Ghostface Killah Admits He Has Confused Action Bronson’s Voice For His Own

Ever since Action Bronson first emerged on the music scene, the comparisons to legendary rapper Ghostface Killah have been plentiful. Bronson’s spoken on the similarities here and there throughout his career, and now Ghostface is finally... Read more »

Watch Foo Fighters Close Out David Letterman’s Final Show

Dave Letterman once described Foo Fighters as his favorite band, so it seemed only right that they played him out after 33 years on air. They even dressed up for the occasion, donning black tuxedos and... Read more »

Weav Music Could Change The Game of Interactive Apps

As technology continues getting more advanced, apps are integrating more aspects of human interaction. There are workout apps that can read your heart rate, calculate your steps, and show you how many calories you’ve burned. Then there... Read more »

The “New Spotify” Will Include Video, Podcasts, and Tyler, The Creator

Spotify has been hyping up this announcement, crowing from various social media platforms that the streaming service is about to “Change. Your. Life.” That might have been a bold claim—the only digital update that’s really ever... Read more »

On Hype Machine, Charts, Blogs, and Integrity

For those unfamiliar, Hype Machine is an aggregation website that pulls streams from music blogs and allows users to vote them up by clicking a small heart-shaped button. These “likes” then get turned into charts that reflect... Read more »

Even the Australian Police are Taking Shots at Nickelback

The weight that Nickelback carry on their back everywhere they go as one of the most hated bands of all time must be huge. It’s not easy getting that many people to dislike you, although they do seem to... Read more »

The Leaked Spotify/Sony Music Contract Paints a Grim Picture for Signed Artists

It’s common knowledge that streaming is the wave of the future. Plenty of companies have tried to capitalize on it, but none more than Spotify, the streaming service seemingly leading the way. It hasn’t been all... Read more »

New Study Suggests That Popular Music is Getting Dumber

A new study by SeatSmart puts popular music under the microscope and takes a look at the lyrical intelligence of different artists and genres over the past decade. The results are interesting, although maybe not very... Read more »

Check Out This Interactive Kanye West App Called “Ye.i”

99% of people in the world will never get the chance to meet Kanye West, let alone have a conversation with the rap god. Most won’t even get to witness the rapper live in concert. But... Read more »

A Film About 2Pac’s Final Seven Days Needs Your Help

2Pac films seem to be coming one after the other, but they’ve all had some bumps in the road. While John Singleton was scheduled to direct the upcoming biopic, he dropped out due to creative differences... Read more »