Video: CHVRCHES – “Under The Tide”

CHVRCHES has spent more time debuting new music recently than revisiting the old, but we get a nice jaunt down memory lane today with the video for “Under The Tide.” The song is off last year’s... Read more »

Watch New Yorkers Try to Decipher Young Thug Lyrics

If you have no idea what Young Thug is saying in “Lifestyle,” you’re not alone. Complex hit the streets with The Kid Mero to get some New Yorkers to listen and try to interpret Thugger’s rhymes. They... Read more »

Video: T.O.L.D. – “Lucifer’s Eyes”

After hearing “Lucifer’s Eyes,” the debut song from T.O.L.D., we had to know more about him. So, we asked him a few questions, and found out (amongst other things) that he’s a native of Birmingham, England who is... Read more »

Watch The Celestics’ Instructional Basketball Video for “Charles Barkley”

By now most people have already become very familiar with Kaytranada and his work but not everyone knows that he is also in a duo called The Celestics with is little brother Louie P. Earlier this... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview Ab-Soul

Less than 30 seconds into Nardwuar’s Ab-Soul interview, the TDE MC offers a pretty stern warning: “If you say something too weird, I might punch you.” But all of that tension subsides as The Human Serviette begins asking... Read more »

Watch El-P Visit the Shelter to Find Cats For “Meow The Jewels”

Now that Meow The Jewels has raised over $50,000 and is really happening, El-P and Killer Mike need to find some talented cats. In the clip above, El visits the BARC animal shelter to play some music... Read more »

Johnny Lloyd – “Oldest Man On Earth”

We’ve been mesmerized by the crackly, lo-fi sounds of Johnny Lloyd’s 8-track recorded music since we first heard “Dead Beat and “Pilgrims,” from his Pilgrims EP (listen in full here). Johnny has already recorded his second EP, Happy Humans, with... Read more »

Video: Seinabo Sey – “Pistols At Dawn”

The title Seinabo Sey’s song “Pistols At Dawn” sounds as if it could be a movie. The beat as well as the music video help to heightens that theory. The element of drama captured in just... Read more »

Watch the Video for iLoveMakonnen and Drake’s “Tuesday” Remix

Twitter going up on a Tuesday. Drake drops the visuals for his remix of iLoveMakonnen’s “Club Goin Up On a Tuesday” at the stroke of midnight, which mostly takes place at a club and features lots... Read more »

Watch How FKA Twigs Uses Google Glass in Her #throughglass Video

Thus far, Google Glass has often been stigmatized as an invasive tool reserved for the Silicon Valley elite—users have been affectionately referred to as Glassholes. But there’s no denying that wearable tech devices, like smartphones before... Read more »

Video Premiere: Flyte – “Light Me Up”

“Light Me Up” might just be the best example of Flyte’s lovingly crafted pop music yet. The London four-piece’s latest is full of dazzling instrumentation and infectious vocals, with its accompanying video carrying the same timeless quality.... Read more »

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform “Shades Of Cool” in a Cemetery

Last night, Lana Del Rey performed her first of two shows at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles. In front of candles, palm trees, and eerie lighting, Lana performed plenty of... Read more »

Video: Shabazz Palaces – “Motion Sickness”

Shabazz Palaces’ second album, Lese Majesty, came out earlier this year—a wonderful record full of engrossing, oddball hip-hop—and today they drop another brilliant video. Previously, Hiro Murai directed the impressive video for “#CAKE,” and for “Motion Sickness” they enlist TEAN who deliver... Read more »

Watch Rick Rubin Return to the College Dorm Where He Started Def Jam

The story of Def Jam’s early years is pretty incredible. If you’re not aware of its humble beginnings, Rolling Stone recently shot a mini-documentary in which Rick Rubin revisited the origins of the label. Founded in Rick Rubin’s... Read more »

Afroman Made a “Positive Remix” of “Because I Got High” to Support Legalization

The legalization of marijuana in America is on the horizon. With Colorado and Washington already on board, most U.S. states have some form of decriminalization in the works. Today, one of weed’s most loyal spokesmen throws... Read more »