Sony Has Started Pulling Music Off SoundCloud

When Billboard first reported that Sony was pulling music from SoundCloud, I was immediately transported back to the trash compactor scene in Star Wars. There are snakes in the water and the walls are closing in,... Read more »

FYF Fest Announces 2015 Lineup, Including Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Run The Jewels and More

If you’ve been having a hard time trying to decide which music festivals you want to attend this summer, the choice just got a little bit harder. FYF Fest just announced their 2015 lineup and the... Read more »

Eddie Murphy’s Reggae Career Returns With “Oh Jah Jah”

Eddie Murphy hasn’t made a movie since 2012’s horrific A Thousand Words. It was the latest in Murphy’s string of kid-safe films, all of which were varying degrees of nauseating and light-years away from Delirious. But... Read more »

Kanye West Might Be Getting His Own TV Show Soon

According to the New York Times, Vice’s expansion from online news platform to full-fledged TV network is well on its way. If all goes well, the History Channel spinoff H2 will soon turn to Vice in... Read more »

Study Says Migos Really Are Better Than The Beatles (Kind Of)

Internet lore (aka very successful trolls) would tell you that Atlanta hip-hop trio Migos far surpass legendary Brits the Beatles, musically and otherwise. What if (for once) the Internet were right? Well, a new study at Queen... Read more »

Frank Ocean Interviewed Lil B For His New Magazine

Earlier today, renowned music video director and photographer Nabil shared an Instagram photo of himself with none other than the Based God, Lil B himself. A photo posted by nabil™ (@nabildo) on May 5, 2015 at... Read more »

Shock, Not Awe: Madonna’s Battle for Continued Cultural Relevance

To recap: 2009 was The Year Kanye Interrupted Taylor Swift. 2012 was The Year of Tupac’s Hologram. And while we’re only a couple of months into 2015, it’s already looking like Madonna sucking down Drake’s upturned,... Read more »

Miguel is Finally Getting Sued for the Leg Drop

Two years after serving up one of history’s great dropkicks, Miguel is finally facing the repercussions. Cindy Tsai is suing Miguel and the MGM Grand Hotel for negligence, claiming Miguel kicked her in the head after... Read more »

Raury & LVRN Announce Second Annual Raurfest

Last year as the buzz around Raury’s music and career began to gain momentum, the young artist continued to prove that he was paving a different lane for himself by holding his first annual Raurfest. The... Read more »

Forbes Announces Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists of 2015

It’s that time of year again. Forbes has just revealed the top five wealthiest hip-hop artists of 2015. While the names on the list have remained the same, it appears that the order has changed slightly—as... Read more »