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There are a lot of bands tackling retro-futurism, but there are very few that can do it in quite as polished and loving a manner as Miamigo. The Brighton-based duo have tapped into a sleek and dark sound that mixes ’80s pop with something a little more morose, and comes out sounding like a considerably gloomier version of Scottish trio CHVRCHES.

But, based on the strength of their debut track “Opinions,” they’ve already established a sound very much their own. Letting way to a throbbing bassline and stadium-sized vocals that any M83 fan will appreciate, “Opinions” is a remarkably strong starting point.

When asked about the track, Jamie (who does the production side of the project) described their sound as “Christy Moore meets Michael Jackson.” Elaborating on both their roles in the band, Jamie explained: “Liam does the lyrics and songwriting elements whilst I do the beats/production/instrumental side of things. We record everything ourselves in a room at our house, so it means we have unlimited time to go over every aspect of the songs.”

We grew up together so we’ve been writing music since we met, but we only began taking it seriously when we started to fail University. We have written a number of tracks but “Opinions” was a song we just felt would be right to release first so people get an idea of our sound. It’s dark, moody electronic pop. Our music tends to be macabre lyrically and in subject, contrasting with the upbeat/80s sound.

Their sound easily straddles the divide between modern and retro without ever diving too far into either end of the spectrum, resulting in a sound that’s both fresh and delightfully nostalgic. There aren’t any immediate plans for a release, but the duo teased an upcoming single that they’re releasing through Rough Trade in the summer.

Listen to the premiere of their debut track “Opinions” below.