This is What Music Festival Posters Look Like With the All-Male Acts Removed

Yesterday, Purity Ring shared via Facebook a link to Canadian music festival posters. It was not, however, a goodhearted endorsement of their home country’s summer celebrations. The experiment above (which was based on this BBC article... Read more »

Charli XCX Teases Collaboration with SOPHIE

SOPHIE’s colorful production tends to emphasize fun over anything else, so it makes sense that a collaboration between him and Charli XCX is on the horizon. Taking to her Twitter to tease the potentially very exciting... Read more »

What Does Young Thug Sound Like?

We love Young Thug, but writing about him is difficult for a lot of reasons. He’s a polarizing figure, but most of all, it’s just hard to describe what he sounds like. The way he uses... Read more »

A New Facebook Messenger App Turns Text Into Music

If you’ve ever been chatting with a friend on Facebook messenger and thought, “This is great and all, but I feel like they’re just not getting it. If only I could put this story to popular... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview ILoveMakonnen

Nardwuar got around at SXSW. We already got some great moments from his interviews with Migos and Rae Sremmurd, but this interview with ILoveMakonnen is the best thing that came out of this crazy man’s trip... Read more »

El-P Wrote His First Rap on Construction Paper

Still riding high after the release of the terrific Run The Jewels 2, El-P and Killer Mike sat down with UPROXX to talk about their humble beginnings and future aspirations. In the video, the duo explain their... Read more »

Apple and Beats Music Are Developing A New Streaming Service

Last year, Apple paid $3 billion for Beats. Results of the purchase have been slow-coming so far. Rumors surfaced here and there about what Apple was planning to do with the acquisition but no major move... Read more »

Action Bronson is Back to Throwing Fans Off the Stage

When it first happened, there was an air of menace to Action Bronson’s stage justice. He would sweep the leg and go for the neck—which, frankly, is the least someone jumping on stage and interrupting a... Read more »

Lollapalooza Announce 2015 Lineup

Music festival season is rapidly approaching and Lollapalooza has finally released their lineup for 2015. The Chicago-based festival takes places on July 31 – August 2 and will be headlined by Paul McCartney, Metallica, and Florence... Read more »

Kendrick Lamar Gave a Free Concert From the Back of a Moving Truck Last Night

Kendrick Lamar knows how to show love to his hometown. To celebrate the release of To Pimp A Butterfly, and in conjunction with Reebok’s #GetPumped campaign, King Kendrick took to the streets of L.A. to serve... Read more »