Highlights from Kanye West’s Talk at Oxford University

Oxford University is the latest name on a prestigious list of colleges, schools that have been graced with a different kind of higher education: the word of Yeezus. Kanye stopped by at the invitation of the... Read more »

Allan Kingdom Before & After “All Day”: The Power of a Kanye Co-Sign

In these times of social media saturation, leaks, and 24/7 media coverage, it’s hard to keep a secret. When two artists are working together, we normally know about it months before we ever hear the music.... Read more »

This Twitter Account Has Retweeted Every Lyric From Drake’s New Album… in Order

Remember Retweezus? It was a Twitter account that only retweeted lyrics from Kanye West’s Yeezus. The impressive thing: they retweeted every single lyrics from Yeezus, and they did it in order. Well, Kanye West isn’t the only... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With Danny Brown, Grimes, and 2Chainz

This week on Twitter: – Danny Brown has some questions – Grimes has a v good idea about what to do if she had…um…a dick – 2Chainz hits us with some inspiration and then an update... Read more »

James Blake is Reportedly Releasing His New Album Next Month

Not too long ago, James Blake revealed that his upcoming album would be titled Radio Silence, but news on the release has been pretty sparse ever since. If French radio station France Inter is to be believed, it looks... Read more »

Kanye West’s Next Album Is Called “So Help Me God”

Kanye West just took to Twitter to announce the title and share album artwork from his eighth studio full-length, which he’s already been promoting with performances of the singles “Only One,” “Wolves,” and “All Day.” The... Read more »

Michael Bolton Annotated Kanye West’s “Never Let Me Down”

As a blogger, there are some sentences we dream about writing but deep down know we probably never will. Like, I hope one day something will happen where I’ll get to use “Gucci Mane,” “Captain Crunch,”... Read more »

Why the Timing is Right For a Charles Hamilton Comeback

It almost never pays to be first. Anyone who’s been a true pioneer or innovator usually gets their respect—sometimes years after making their mark—but it's almost always those who follow in their footsteps that truly reaps... Read more »

Spotlst is Tinder for Spotify

Ever since Tinder came about, many other new apps have pretty much bitten off the dating app’s simple concept of swiping left or right. But the majority of those apps aren’t even useful for daily life.... Read more »

Why Björk’s New Album Isn’t on Spotify

Streaming services have presented a uniquely modern set of issues for musicians. Some artists are happy just to get their music heard, and others have made it clear that they’re not willing to feed into this new... Read more »

Kanye West Publicly Apologizes To Beck

Earlier today, Kanye West sat down for an incredible interview with Zane Lowe. During their talk, Lowe brought up Kanye’s storming of the stage after Beck won the Grammy for Album Of The Year and Ye... Read more »

Watch Kanye West’s New Interview With Zane Lowe

Back in September 2013, Kanye West sat down for a now legendary interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe which came after he dropped his abrasive, aggressive Yeezus album. In that interview, Kanye gave amazing quotables, spoke on racism, fashion,... Read more »

Billy Corgan on the Kanye/Beck Situation: “I don’t care who it is, I would’ve knocked them out”

We all saw what happened when Beck won his Grammy for Best Album of the Year. Kanye walked off stage before making too big of a scene, but the message was clear, and we all knew what... Read more »

All of Drake’s Album is On the Billboard Hip-Hop Songs Chart

Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late might have caught the world by surprise, but we have acclimated. Billboard’s latest numbers have every single song off the album on their Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, plus... Read more »

Kanye West Premieres “All Day” at 2015 BRIT Awards

This year’s BRIT Awards experienced some eleventh hour drama. Rihanna was scheduled to perform, but she was pulled after skipping out on rehearsals. None other than her “FourFiveSeconds” collaborator Kanye West stepped up to fill her... Read more »