A Preview of SBTRKT’s New Art Installation

Miami Music Week has its fair share of distractions, from ULTRA Music Festival to a range of side-parties, showcases, and industry events. Over the weekend I went to Red Bull Guest House, and while I got to see... Read more »

Drake Apparently Inspired Former One Direction Member Zayn Malik’s Solo Career

Zayn Malik’s departure from the infamous One Direction sent many teen girls directly to Vine in tears, without even passing Go—but what of the heartthrob himself? Well, a solo career, naturally. And unluckily for us, because... Read more »

Boots Reveals New Details About FKA Twigs’ Upcoming EP

Genius is quickly becoming the place for behind-the-scenes music scoops. After the site published insights from The-Dream and Rick Rubin on everyone from Bey to Jay to Bieber, verified super-producer Boots has gone to work adding information on his own productions.... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With Allan Kingdom, Bjork and Lil B

This week on Twitter: – Allan Kingdom gives advice on how to deal with haters – Bjork thanks Arca – Lil B prays for One Direction in the wake of their tragedy Here is the week... Read more »

The Bards of Bard: Das Racist’s ‘Shut Up, Dude’ Turns Five

Hip-hop looks nothing like it did in 2010. The story of that evolution would be incomplete without the burned-too-bright whirlwind career of Das Racist. For a trio who used comedy and the ugly truth to address... Read more »

Sound-Based Fire Extinguisher Will Stop Things From Becoming Too Lit

In an era when the flames emoji reigns supreme (no pun intended) and the goal of any given Saturday (or Tuesday) is to find a party that’s “lit,” it’s easy to forget the basics of fire safety,... Read more »

This is What Music Festival Posters Look Like With the All-Male Acts Removed

Yesterday, Purity Ring shared via Facebook a link to Canadian music festival posters. It was not, however, a goodhearted endorsement of their home country’s summer celebrations. The experiment above (which was based on this BBC article... Read more »

Charli XCX Teases Collaboration with SOPHIE

SOPHIE’s colorful production tends to emphasize fun over anything else, so it makes sense that a collaboration between him and Charli XCX is on the horizon. Taking to her Twitter to tease the potentially very exciting... Read more »

What Does Young Thug Sound Like?

We love Young Thug, but writing about him is difficult for a lot of reasons. He’s a polarizing figure, but most of all, it’s just hard to describe what he sounds like. The way he uses... Read more »

A New Facebook Messenger App Turns Text Into Music

If you’ve ever been chatting with a friend on Facebook messenger and thought, “This is great and all, but I feel like they’re just not getting it. If only I could put this story to popular... Read more »