of Coachella, I vehemently tried to avoid reading about the first weekend, but the Outkast commentary was impossible to ignore. The reviews were mostly negative, and there were words like... Read more »

Jay Electronica Answers Twitter Questions About Kanye, Lil B, and His Long-Awaited Album

Jay Electronica is an elusive character, but every now and then he opens the floodgates on Twitter, and tonight was one of those times. In a moment of rare accessibility, Jay Elec had some Ciroc and... Read more »

New York City Fell in Love With FKA Twigs Last Night

Was something wrong with the microphone? Did she lose her voice? Is this particularly involved audience throwing her off? FKA Twigs comes out on stage at The Westway in New York City whispering “Weak Spot” over... Read more »

Prince’s New Album Will be Released through Warner

Prince’s resurgence continues with a piece of news that may be shocking for long-time fans: the artist is re-entering a deal with Warner that will unleash a “veritable goldmine” of new material in the coming months.... Read more »

Ja Rule Wants to Buy a Tiger

This morning, Ja Rule woke up feeling inspired. Who knows what sparked it; that’s not important. What’s important is that he’s thinking of getting a tiger. Or a shark. The 38-year-old rapper has three kids, a... Read more »