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Guess what? There are still people out there playing guitars and drums and actually meeting up with each other and creating music together in these things called bands. It might be hard to believe, what with the prevalence of artists holed up in their bedrooms with computers, making dance music, or alternative R&B, or whatever the latest trend is.

Juice, a three-piece from Birmingham, UK, recently released their first ever song “Sugar,” and it’s an unstoppable whirl of raw riffs, pounding percussion, and a totally undeniable hook. What’s great is that it could have been recorded any time in the past 20 years, and I can imagine that chorus being screamed by festival crowds in another 20 years time.

Rather surprisingly, for a band whose music sounds like it’s influenced by the ’90s, if the band could only listen to one song ever again, it would be All Saints’ “Never Ever,” and “it’d be on repeat!” Alongside bands like Peace, Swim Deep, and Troumaca, Birmingham seems to be an exciting place for guitar bands right now. Watch the softly psychedelic video for “Sugar” below.